Russian made amps?

We have many Russian ex-pat amp designer's that are well known in the industry for their expertise. However, does anyone know of any Russian made gear that is sold in the west, or for that matter, in Russia only? I would expect there to be some great gear from Russia..
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My interconnects from Jade Audio were reviewed by Stereo and Vision magazine. This is the number one magazine in Russia. You can check it out at
Viktor Khomenko (VK) is Russian designer of tube and solid state amps. Here his amps known as BAT.
Vladimir Lamm(Lamm Industries) born as Vladimir Shushurin was designing famous Russian Amphiton solid state amplifiers.
They're both known to engineer and create unique stable circuits that can tolerate large parameter margins of active elements
If the old wiring from the Czar's Palace by Faberge ever does surface, I'd like to get a small hank and have Jadem6 do his magic with them!
Aronov made some excellent amps and preamps. They show up occasionally for resale.
Here's a link with brief overview of soviet/russian classic audio components
Russians make the best counterfeit cables.
It is still a bit mysterious to me as a westener living through the silver and black ages of Hi-Fi, exactly what the Russians were listening to, from 1950s to 1990s. It is unclear what such accomplished engineers such as Victor Khomenko and Vlad Lamm were working on. The eastern bloc included East Germany with its version of Telefunken but other than that it is obscure. The one thing that isn't is their production of useful audio tubes dating back to the at least the early 60s. They weren't limited to audio uses so it is still a bit murky what equipment they went in to. Compare this with other consumer niceties like gold watches and you can find the various vintage watches on Ebay.
I think OP is asking about equipment made by Russians in Russia, not emigre's like Khomenko and Lamm.
Swampwalker, you are correct. I am quite familiar with the emigre's that have already been mentioned. My question is who is currently making equipment in Russia? I would suspect that there is some GREAT gear there that we have never heard of.
Aronov was my favorite of all the Russian designers. What happened to him?
Chinese immigrants making equipment in Russia if any nowdays:-)
I understood the OP. I am asking the same question, what were the Soviets listening to made in the Soviet bloc? I point out that they had people who came to the US with a background in audio engineering. Where did they first use it?
There were very limited production of amps / set ups in former USSR, but I think you have to find some DIY forum in Russia and start from there, as most designs were not ideal and had their problems.
Like been already said, most talented Russian engineers living abroad now and the new generation of young folks just starting.
Russia and the rest of former USSR parts, didn't had strong general, consumer electronic industries, it's all about black gold, oil and other military shit, the rest, they just importing. I don't believe there will be some kind of boom very soon, as the big boys have their market share there already, but who knows, who knows...
Here is the one, but all in Russian
Here are the list of some amps been made in USSR



Корвет 028-048

Бриг 001
NEM from Russia
I wonder if Russian amp builders/designers used the 6C33C power tubes in some of their designs years ago or if this tube was primarily used by other audio enthusiasts outside of Russia in recent years.
Nothing interesting is being produced in Russia in Hi-Fi field.

Thanks for the link, cheez, they are not cheap!
Krell303, I have a feeling that you are wrong about that, LOL.
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