Rate my rig

Rate my rig here
Rate my rig, seriously?

Great rig!! But after listening very, very closely for a fifth time, I'm pretty sure the fuse in your Sony 707 is inserted backwards--and it's possible that one of the Amperex 6DJ8's in your preamp could be a counterfeit (I might be going out on a limb on this one).

But seriously: what the hell is the point of this? Should we all just sell our rigs and have Mike Lavigne, Albert Porter and other members with no-holds-barred systems make crappy recordings of our favorite tunes and post them on YouTube so we can sit back and listen to them on our laptops and revel in the glorious sounds emanating from their dime sized speakers?

It would certainly save most of us a bunch of money...
I don't want to be the one to tell you dude, but it sounds like it's coming out of a cheap $5 pair of computer speakers. ;)
Your Dali Grand speakers hold a special place in my heart. They are awesome speakers. Perhaps the most beautiful speaker I have owned or seen. The woodwork is first class.

The speakers deserve a better amp. I can help you with a great amp match should you want to spend a little money.
Your amp is very good for the money, but the Dali likes power and good power. I sold my Grand speakers years ago I wish I still had them. So darn musical and warm sounding. They fill a room with great music!
Ok one more post. I would love to see pics of your Dali speakers loaded into your virtual system. I owned my set of Grande speakers for about 5 years and loved them.

Perhaps you should upgrade and sell them to me :-)
My Classe CA 400 is out of order for now :( But ya the amc does a good job on a budget, pretty much snagged it for my vintage rig, Pioneer SX 626 - CS 88.
I blew the rail fuses on the Classe and when I replaced them and flipped the switch it was like the 4th of July then started a little fire. Tryin to find someone in the states to repair it, the shipping to and from Canada is around $700. I'm thinkin' Bill Thalmann of Music Technology just gotta get around to emailing him to see if he can do it.
Awesome amp ! I rate your system highly!
Thanks, I just sent a message to Bill to see if he could get the amp repaired since I'm sitting around today doin nuthin.
Nice rig! Excellent taste in music! Thumbs up for me! I am a vinyl man myself - you should give it a spin.
I'd like a show about 2 channel audio instead of Bad Hos Club, Dancing Idiots and Storage Locker Wars.
Rel, no point. Just for entertainment purpose only, but your probably not entertained I bet. I mean what else should I put as a title, come watch my vidoe uh huh uh huh uh huh like some inbred hillbilly ?? I was hoping to maybe start a trend that others would post a vid or two of theirs.
More entertainment.

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I have vinyl, Pro-Ject RPM 6
Why not do a better job with the video? Why not show the room, the speakers etc.? I don't see the point in this either .
I rate your rig a 3.

Hey, Slick--I guess you and I have very different ideas of what constitutes entertainment! Inspired by your post, though, I think I'm gonna polish up that 500 hour vid I made of my new Blackgate capacitors breaking in, and maybe put the most gripping 300 hours on YouTube :-)

And before you get too carried away with those YouTube stats, you might want to consider that at least 119 of the 133 U.S.views were me staring slack-jawed and shaking my head in disbelief!
I have since sold the cam for $20 to finance a better cam, a Canon with mic jack, also picked up a krell dac, when my Classe gets out of the shop and I do some mic rolling I am going to post a rate my rig mk2.
You can upgrade all you want on your end, I'm still only gonna hear it through $5 computer speakers. So what's the point?
Dude I don't upgrade, I mean do you upgrade your wife, I buy what I want.
I'll go along with the 3 vote.

>> 03-09-12: Tmsorosk
>> I'll go along with the 3 vote.

Me too! That's 3 out of 100, right??

>>03-08-12: Slikric3000
>>I have since sold the cam for $20 to finance a better cam

>>03-08-12: Slikric3000
>>Dude I don't upgrade

My vote for worst thread ever. So naturally, I just had to get involved.
Hello...is there anybody out there? 3.
Sorry Rel, I thought you meant upgrade my rig, I guess you drifted a bit.
Thanks Rel, I was gonna post that, but I thought "what's the point?"
Phaelon, LOL!!

I'm taking some videos now and will post them on Youtube, then I will start a post asking you all to Rate My Rack!!! Let the competition begin!!!
John, you mean let the fighting begin, rate this!
I like the rate my rig idea. Maybe a good option for Agon to offer? Some standards for doing the ratings would be a good idea. Like 1-10, 10 being best sounding possible + reason for rating.

Of course the problem would be that it can be hard to accept criticism, even if done properly in a constructive way. We should make peace not war I suppose.
Its all based on opinion. The problem with Rate My Rig is that even if someone has heard all said components of said rig, they still cant rate it based on the room said rig is in. I don't mean to offend, but its just a 'treading water ' thread. You basically get nowhere with it.
I think it could be fun and make for some interesting reading and maybe even some learning. Obviously one would need to take a few grains of salt with it and a sense of humor would not hurt either.
I can appreciate that Mapman. What gets difficult for me is when the Wilson Sasha owners chime in. That's out of my league and it always will be even if I won the lottery. I would like a rate my rig based on your speakers. I have a very simple rig and I don't spin vinyl since the 80s although I still own 100's on vinyl. I would like to see categories of speaker brands as permanent threads. It would keep the bs down a bit. If I post a thread about my Harbeths, there's always hatred chiming in and it doesn't add anything to the discussion but hatred. I know you understand that. Everyone wants the rest to.like what they like but that will never happen.
02-01-13: Jperry

Classic !!!!!!
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"The dumb little punk faggots come over here from someone else's post. They never have nothing intelligent to say just come around and act like punk ass kids. In fact I think I will file a complaint on them." Perhaps the most entertaining post I've yet to read in any forum...really...I can read it over and over again...
The 3 trolls Jperry, Tpreaves and Glory came here from another post. So their dumb asses come here and troll around. Don't come here on my post and troll.
You're a funny guy ric.
Just rating your rig 3000. Get a job dude and upgrade.
People can do whatever they want on here. Go ahead file a complaint. I'll bet you won't.

Very bad grammar you have there son. Did you finish HS? Maybe go back to school and get a better Ed U Ma Kation which will leed to a better job to buy much better gear than you have.


You really should quit trolling threads and making nasty remarks to people. Sorry you don't like getting what you apparently like dishing out.

Have a great day!
Like Goerge Thourogood says you funny Tpreaves, Jperry also eats it.
troll (pron.: /ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is someone who posts inflammatory,extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

You should go back to the thread you initially posted the troll response and apologize.

My post was not trolling, just a response to a rude troll.

Have a great day!
Filed a complaint, these boys need a refresher. We discourage rude or condescending behaviour, but at the same time, we encourage active cooperation and passionate disagreements about audio related issues. Come here with your nonsense you done stepped out of bounds.
Them boy's Jperry and Tpreaves got quiet real fast
Slikric's use of terms like "faggot" and phrases like "can up your ass" are bigoted and unnecessarily offensive and do not belong on this forum. Please delete those posts. Thanks.