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Why Do So Many Audiophiles Reject Blind Testing Of Audio Components?
True jss. Beyond that though most of the ones on here that deny blind testing is because it disputes their personal preferences or beliefs. Either towards a product in general such as cables, or a specific model that either wins or loses in such a... 
Tekton Design Moab
Just got notice that my moabs are finally shipping. Miller, I’d be one of the first in line for those speakers if he builds them. I believe he spoke of another move up the chain a couple of years ago, but haven’t heard any news since that time. I’... 
Experience using a subwoofer with Tekton speakers?
Agreed, matching speakers to amp is going to be important. Switch amps or switch speakers. A lack of bass is not something that tektons are known for when properly paired.  
Tekton Electron SE
It seems some people have gotten their feelings hurt because they think someone else likes their speakers more than they like theirs. It’s amazing how those same people always have to post negatively on any tekton thread. That’s so sad.  
REVEL performa3 f208 or TEKTON Moab
So far when I have demoed inetgrated tube amps, I was disappointed. I did find the hybrid Mac MA352 to be very good,  it that is a tube preamp and a ss amp.  
REVEL performa3 f208 or TEKTON Moab
Jeff, just saw your post about tube amps with the tektons. I have not heard that comment before, and I have never tried a tube power amp with them myself. I believe millercarbon uses tube amps ( I could be wrong), and he feels his sound fantastic,... 
REVEL performa3 f208 or TEKTON Moab
Mission, it’s amazing how the same haters always trip over their own feet to post whenever tektons are mentioned. People try to give their honest opinions on products they have owned when the question was specifically asked. Vegas, are you saying ... 
high end speakers are overpriced
How did I know who the op was, lol. Of course any product that’s not mass market is going to seem overpriced to diyers. They’re copying someone else’s design and research, and in most cases the quality of the finish is not on par with that of a ma... 
REVEL performa3 f208 or TEKTON Moab
I don’t understand why some people get so hung up on a certain spec that they somehow deem is the important criteria on which to base a choice. Yes, to some extent, those things matter, but in no way will they tell you the whole story, or what a s... 
Why is there no love for Prima Luna?
I know I went to go purchase based on reviews, listened, and was less than impressed. Ended up buying the mac hybrid ma352 instead. Clean, clear, detailed, everything’s prima Luna was not.  
Recommendations for next headphone
I went with the woo audio wa33 and also their similar electrostatic amp. A different class with those two amps.  
Honest Amp Reviews: Impossible?
Sure honest reviews are possible. The problem is that when someone like the OP dosnt agree with them, they believe their personal opinion is the end of the discussion and claim anything that dosnt agree is trash. My question would be why are you e... 
Have speakers really improved within the last 20 years??
Poko and reven, you’ve got it right. The early posts might have had some zing with all the pomp of being the self designated and worlds only true expert and judge of everything audiophile. Now it’s just boring repetition of the same ideas and subj... 
spend on the streamer or on the DAC ?
That’s a good count there Ron.  
spend on the streamer or on the DAC ?
Techno, is that you buddy? Who or what are you testing? You’re being unusually quiet. Hope you get better.