Tekton Design Moab

Ordered a pair just now. In Dark Gray, to which Tammy immediately said, "Oh the Charcoal is beautiful!" Charcoal sounds better than Dark Gray (even though we are talking about the same color!) so Charcoal it is!  

My beloved Talon Khorus do still sound awfully good. It will be interesting to see how the Moabs stock out of the box compare with these tweaked and modded warhorses. Both the strength, and the weakness, of the Khorus is using the 10" woofer to cover so much midrange. Its a strength because it makes for a very smooth and cohesive sound. But its a weakness because its asking a lot of such a large driver to go so high. Talon makes up for it with their isobaric design. Mounted inside and directly behind the woofer is another identical driver facing the opposite direction. The idea is this relieves the front facing driver of having to compress the air inside the cabinet. This does allow for a much faster response, and is a big reason for the wonderful music the Khorus produces. 

I have a feeling however it is no match for Eric Alexander's ultra-low mass driver array solution. Only one way to know for sure. So we will just have to see!  

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Jester, I have their larger ulfers for the front mains. So by comparison the moabs are smaller. I suppose I am also doing distributed bass, with two paradigm sub2s set for 230v and 6500 watts each. Then two Svs pb16 ultras. Maybe over kill for home theater, but my motto is too much is never enough, lol
Glupson, are you suggesting Miller needs a restraining order against you? Lol. His ignoring technique seems to work fairly well. 
Ray, I haven’t been able to reach tekton by phone at all the last month so not sure if you will be able to reach them. Still haven’t gotten a response by email either on the Moabs. I’d be interested in the new statement speakers, but at this point I think I’d hold off on any more purchases until they can get caught up with what the business they already have. The lack of any response is frustrating. 
Glupson, I don’t think anyone buying a stock Moab, or mustang, would believe it’s the same thing as a modified one. People buy certain cars, trucks, and keeps all the time to start as a base and add to them all the time. Don’t think anyone feels that Ford, Jeep, etc is trying to fool anyone about what the stock vehicles are. In fact many of those companies team up with third party after market companies for shows to show off what can be done. Same thing happens at audio shows. 
Do we have some over active mods in here today or what?
Very intresting rix. It is surprising that some high end system has neit used one of the alternative metals, considering the price some of them run. Also surprised screws, baffle rings, etc are not offered by someone already, or that there hasn’t been any articles to speak of in the subject, again, since we can buy things such as footers that cost 2k for a set, cables for many thousands, etc. seems like someone would have picked up on that. May be an opportunity to creat a business with those items as a starting point. The speaker drivers would be a diff story, would likely need a high end like Wilson audio to specify that for some of their upper end models, and let it trickle down the line. I cannot imagine it being hugely more expensive to use copper as the frame, though I’m sure they would charge dearly for it. 
Ray, there seems to be a problem with that site you linked, if you try to buy it, it says there’s a problem with what you try to enter for your PayPal info, yet when I go directly to PayPal, I have no issues doing so, hope it’s not some sort of fishing site
On,y if they’re driving Miss Daisy.
Tall, the comment about rebuilding the room was a ribbing  for the ones that say things like that about the speakers, if they were good they wouldn’t tweaks like.... is their usual thing start to those comments. 
Lalitk, anyone who has been tweaking for years like miller, and others, know that the same tweaks with reap benefits in all equipment. Upgrade power cords will reap a benefit. Do we need to hear it before we do that to know if it will or not? Well for those who don’t believe cables make a different, of course not, but why worry about what anyone else is doing? For those of us who do hear differences, why wait? We know that it will improve. Speakers don’t come with cables, so what should I use to start with and consider them the “ stock” cables, before I upgrade? Speaker manufactures themselves at times offer upgrade paths, but limit these or they’d have too much to deal with. We mostly all know certain types of caps will result in sonic improvements, so why wait. 
I take it you’re against tweaks then, it seems you look down on them
Miller, I guess I’m ever the optimist. I hope that one day they can see the light. Prof if I make a tweak and hear a difference, I don’t feel the need to explain the why, and I don’t care about the why. But if someone wants to post their opinions about that, why should that be an issue. Why can’t we have a convo about it rather than bash them for trying to have that convo. 
Reading further it talks about something called sandbox and seems like it’s wanting to do something I don’t think anyone should be comfortable with, never seen this before and don’t understand why a site selling products would require this unless it’s some sort of scam. I would steer clear of this site.
Miller, you can only be bullied if you feel like a victim. I refuse to be a victim, but I do believe some posters do show some serious character flaws, since it seems they can’t have a real convo, and chose to attack a point, rather than discuss it. I am sure that none of them would be so boisterous face to face. They’d be much more willing to have an actual conversation, but get them on an anonymous online chat, and they morph into someone else. I believe some have a poor self image, and try to bolster it with bold talk in chats such as these. I’ve seen the same, only much worse, in online games I play. Some of those guys really think they’re Rambo, and seem to think foul language and name calling will make people afraid of them. I just post by business address and tell them to come visit anytime they wish. Then it’s up to them how things progress. To date none of the aggressive guys have shown up, though I’ve gotten to met some pretty nice people who I play with that showed up announced. 
I am beginning to wonder if Tekton is having problems? Several weeks ago I was told my Moabs would be shipped in 7-10 days. On the 19th, a bit past that time, Eric emailed to confirm my address info. Haven’t heard anything since, so tried calling the last two days. The phone just rings and no one answers,  it even an answering machine, but one of the calls said it was no longer in service. I confirmed I dialed the correct number, and several attempts after that I did not get that message, but still no answer. Hope everything is ok there, and could be as simple as a problem with their phone system, I know it’s happened at my business, and then it forwards to my cell phone so at least I can take one call at a time.
I’ve just never had a problem actually getting someone on the phone before. Sometimes Eric, sometimes Tammy. If just swamped is the issue, sounds like time to call an employment agency and get more help. I know form my business that not answering the phones costs me lots of more y and I go ballistic if someone dosnt answer the phones at my store. I spend a lot of money to get those phones to ring, so I hate wasting perfectly good customers, lol. 
I did order grills, they have asked for pics of the ones on my Ulfers, but since they are still boxed I couldn’t provide those. Not sure why that mattered either way, it sounds like maybe they make a few different versions and wanted to match them? So I will have to wait for those until I can take pics for them
Ray, it’s when you try to buy one. He responded back that he sees that happen sometimes, and offers me a demo for 500.00 but use PayPal friends to x email adress. Guess I look like I was born yesterday. Super sketchy. 
I was suprised at the mc352 integrated mac. Pretty nice sounding amp
Yes glupson, tekton is taking over the audio world. I’m beginning to think that some of the concern is that they’re just so good, that other manufacturers business will dry up and they will no longer exist. We will all be saying “ remember the day when they made those inferior x brands”, lol. Getting back to reality, I don’t think I’ve seen other brands with so many people so enthusiastic about the products, so it seems they really are that good. 
True, I’m not sure why anyone would ding someone’s choice of music. Seems childish. 
Squeak, that was 40 years ago, what’s old is new again, lol. They did indeed play some of those songs waaaay too much. 
Po has a lot more mixed up than those two words. 
Plus I’ll, have an Artesania isolation shelf the equipment with be placed on. So hopefully will be starting from a good base
Glupson, I still have faith in you. I will never underestimate your ability to backpedal, you’re just being humble now. 
Carp, if you’ve been naughty, Santa may not come visit you this year,  but I believe Miller answered your question. Better behave, so Santa can bring you something, lol. Glupson, you’re still trolling I see. It’s ok, if it helps you pass the time. 
Miller, it’s not too hard to define the characteristics of those kind. The thought process involved are not complicated. Even a first year psyc student could properly diagnose the issues involved. 
Lol glupson. So now you assume you know something about me based on a letter. How intresting, but typical. Actually I typed the h, but I don’t bother to spell check apple. So I guess I should assume you were a grade school English teacher? You will find some posts I make to look like English is not my first language, due to apples help.
Glupson, I believe you have proven beyond any doubt your obsession with both Miller and Tekton’s. You’ve mentioned you have no interest in these speakers, yet here you are, so either you lied, or you’re trolling. I think we all know which is the case here. So now I have to be a Detail oriented person to meet some sort of moving requirements that you alone get to decide on? This kind of behavior does indeed show a lot about your character. Why don’t you kill some of the spare time you have by actually listened g to music, since you’re obviously not intrested in learning anything about this hobby. Every post I’ve seen you make somehow puts down a product, or people’s ideas of what they think about products. One would gather from that that you’re actually anti audiophile. If you want some reall banter without mods ( assuming you can troll there it’s out using threats, vulagarity, porn, or talking peoples families, I do mode for such things, skill of the banter is what it’s about) I can add you to my games banter room and we can have some lively meaningless discussions to your hearts content, and no one is actually intrested in anything other than the banter. There are actually people here, unlike you, who are intrested in a real discussion about audio products and ideas.
Lol jetter.
glupson, was, were, used to be. Etc. past tense mr English teacher. You post in threads that you’ve made it clear that you don’t care for the product, in this and other threads. Why not find something you actually agree with or like. I don’t go to threads about products I know I have zero interest in and start posting negatively about the op, or others who are having a convo that do have interest in the product. Though I do respond to those who do such things on the threads I’m in. 
Ray, so glad to see you’re one of the last ones left with us. 
I’ve gotten in a number of different isolation feet to try, I’ll also be using the SR six power conditioner, wall receptacle, fuses, active grounding block, Galileo power cords, speaker wires, and interconnects, ects, hfts, and tranquility pods. 
Oh wow, never seem mahgisters system before. He obviously does not subscribe to the idea of WAF, lol. Looks very holistic. 
I had checked out the prima Luna 400 and octave 70 series I believe when I went looking for a tube integrated recently. I hope the raven is way better, as I was sorely disappointed by those two. They made noise is about the best I could say. Listened to the McIntosh mc352 with tube preamp and solid state amp. Now that sounded wonderful, so I bought it. Someday maybe I’ll look into full tube again, but based on the first two, I Havnt been impressed 
Ray, my audio obsession keeps me from listening to the voices in my head. From what they tell me, I think this is the lessor of two evils. 
Ray, if you see another set of those elacs for sale, let me know. Tried looking last night.
Miller, it will be much longer than a month. I was told the same back in December, and that it might be possible even in a couple of weeks. Took a bit over two months for the ulfers and at three months for the center I called Eric and managed to get him to put a rush on it, or no telling when it might have been. It sounded like they were getting overloaded back then, and with covid and more people at home, I’ve read where some vendors sales have increased a good bit. I don’t think you should have ever been told one month at the point you ordered yours. I would be prepared for much longer. I’m thinking about adding a set of moabs for my rear speakers now. 
Mapman, I agree. Measurements are great to a degree, but numbers can always be fudged to mean whatever the poster claims also. In the end I’ll use my ears to decide how good something is. And I could care less what anyone may think they know about the technology or why something cannot sound as good as claimed. On the other hand I’ve had many times when the numbers seemed good, but the sound just didn’t work for me. I understand that does not mean it may not sound good, to someone else. I can only speak for me.
With how well his business seems to be doing, it may be time for him to add an operations manager, and maybe more help, and as you said, revert more to president role more exclusively. He’s the brains of the show, and he can probably make the company more money doing what he does best, and let others help with the rest. He sounded a bit frantic when I talked to him, and I believe it’s only gotten worse. I know how strung out I can get in my business being a small store with few employees and wearing many hats. At times it can get to be too much. I hope he does have great success, the product he offers certainly deserves to do well.  Looking forward to his suggested new designs that we have seen or heard about yet. If a vast improvement over the ulfers maybe I’ll make them my rears, lol
Two left, go back and read without your bias, try, though this may be the hardest thing you’ve ever done, to be objective when you read what i, Miller, and others wrote, and you’ll come away with a different story. On the other hand, never mind, I brought some steak to feed the tigers with. 
That site dosnt work when I click on it
Douglas, if you’re not willing to debate your thoughts after you post, why are you on a forum where that is the specific goal. So we can share ideas and thoughts about our hobby. We for sure will not all agree. I do agree with miller about the 7” woofers, they are there to fill in where the other drivers are stretching their limits to reach. If it were the case that Eric felt the 7” were better for the purpose you stated, then why have the array, and not replace it with more 7s? The simple answer is that he feels the array is a vast improvement of them. I believe he’s made that point very clear many times. If someone else feels they don’t hear it that way, it’s cool. I’ve seen too many times when I listen to something and don’t care for it, the guy sitting next to me listening at the same time, hears something wonderful. I may like Camaros, you might like Mustangs. It dosnt invalidate what the other person sees as superior in their favorite, means you have different criteria you’re judging by is all. All equipment is inherently inferior in some way. It’s all compromises and which compromise sounds best, at least to you. For me it’s not even one is better, so this is the winner. One may be better at x, and the other at y,  it I like both for what they do good, which is a quandary for me, since I don’t have deep enough pockets to buy everything I like. It would be so much easier if I could more narrowly define my likes and dislikes. 
Thanks ray, looks like they’re English since prices listed in pounds
P0 , after rereadingbwhat you wrote, I read it incorrectly. It does seem that most reviews claim the product plays about its price point, which obviously cannot be. So far I would say that tekton is one that actually does, a lot I’m sure due to his direct to consumer business model and lack of exterior finishes to match the much more expensive ones. His technology also appears to be a big part of that. And true that a high prices speaker may not have an appeal to everyone. In 2005 when I bought my vandy 3As, I also listened to the 5As and bw 800s of the day, and didn’t like either. This past weekend I just purchased the current 800s. It’s a vastly different speaker than the one I heard back then. And I’m sure my tastes have changed over time also. 
P0, I’d have to say I agree with most of what Miller has said about those speakers. There’s plenty of feedback and info going back for some time on tekton speakers.you arnt going to roll that many people with snake oil. I certainly am invested in them myself for more than Miller is, with a set of Ulfers and the matching center. I have not had a chance to hear any Tektons, much less mine. I certainly do hope they meet expectations. Having said that, if they don’t, oh well. I’ll make a change if not. I wouldn’t bother me in the least to tell anyone how I felt about what I hear. Your comments are only made to try to push buttons and I fail to see why anyone needs to demean another persons thoughts on what they like. It’s a discussion forum to exchange ideas and maybe help each other out along the way. I got into this hobby again a short time ago after many years absence. While I won’t let negative posters dissuade me, I just don’t get why anyone takes another persons thoughts personal or feels the need to attack them over it. One mans trash can indeed be another mans treasure. 
Wow, that is far too long in my mind. There was no offer to take back the wrong color and replace them? Had a similar experience on a custom guitar I paid for over a year ago. Then he was about to ship it and sent me pics of it, and it’s no where close to the finish I ordered. He tried to say he ddI t remember it being what I asked for from his “build” sheet, told him I’m not sure all of his descriptions what his build sheet might have said a year plus ago, but it’s clearly stated in my emails that I wanted one identical to the one pictured on his website, and I requested it to be what I asked for, or why bother ordering custom. He said it would take another month if I wanted to wait that long. I’ve already waited over a year. That was a month and a half ago, dead silence since. Usually that’s from a business that is on the edge financially when you run into those things, which I do not believe is the case with Tekton. Seems like his problem is more one of growing faster than he’s able to deal with. Maybe he needs to take down all his ads for a while until he can get caught up, lol. Hopefully he has hired more help, but it’s hard for some small businessmen to understand how to ramp up.  And I’m sure it takes some time to get new help trained properly. 
The electa amator stand mounts.
p0, I think miller’s issue is more the disdain that you seem to have for the line. I don’t know and can’t remeber if you did mention this, but have you had a serious listen to the speakers? If so and they wernt for you I get a certain aspect of your opinion. But I’ve seen too way too many positive reviews on Tekton to try to discount what they are. I doubt so many people would drink the koolaid, when people inherently like to complain when their expectations are not met. I have a set of the top model Ulferberhts which unfortunately I won’t even get to hear until sometime in November. I most certainly hope they sound as good as so many have claimed, but I’ve seen many times that a product just dosnt work for everyone. I’ve seen a few people that have predetermined their thoughts about tekton, and other product, and then back into their idea of valid reasons based on technical design, etc, or just on the basis that so many rave about it in some cases. I won’t rain on another mans choice, as we all have different ears, and all have different aspects that are important to us. The perfect product for you, may not be even close for me, or just the opposite. If the vast majority seem to hold a positive view of a product, and most of their feedback have the same comments, I tend to feel pretty safe that it’s not a fanboy, or cult following, and more of a real thing, even if it may not turn out so real for me. Maybe the guy with the 200.00 boo box from the 80s is deluding himself that he’s hearing great music, but for most of us, it’s a matter of taste, and not right nor wrong. No need for miller to have anything negative to say, even if he found they didn’t work for him. Because you like chocolate and I don’t dosnt make you a fanboy of chocolate. Actually chocolate used to be my favorite cake and ice cream flavor when I was a kid, but later in life my preference is for vanilla, lol
Gotta love people who put words into other people’s mouths p0. At least be accurate, some people have compared them as being equal to or better than products that cost more. I believe there is zero doubt that they would cost much more if they were sold through a dealer network, and/or cabinets that were more WAF friendly. If Eric ever went to a dealer network, people may wish they had made the move before the cost increase required to support that model. Glupson, exactly what I’ve been saying. Not everyone will like a product. And as you’ve noted, there’s nothing wrong with those who do, or don’t. No bashing on your part, and you’ve actually heard them. I don’t know which camp I’ll end up in once I get to actually hear mine. Lots of choices these days and not practical to test to hear them all. Best thing I know to do is read up a lot. Some products may not have much feedback, but fortunately the Tektons do.