Sarah Vaughan....Best Performances and Recordings

Sarah Vaughan is often mentioned in the same breadth as Ella and Billie. I have several really good recordings/performances of the latter but none of Sarah Vaughan's work on LP. Can someone point me to a few great titles I should get? Skip any that would not rate highly for sound quality as this, for me, is crucial to the overall enjoyment of the performance. Thanks!
dodgealum-Sarah did an album titled "How long has this been going on"

A late 70's recording of standards accompanied by the heavy hitters-Oacar Petterson,Joe Pass, Ray Brown, Louie Bellson.

Its on the Pablo label, which was the last retreat for "straight ahead" Jazz guys, as Jazz was on the downward slide with popularity and many Jazz heroes passing.

"More than you know" is a fave track from the album. Fantastic sonics, maybe a little work to find an unmolested copy.

Im more of a Billie and Ella fan, but Sarah certainly is in the same class-real diva. 

dodgealum-took a peek at your system. Clearly, a well thought out setup. 

What is that gizmo for the VPI?

I use a Classic/ART9-tube phono, and have the bug for the Prime.

Not a full LP (sorry) but an interesting track with great SV vocal; possibly something you have not heard before....

Exercise a little patience...her voice is not the first heard.
The Duke Ellington Songbooks, also on the Pablo label.
Jazz 'round Midnight on Verve
Rodgers & Hart Songbook
George Gershwin Songbook
A good live recording is At Mister Kelly's
Sarah Vaughan

The links are to Amazon, but I'm not recommending you purchase from them.  The are for information purposes only.
Second the "Songbooks"; great stuff.

- "Live In Japan"; fantastic record.
- "Brazilian Romance" is another good one. 
Met Ms. Vaughan in the lobby of the Executive House hotel in Chicago. I was about 8 years old. Maybe this was the same period (early 60's) when she recorded at Mr. Kelly's (in Chicago)? Very pretty Lady!
Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown, 1954

Sarah at her prime.

I have a Japanese reissue SACD (single layer) that is sublime. Never found a decent copy of the LP (that wasn't priced in the 1,000's $/. 
Hey great this place! Tablejockey--not sure what "gizmo" you are referring to but my table is a "one off" collaboration with Mat and Harry that has some unique features. The 3D-10 gimbaled arm is just coming online--mine is from the first production run. I had a unipivot 3D-10 and there are very good reasons to consider the gimbaled version. Happy to comment further if you are interested.

Your system has improved so much in recent years, I don't recognize it. Nicely done!

I was lucky enough to find a complete collection of "The Pablo Years" in mint++ condition. Excellent recordings, beautifully performed. If you can find one at a decent price, you might want to jump on it.

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One of my favorite all time recordings;

Gershwin Live!
Sarah Vaughan and Los Angeles Philharmonic with Michael Tilson Thomas

If you like Sarah and Gershwin you can't do much better.
1 "Sarah Vaughan + 2"Early 1960s studio recording. Trio setting, beautiful. Acoustic bass and guitarist Barney Kessel.

2 "After Hours "early 1960s studio trio, again, beautiful! Acoustic bass and guitarist Mundell Lowe.

3 "Sarah Vaughan and Clifford Brown " superb match with the legendary trumpeter. This is a sextet grouping.

I find Vaughan more interesting and emotionally engaging than Ella’s. I have numerous recordings of both icons.
Hey thanks guys for the nice comments about my system. I've been very fortunate to have the support of some great friends in audio and feel I am getting closer to where I want to be. The forums here have been a great support!
"No Count Sarah" was an album she cut with the Count Basie Orchestra (w/another pianist) that had a lot of great music. Jazz standards like "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" and "Just One of Those Things" receive strong treatment. But, the cuts that make this wax special for me are her version of Horace Silver's "Doodlin" and Thad Jones' "No 'Count Blues. Her phrasing on these was perfect--what a musican! The sound of my original EmArcy LP is excellent.