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Who Remembers the DAK Catalog?
I purchased several items from DAK including a passive Cerwin Vega subwoofer which was my introduction to subwoofers. I also got a good deal on a Sharp VCR that was actually the best VCR I ever owned, and a Vector Research cassette deck that my br... 
Need help finding Nakamichi cassette deck 2 belt
vintage-electronics.net has the belts.  
E-bay and its sellers
@thecarpathian¬† Sorry if you took that personally. You're also free to speculate all you want on what I did wrong in my transaction.  
E-bay and its sellers
It's not possible for any here except the OP to know the details of this transaction, however, I have been on eBay for a LONG time and have had 577 transactions, all as a buyer. Over the years, I have had only a handful of transactions that went w... 
Best first track
Who's Next - Baba O'Riley  
Need suggestions: High pitched female singers
Minnie Riperton  
Which device to use as the pre-amp
The Marantz has power amp inputs and the Rotel does not and since you want the remote functions, etc., you really only have one choice. Run from the 'pre-amp' out on the Rotel to the 'main in' on the Marantz. ¬†  
When did you get hooked?
Back in '70 or '71, I was visiting a friend who had a Harman Kardon receiver and Utah speakers and I couldn't believe how much better it sounded than my GE 'suitcase' stereo with the fold-down turntable. He told me about an old used Fisher tube a... 
Thorens TD 146
After doing a little more research on the TD-146, I discovered that there were actually six different versions of that turntable. Mine was the first version and it apparently had the TP-11 MkII. Some versions of the table had the MkIII arm which w... 
Thorens TD 146
The tonearm on the TD-146 is actually listed in the manual as a TP-11 MkIII instead of MkII as I stated earlier and the effective mass is listed as 7.5g.  
Thorens TD 146
I bought a TD146 in, I believe, 1984 and used it for about 25 years. The TP-11 MkII tonearm was a bit different than I was used to seeing on Thorens tables. Instead of a removable headshell, the tonearm on the 146 had a removable wand (TP-63) with... 
Estate sale find - Vintage Sansui SP-3500 (any good?)
A buddy of mine had a pair of the SP-3500's that he bought in Vietnam. He was complaining about one of them not sounding right so I replaced the electrolytic capacitors in the crossovers on both of them with Dayton polypropylenes.The sound improve... 
Peter Green
Unfortunately, among the skewed thinking brought on by Peter's mental illness was the idea that it was improper for him to continue playing blues; that he was culturally appropriating music that should only be played by black people.I do understan... 
A moment when you realized better sound was possible.
When I was about 13 or 14, my dad bought me one of those "suitcase" style stereos with the swing-down turntable and swing-out speakers. At the time, I thought it was OK. When I paid a visit to a friend of mine in college in 1970, his roommate had ... 
Jelco SA-750D cartridges
Thanks for the advice, agrippa. I had to wonder how much different the SLC stylus could be and felt that paying almost twice as much to get it was probably not going to be a benefit in my system. I would probably upgrade my tonearm before experime...