Anyone ever compare Deluend to Russian KBG

I've read KBG are pretty good, and someone...somewhere... posted on a forum "the best for crossovers", however Deluend weren't mentioned.

Has anyone tried Deluend and also tried Russian KBG?

What is your opinion?

At a latter date I may be able to share my opinion on Ampohm copper, Mundorf SIO and KBG in coupling duties. And Deluend cast in coupling in a different position vs SSG's and two other Teflons, copper and tin, and a few pio's...
Not even in the same galaxy if you are talking CAST. You will soon find this out with your tests. I found this out in electronics. CAST are the king of the hill by a wide margin. The Russian NOS caps compete with the Ampohm's you are testing. They are good, but not in the same league as CAST.
The CAST wouldn't compare to the KGB!
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Someone file a FOIA request to get to the bottom of this.
I have only comapred the Dueland standard version to the copper V-Caps and while both sound very good, the V-Cap was more open and dynamic in the power amp that I compared them in. I only heard the Dueland cast used for upgrades in a speaker and I had no reference to compare them to and I was unfamiliar with the system. I found the sound of the system to have a excellent mid-range but it did not offer any air or dimension. I cannot comnent on if that was the sound of the Duelnad cast caps in the speakers or just the sound of the system overall so this is of little use to you.

BTW Bill, where are you using the Dueland Cast caps?

Happy Listening.
I've read someone say the Duelund Cast is dead sounding, and lacks dynamics...???

I've read Teflon is better than duelund, tin or copper v-cap...???

I've read KBG beats out teflon rel-cap (never heard how it compared to v-cap)

Both Duelund and KBG are PIO, Copper (so they say about the KBG), both are very large for thier size, both have good bass for pio, are fast for pio, have great detail for a pio, and are smooth and natural with good timbre.

Maybe KBG is "all that" but a $5 "all that" doesn't compare to $500 "all that".

I've also read "Duelund is king" and KBG can benifit from SSG bypass.

Enough reading I suppose.
This is dependent on circuit(s) and application(s)

The Duelund Cast are great caps, but the size and price can be somewhat prohibitive.

FWIW: I installed a pair of V-Cap OIMP's in the output stage of my NOS Dac and a pair of Duelund Alexanders in my TRL Preamp to great sounding success.

Saying which is better is only throwing guesses until you experiment OR know someone with the same or similar gear.
Not sure where you read that, but the CAST has no area of weakness, but it is very expensive. I know from actual experience and good ears.
I read it either on audiogon (probably in the Mundorf SIO thread) or in Jimmy's comments section (where he was compareing Duelund). It was suggested that some people who aren't use to such a well damped or antiresonant cap might think these where a little flat as the response to someone who didn't like them, and called them "dead" sounding.
Until one listens for more than 5 minutes.....
Anyway, The Duelund Cast are on there way, I have changed plans, I will be comparing them to Ampohm copper PIO, Mundorf SIO,and the KBG I'm so interested in (with and without SSG bypass). This will be in coupling duties, not in the crossover. For now I am building a KBG based crossover with Duelund resistors. If it's not a marked improvement and I can become familiar with the other capacitors mentioned and their sonic signatures then I might be willing to upgrade the crossover in the future. For the Tekton Lore speakers the Mundorf SIO are recomended, and I can definatly see how their would be a synergistic effect. However I'll try the cheaper route first, and try to use my own experience to decide the route for my tastes.
I have compared the CAST to the Ampohm and SGO Mundorf's in my tube preamp and as good as the others were the CAST are in a total different league after 50 hours of burn in.
Another league.... yes, no comparison. Also all the reviews of ampohm sounding like mundorf that I've read, not even close totaly different capacitors in my experience..


Duelund, hardly detectable, it seems to me I'm listening to the other components more than the Duelund. It just fits, unfourtunatly because I hear the other components more now, I feel like I can hardly describe the Duelund. But.. it seems like things are put where they're supposed to be and they relatively remain put for the performance, Very natural harmonics present, Natural befitting Soundstage, dynamics like a mid row performance, excellent imaging and microdynamics. I have v-caps cutf right before them and some of the things I want to say about Duelund I think are because of the v-caps like a detectable sparkle or sheen, nice big even defining bass. Anyway they just fit! They give you a real performance!

Mundorf, smooth edges ie; liquid, but very dynamic seems like missing lower mids/upper bass somewhere, but plenty of bass, everything is in it's own space and comes out of black background and deep soundstage to the forefront of a textured bubble of sound with a musical and mid detailed image that's smooth. Also extended out both ends, trebles become louder but not pushier or forward. These are magical not real, but still a pleasure. Probally a Pink Floyd type cap.

Ampohm, more natural harmonics but flat dynamics. better balanced than mundorf, better bass but not more, and although the dynamics are less they're a quicker cap, for a more accurate timbre.

KBG, Natural enough sounding harmonic mids, but compressed mids, airy but unstable highs, too washed in the highs. Nice enough bass, I've heard allot worse.
Duelund blows anything else away. A speaker manufacturer I know has heard them all and compared them all and Duelund is simply the best by a country mile.

He has them as an option in all his speakers and due to their cost can double the price of as speaker but in comparison to the speakers that dont use them its a joke - once heard never forgotten - you will pay for it.

To keep cost down on his lower priced models he once used Erse bypassed with Mundorf Silver In Oil. But he recently changed to bypassing with Duelund VSF Copper and even here you could hear the difference - not as good as full Duelund Cast or VSF Copper but still pretty good. If cost is an issue Obligatto bypassed by Duelund is very good - but if you want the best its full Duelund all the way.