Tekton Design Moab

Ordered a pair just now. In Dark Gray, to which Tammy immediately said, "Oh the Charcoal is beautiful!" Charcoal sounds better than Dark Gray (even though we are talking about the same color!) so Charcoal it is!  

My beloved Talon Khorus do still sound awfully good. It will be interesting to see how the Moabs stock out of the box compare with these tweaked and modded warhorses. Both the strength, and the weakness, of the Khorus is using the 10" woofer to cover so much midrange. Its a strength because it makes for a very smooth and cohesive sound. But its a weakness because its asking a lot of such a large driver to go so high. Talon makes up for it with their isobaric design. Mounted inside and directly behind the woofer is another identical driver facing the opposite direction. The idea is this relieves the front facing driver of having to compress the air inside the cabinet. This does allow for a much faster response, and is a big reason for the wonderful music the Khorus produces. 

I have a feeling however it is no match for Eric Alexander's ultra-low mass driver array solution. Only one way to know for sure. So we will just have to see!  


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"Yes hoax. It is a hoax."
Call a random number starting with area code (718) and ask what they think.
Any speaker that can be ordered in blue, orange, or red should be applauded even before hearing it (which, I suspect, will just make it even better deal).
These speakers remind me of Revox BX 4100.
"Yes I do recall my one Tekton audition at CAF a couple years back the double impacts were in a small hotel room not far from listening position but dispersion and imaging were surprisingly good for such a large speaker in tight quarters. The midrange was nice but nothing I had not ever heard before."
Exactly the same thing happened to me at this last Capital Audio Fest. To the letter.

I was somewhat disappointed after all the glowing reviews I had read prior to that. It might have been the room, it probably was, it might have been my preferences, it might have been fatigue from all day in those rooms. I am certain that millercarbon will make it work way better in his place. The room I heard them in was suitable for a Bluetooth speaker,
"Fake because all the same fake news that said its okay to fly now say its not okay even to leave your house."
How is that different from millercarbon some time ago freaking out about the Coronavirus and staff at his doctor’s office not wearing masks while now changing his mind into "it is all fake"?
I just tried UPS and FedEx (too heavy for USPS, it seems). I put two boxes, each one 150 lb, the cheapest (and slowest) way from the East Coast U.S.A. to Tekton Design ZIP code. It comes up as $450-500.

UPS asked for some class between 50 and 500 that depends on density (ping pong balls vs. rocks, they give an example) which I had no idea what it would be. Class 250 would run $1500ish, class 50 (ping pong balls) would be less than $500.

I am sure I did not get it completely right, but I am guessing a person could get away with(out) around $500ish. Which may be cheaper than a plane ticket to the factory to hear speakers.
Looking at pictures here, where are the connectors? Am I missing them somewhere?

I would recommend that anyone considering any speaker, and especially Tekton Moab, auditions them carefully first. Reviews are all nice and dandy, but just to avoid any surprise.

I have been in the room from the link below and concluded that, given the number of really positive reviews, it must come down to preferences and not actual quality or lack of thereof. Room surely did not help, but so didn't it for a few more speakers that I preferred. Granted, all were significantly more expensive but even without it, I have been puzzled by reviews.

Check them out, if you like them just enjoy them. If not, move on and forget the reviews/


"I have never read any post or any professional review of any product let alone an audio product that somebody referenced the designer personally the number of times you have..."
This is a very shy thread when it comes to that.

Having said that, I do know Eric. Not one, I know two of them. And I have heard Tekton Moabs. Two of them.

"A lot of people getting really excited over reading reviews, talking to the ceo, 2 things that really don’t matter much."

As much as I agree, I disagree. Both of those things are (not-so) subtle marketing strategies.

While reviews in the press may be more akin to traditional advertising, being able to talk to a designer, CEO, or someone else in the company, is "an experience". You are not merely a customer. You become "important". The banks have been using similar approach for the longest time. Airlines have their dedicated numbers "personalized service for our whatever level customers". There is nothing wrong with it, as long as the product delivers what you want. However, once "the experience" and long chats with the CEO become emphasized, one should scrutinize the product even more.

I have been noticing intermittent mentions of these approachable CEOs and just wondered if they can talk on the phone with customers often, who is running the show? Especially if their order backlog is huge.

Having said that, Raven amplifiers sounded very good to me.
"...as some of the guys around here try and explain to them why the speakers they have that sound so good can't possibly sound so good."
This thread is quite the opposite. It is a person here trying to explain to others why the speakers he has never heard sound so good.

"If I am not mistaken four ten inch drivers would have approximately the Sd or emmisive diaphragm area as a twenty inch woofer. Of course excursion is the other factor which figures into displacement, and that could be quite different."
You are not mistaken, assuming those woofers are circles and there is not some significant conical shape of any membrane. It might have been lost in transmission from who said to us who read it.
’"Over the top, gushing, and giant slayer are all either your personal evaluation or made up terms no reviewer ever used."

"The Zu doesn’t just slay giants: It rips their beating heart from their chests, shows it to them, finishes them off, then chases their souls and drags them down to hell. Recommended."



Giant killers:

"I’d call the Romulus a giant-killer, offering one of the highest price-to-performance ratios in digital playback today."





I was actually referring to "terms no reviewer ever used". It was not that hard to find that such terms have been used.


As far as me staying relevant, I admit I am unable to pull a thread of six pages praising speakers I have never heard. That takes some imagination and faith.

World beaters, to say it subtly.

"At $4,500, these speakers deliver the power, impact, presence and output of speakers costing as much as 10 times the price, and that is truly extreme value. The Moabs are for people with bigger rooms and the need to rock hard in a funky place, and if that's you, they might be your perfect speaker. Made and designed in America. Custom paint finishes. These speakers are simply world beaters."


"You don’t read many books do you?"
No, I do not. No time for that leisure. I read articles.

Aren't you the person who started that inflammatory thread, now closed down, in which you insulted a whole nation in a very non-troll manner?
"Oh and by the way that was from a Best Of blurb not an actual review."
I apologize. I went to the source. That was the link on the Tekton website under "professional reviews". If they thought it was worth listing it as a review, why would I doubt it?


I was also surprised there were not as many real reviews as implied earlier in this thread.

I have nothing against Tekton Moab speakers and I hope millercarbon continues to like them the way he has already decided he will.

The remarks in the posts above were following p01529’s thoughts about hyped up reviews and not about the quality of these particular speakers.

Somehow, I am under the impression that I am one of the few on this thread who has actually heard these speakers. As such, I would recommend not buying them sight unseen and sound unheard. They may not be to everyone’s taste. In my case, I thought they were too expensive, punched below their price and size if you will. They do have bass, that is for sure. Check them first, if you can.

We may be the only ones. It seems to be the favorite brand around here.

That Nissan is a legend, for sure. I do not think I have ever even seen one.

"I wouldn’t bother me in the least to tell anyone how I felt about what I hear."
To add to my comment about Moabs above (in case you have read it), when I was listening to them at the recent audio show (late 2019), most of the people in the room seemed very pleased. Some smaller number were not and those expressed it as loudly, but that is probably how it goes with any product. So, I think that overall they are pleasing and my recommendation to hear them first is really only because it may be a hassle to send them back. Good luck and I hope you are in that bigger group.
The hoax about this epidemics is people convincing others it is a hoax.

It is surprising reading threads on audiogon. It is surprising that with all the physical casualties out there it seems barely anyone here has any family member, neighbor, acquaintance, coworker, anyone, affected by the virus directly.

What is happening? Is "audiophile" crowd really just living in the cave with their precious equipment, not communicating with living people out there?

Tekton Moabs are large speakers.
Guys, give millercarbon a break.

There is really nothing wrong with person feeling good about their purchase even before experiencing it. Don't we all wish that some of the things we purchased were as good as we hoped they would be? After all, here we are talking about speakers. Not really anything important in a grand scheme of things. So what if the buyer idolizes them? Good for him.

Having said that, if you plan on buying Tekton Moab speakers try to check them out in person first. They will not be to everyone's taste. I, and it is only my taste, think they are overpriced and not that great. That does not mean they will not bring you great joy. If nothing else, during those few months you are anticipating.
"...lots of suffering..."
Finally the right words/description.

As everyone on audiogon and her/ his brother and neighbor seems to have owned a Prosche at some point, I am putting it on the record that I have not.
Nothing about Moabs, but do you really want to believe speaker review from....Zero Fidelity?

"The surround is just the part everyone sees. Inside is another almost identical part called the spider."
On that picture, they look anything but identical. Different size, different attachment, different ratios of material and, presumably, center opening. According to the picture, spider is more akin to the cone than to the surround. Not identical, of course.



"Eric is perpetually working on the other pair."
You are much more patient and nicer guy than many would be. I hope the wait is worth it for you.

Someone earlier mantioned business model which should not be buyer’s business at all. However, it is intriguing that it works so well.

If I understood correctly while reading this thread, and please those with experience correct me if I am wrong, it goes like this...

You order a pair of speakers you likely had very little opportunity to listen to before ordering. There are no dealers but there might have been limited shows they were at.

You cannot be sure when those speakers may arrive.

There may be a custom color mismatch, but you may be stuck with it.

You can listen to them at home and you may return them, if not to your liking.

In case you, for whatever reason, do not like them after a month and a half you are stuck with making sure there are no fingerprints and no dust on them (clause in the 60-Day Risk-Free Trial warranty) and with inconvenience and the cost of shipping roughly 300 lb package across the continent. How much would it cost to ship them from Florida to the manufacturer in Utah? What is the ballpark figure?

It apparently is an acceptable purchasing method, but what is the appeal? Is it the price? Why not simply buy speakers in some brick and mortar store, even if it is some drive away?

Do you pay when ordered or when shipped to you?
"Form follows function. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqhGJtzZYpA"
Was it an advertisement for a watch, or for a jacket? Their products are often heavily black. Rarely some lively colors. Which is not the form, but is design signature, I guess.
"spider and surround are two parts that benefit most."
They surely do not look identical on that picture.

1 point for me

I wonder why it is called "spider". It looks fairly round.

In a serious matter, it would be quite bizarre to praise some products without knowing them. Not to mention this obsession with designer. However, this is really not a serious matter. It is just an entertainment venue.

Just because millercarbon recommends something does not automatically mean a person will take that recommendation seriously. This thread provides a number of much different, much more measured, much more experienced, and much more eloquent views and opinions for anyone to inform her/himself from.

millercarbon did start this thread, but the thread has taken off on its own. It outgrew millercarbon in some way and millercarbon is now just one of the enthusiastic contributors. Some others do have more credibility on the topic, though. Anyone can choose whose opinions and recommendations to value.


It is all true and it may work for many.

The difference I see between Tekton and something from the local store is that you are gambling more with Tekton as you cannot (except for shows, friends, etc. if you are at the right time at the right place) hear it in advance. Sure, both are not good until you hear them in your own room with your own electronics, but in the store you can at least get better idea of sound signature and direction.

When it comes to returns, I suspect that shipping of 300 lb speakers may cost a nice portion of their $4500 price. I also suspect that some of the people buying $4500 speakers may care about the price and that it may be one of the draws. Having to pay for shipping back may interfere with the desire to return.

I do not know how much it costs to send them back, I really have no idea, so I may be mistaken that it is costly and people may be doing it every day for pennies.

As I have mentioned earlier, when I listened to them, most of the people were impressed. Smaller number was surprised/disappointed about all the accolades they had read before that. I was in the second group which means exactly nothing. It does not mean they are bad. It just means there is a number of people for whom it would be a bummer to get them home and realize they have to ship them back.

Also, I know that measurements should be able to tell a person how they would fit, but sometimes it feels/looks different in the room. These speakers are quite imposing and someone may not like that. That is what may be another problem. Looking at your room on audiogon, they may blend in, but some of the other rooms may be overwhelmed.
"I worry you may not have enough bass."
I worry that if the bass starts thumping, his gut may react. Put a plastic cover on the seat. Just in case.
"Guttenburg was enamored with Ohm Walsh speakers about a year ago so he is obviously a person with fine audio sensibilities....."
Some day, I will find a pair of those speakers and hear why mapman is as in love with them as millercarbon is with Moabs. I used to love my AR 18S despite one tweeter burning out, surrounds evaporating, and what not. I still secretly love them.

As far as Moabs go, nobody will claim they have no bass. You could argue this and that, but bass they do have.

When it comes to their looks, some like it and some not that much. I think you can order grilles and the esthetic problem is solved, as long as you are fine with the size. No point beating their looks that much. Just cover what you do not like. Or get KEF Blades.

"Gosh glupson as much work as you’re putting into this you must be getting ready to order some yourself."
If I did that, I would have to expel the piano, table, sofa, chairs, and maybe even myself from the room. That is why I am aware of their size more than many of you here and warning others about it. Maybe, if I put them on the balcony as a mono set-up? Provided the balcony does not fall under them.

Hey, if you have it, flaunt it. Hmmmmmm, maybe I should get them and put them on the balcony.
"Fabio turns down the subs. Everyone fine."
No need to look it up. That is exactly what I was talking about. Lots of bass, busy bowel.
That will be a home based Cadillac Escalade. Usually I jump in the car at the light while someone three lanes away is listening to the music.
"...and the Earth cracks open its just not realistic..."
I feel for you. The last time I cracked the Earth open, mids were much warmer and more recessed than most would expect. Lows were also better rounded. It is hard for a speaker to reproduce it.

It seems that kenjit needs to join this thread.

Not that I do not believe what you wrote, I kind of suspected it may be that way, but what do I care if people like the final product. Outcome is what counts.

I have no idea how my speakers look inside (not Tekton), but I am fine with them. They may be crappy, or phenomenal, for all I know.

I always thought that allure of Tekton was in many tweeters and not in other details.

Over time, I started considering "our patented technology" as a red flag. Sometimes it does exist, but sometimes it is a joke. It is baffling that people seem to rarely look it up.

When it comes to these particular Tektons, I would separate marketing and all that from the actual function. I am not their fan and would not buy them, but they are not bad at all. Some people seem to enjoy them a lot so the function is there. Now, approach to building, marketing, etc. may annoy some as it did annoy you.

They are a good deal. You get a bunch of speakers, 270 lb of actual functioning device that works quite well, for the price of 8 refrigerator magnets ("with even more of the patented technology" of the non-existent patent). Like them or not, but Tektons do deliver. Overpriced or underpriced, that is for the buyer to decide.
People have different views. When it comes to, for example, speakers many do not mind paying for someone to assemble them, no matter what the cost of parts actually is. Doing everything yourself may be fun, but for some money is cheaper than time.
Again, I believe I can make a strong case for claiming that every other high fidelity loudspeaker is now obsolete"

Tekton Designs
Wait a second.

kenjit? Who would have guessed?
Speaking of measurements, does anyone know anyone involved with designing hearing aids? Do they use measurements at all?


Bought them, listening to them, thoroughly enjoying them.
Not reading about them.
Not measuring them.
Why read another review, potentially very biased? Why not order and decide at home? Or, if you can find, somewhere else at least.

Do not sell Harbeths quite yet. Compare both first. You got lucky by buying based solely on reviews once. Once is luck, twice would be a lots of luck.

Or, while we are on this thread, why not check those Polk speakers mentioned by jollygreenaudiophile2 above? If for nothing else, then to be the judge.

The people who think this isn’t scientific or objective don’t know the first thing about science, let alone statistics and sampling methods.
Ooooops, so we will need double blind testing.

Next stop: directionality.
Like it, or not, but jollygreenaudiophile’s posts do add something to the discussion about Tekton speakers.

You may decide that all she/he is "complaining" about is irrelevant if the final result (sound you like) is there. You may decide something else, too. Whatever you decide is your choice and whatever drives her/him to post here is her/his personal issue, but it is not worthless at all.

These few posts by jollygreenaudiophile2 added more food for thought when it comes to Tekton, Moabs included, than all the posts "I read reviews that they are great". Those "I read the reviews and they are great" posts were a good start, basis to build upon. jollygreenaudiophile2 broadened it into less religious and more earthly discussion. If anyone would be willing to discuss her/his statement of facts without resorting to insulting her/him.

Unfortunately, jollygreenaudiophile2’s writing style reveals anger and that may be tipping others.

I misunderstood that you eventually bought Harbeths without hearing them first.

I am lucky not to understand much about measurements beyond frequency range and sensitivity so I have to listen.

Interestingly, I also compare the system to an actual piano and find most of the recordings "too realistic", if that makes any sense.

You should be paid by Harbeth marketing department. I have never been lucky enough to hear them, but you just renewed my interest. ATC, too. I did hear a pair of Spendor speakers and was moderately disappointed. For some reason, I always think of those three brands in triplicate.

I have been beating this horse to death in this thread, but Tekton Moabs will not make everyone fall in love with them so I urge anyone interested to listen before commiting. You really need to like their sound signature, I think. If they hit you right, you will be very happy. If not, they will be like sandpaper in your ear. You will not know it even from the most objective review ever.
Even larger companies producing undoubtedly good products sometimes succumb to such problems. Not only in audio. Then the word spreads. Given that Tekton business greatly depends on word, the words go both ways.

Once upon a time I heard "customer is hard to get, even harder to keep, and impossible to bring back". Those who have experience may agree or disagree, but it sounded interesting to me.

"VA is for lovers ❤️ just like NY is for psychotics 🤡"
Is that a subtle hint that you are moving?

I avoid both.

How are the numbers? I have been lost without them. Any impact from that Virgina decision that you were worried about a week or two ago?

"Hey Glupson how much does the devil pay his advocates?"
Not much, but she makes for a nice chat companion.

I happen to be unlucky enough to be aware that even what I have no clue about may mean a lot when used by someone with a clue. That is why I try to see both sides. Except when it comes to obvious con artistry with no patent to show.

At the same time, I appreciate true inventions...

No part may be wrong, but some parts may come to the wrong conclusion because of incomplete way of concluding.
"36 studio-quality speakers have been partnered with three amps to deliver 28 channels."
For all of you bass lovers, your dream ride will soon be waiting for you. At least a few of 36 could be subwoofers...