Mary Lou Williams First Lady of Jazz

Well since no one here on Audiogon has posted anything on this legendary jazz figure. I know most of you do not have a clue to Mary Lou Williams and many of you consider ones self as jazz mavens.

But truth be told and to be honest, without Mary Lou Williams, there is no Thelonious Monk, no Bud Powell, no Duke Ellington, no Charlie Parker, no Dizzy Gillespie, no Coltrane and I could go on and on. She influenced and started more careers than I can remember. Yet her star was always a little below the radar and beyond the jazz fraternity she was not that well known or appreciated by the masses.

Linda Dahl wrote an indepth Biography titled "Morning Glory" that remains in print and most public libraries have it cataloged.

For five decades and up till 1981 was a legendary jazz artist of the past century.
I have one of her albums and do not consider myself a jazz maven - so there!
Ferrari you made me listen to MLW & Cecil Taylor Embraced on Pablo Live.She is as modern as tomorrow.Right in there trading body blows with CT.Thanks,Casey (unshaven,but not a maven).