Ella & Vaughan on XRCD???

Are the following titles on XRCD worth the additional $$$ vs their standard redbook CDs???

Ella Fitzgerald - Take Love Easy

Sarah Vaughan - How Long Has This Been Going On?
Sarah Vaughan - Crazy and Mixed Up
Yes. These were well recorded to begin with so JVC had something real to work with. I own several XRCDs and they have never missed.
"Take Love Easy" in incredible on vinyl. I don't have the CD for coparison, but the master of Ella and Joe Pass is one of the very best recordings of her voice. Pass takes a back seat with some incredible comping that's flawlessly recorded.

So, I think that you should buy the best format that you can afford, because the masters must be truly stunning.

There's another Ella release with Joe Pass, I forget the name, but it's just as good as "Take Love Easy".

If you listen to vinyl I highly recommend the Gershwin songbook by Ella. Definitely one of her best.
Oh yeah, I've got all the songbooks on LP. They're a historical landmark, so far as I'm concerned, AND every one of them sounds fantastic. The original artwork on the LPs is also great.

Thanks for the responses!

Currently I only have digital playback. Maybe sometime in the future I'll add LP? I think I'll give the XRCD's a shot - maybe starting with Take Love Easy. Thanks again!
I got the Crazy and mixed up CD on XRCD format. I love this album and I think the XRCD sounds glorious; specially during the most intricate parts the band plays....it sounds very relaxed. This band was definitely having fun in the studio. The XRCD is a must if you like this album.