R.I.P. Andy Williams

I remember looking forward to his Chrismas Special every year.
He will be missed.
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old timers as it were... i still think H.Mancini and B.Bacharach wrote some amazing music. it still gives me a lift. even if it's inside an "elevator"....
I never liked the kind of music he sang, especially when sung by his peers. But every time he appeared on TV I was glued to the set. I found his voice very appealing and always enjoyed his performances.
Time has come today. I love Andy Williams. Blew away Old Blue Eyes. Bacharach is definitely at the top of the list. Is there another list?
A great talent, and by all accounts, a good man as well. He had an unusual quality that few male singers posess, (Gary Puckett and Glen Campbell come to mind) of having a very sweet high register, while remaining very masculine at the same time. I will miss him, but remember him through his music.
Fascinating that the film studio allegedly recorded his teenage voice as a possible overdub for Lauren Becall in To Have and Have Not. Like Lawrence Welk, a product of the middle-brow mid-west who managed to sing for America for a long and bland moment.
I grew up watching The Andy Williams Show with my parents and loved every episode. Music, comedy, you name it and Andy did it.

It's too bad that this is a generational 'thing'. Shows like his and others of his time helped build a foundation of culture that will never be duplicated. Too many things have happened since which will lead to a different way of thinking, expressing and appreciating. Boy am I sounding my age.

All the best,
I can't get used to losing you.

Andy will be dearly missed
Always liked his version of "Speak Softly Love".
I hate to admit this but I saw him live in Hawaii back 1968. My mother was a big fan and we were there on vacation so I went with her. I just remember he did a long show but truthfully don't remember much else I was pretty young. It was night and the beach was closed and no I didn't get a tee-shirt. But he did have some good songs and a silky smooth voice. That whole Claudine Longet thing kinda messed with his mind as I recall, then she went off to Colorado and killed er a commited a misdemeanor homicide of Spider Sabich. Misdemeanor homicide? Is that like a parking ticket?
Any way hopefully Andy is at peace he was a true talent of his genre of music.
I'm going to have to watch "To Have And Have Not" again. So it's not Lauren Bacall singing?
The claim is that it ended up being Bacall, with possibly a few dubbed high notes from Andy.
Yeah, "I Can't Get Used to Losing You"!

In the midst of tormenting my parents with the likes of the Rolling Stones and The Mothers of Invention, they finally thought I was developing some musical taste when I brought home the 45 of that tune.

Alas, the torment didn't end, but even my rock'n'roll addled teenage brain recognized a good tune when I heard one.