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Table-Top Tube Radio
Thank you, Gentlemen for your responses. Responses which affirm there’s not much out there in newly made table-top tube radios. But you’ve given me some leads and I greatly appreciate them. Interestingly, the first pic that Nonoise sent is identic... 
How to go about collecting Classical Music
+1 Another resource is the on-line classical CD seller Arkivmusic. They have an enormous listing of available CDs searchable by artist, composer, label, etc. They also offer recommendations on particular recordings that can be helpful.+1 please ... 
Length of speaker cables
Well, I run 20’ Vandenhul bi wire cables from my CJ Premier 12 mono blocks to Vandersteen Quattros. I don’t have much choice due to living room layout and wife’s preference. Am I losing out much?Thanks 
Difference Maker!
Millercarbon - I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, that's funny! 
Difference Maker!
stereo5 -I think you speak for many when you say "It took me 50+ years to finally get my dream system, only to be held back by hearing loss. Life is not very fair!". So true. If I could only hear the system I have now with the hearing I had in my ... 
Integrated Amp $1200 or less
Once had a Rega and liked it. 
Most annoying song, period.
Barry Manilow - Copacabana 
Most annoying song, period.
David Soul - Don't give up on us baby 
What’s wrong with Diana Krall?
Saw her this past June in Appleton, WI. She was spot on! Gave another awesome performance to say the least! 
+1 Keith Partridge :-) 
Karen Carpenter  
Any Famous people on Audiogon ?
Is that you Dennis (rodman 99999)? 
How much?
I do like the sound my system produces, I just don’t have that set apart listening room. That would double or triple my listening. Those of you who do how fortunate you are! And it’s surely acoustically superior to my living room. The room where m... 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Diana Krall, Appleton, WI June '18. Always a class act... 
Tube life
My last purchase from CJ was Electro-Harmonix 6550's...