Speakers Corner The Russian Recordings Mercury


has anyone listened to them?
Got them and took out the Balalaika Fav. to Listen. It sounded horrible. First I thought, my Cartridge is down, slow, foggy and totally dead.
After this I picked out the same from Classic Records which is a few years old:
The difference between them is more like Day and Night.
I think, SC made them from a Compact Cassette, but I am not sure. I read a few reviews, all raved them. Is something wrong with my System? I refused to buy Records from them the last 5 years, because I bought all their Decca Reissues and when I got a few originals from GB I serously thought about Suicide. Totally burnt money.
I hoped for better times. Unfortunately I had no luck.
Thomas, silly question, but did you adjust your VTA from it's setting for the 200 gr Classic pressings? These LPs sound very good here.
Yes, VTA is ok. They simply sound not clear, like a multiple copy from a Master.
When I switch to the CR Reissue, you hear the difference in a few seconds. This one is clear. I own a few original Mercurys (but none of this Set), they all give you a "clear" view in the recording.
Very odd. You've cleaned them well, I presume? Something decidedly not right and not matching our experience here.