Musical fidelity M6SI problem.

Has anyone had crackling sound problems with their M6SI integrated amp?
I'm thinking of buying one and I read about someone having this problem. I would like to know if this is a common problem before I buy one. I would appreciate any info on this. 
Why would you even ask? If you own this equipment talk to the manufacturer.

If you're looking to spread disinformation, this is the right way.
You didn't read my post. I don't own the equipment yet. I'm wondering if this problem really exists, or is what I read posted on another forum disinformation. I want to purchase one and I hope what I read is false.
How many people reported having the problem?  1?
So it looks like it is a problem with the power supply.  Interesting though thag ghe guys thread that the op read, the guy having the crackling issues, had the caps replaced not the power supply.

In my personal experience, musical fidelity has horrible customer service here in the states.

I almost bought a M6i, not the si, and didn’t read any problems about that model...
Yes. I read 1 post by someone claiming to have this problem, so I don't give it much credibility, but they claimed that this was a common problem. I just wanted to know if anyone had heard of this. Maybe they have something against MF. I don't know.
Thank you for your response. What you mentioned about the caps replaced is what I read. The power supply issue too.
Maybe customer service will improve with the new owner.
I have had the Musical Fidelity M6si for several months and have had no problems with it. Actually, I am quite enjoying it.
Great! Thanks tony. I'm happy to know that, and am going ahead with my purchase. 
I have the Musical Fidelity m6si as well and never had crackling.   I’ve turned the volume  midway and no issues.  I was surprised by the phonostage.  It seems to perform quite well.
That's also good news. Thanks.
Not surprising considering they use cheap parts compared to other manufacturers in respective price classes. One should expect Nichicon Muse capacitors in this class but MF uses cheap Taiwan caps. 
I have not had this problem.  The MF m6si has been one of my big surprise amps.  I love it, it's not for sale.
Great. I can't wait to get mine. I should have it in a week or two.
That's surprising considering good capacitors are not expensive.
That's good. I should have mine in a week or two.
I am a dealer for MF.  I have never had a customer have that issue as described.  
Regarding customer service, that is defined by your dealer.  I had a customer with a warranty claim.  Focal Naim NA (the distributor) quickly provided me a service center nearby the customer.  The service center was slow, but that was more that they couldn’t replicate the issue which turned out to be wonky issue with a particular turntable.  
FN NA paid for the service and return shipping.  Was not an issue.  If you have customer service issues these days, it is solely an issue with your dealer.  
That's reassuring, considering I have purchased am waiting for delivery of a new M6SI.
Robert53 - I think you're going to love the M6si.  It's a great integrated amp - easy to listen to, drives any speaker, nice soundstage.  
How hot does yours run?  I heard they're heavily biased into Class A.
smrex13, I can't wait to hear it after reading the positive responses including yours. 
I should add that my bad customer service issue was about 10 years ago.  Maybe things have changed. It was an issue with one of their dacs.  It was sent out of state for repair, we waited 2 months then my dealer just gave me a new one
I do love their products though.  Their amps look beastly.  
I really liked the look of the M6i, externally and internally.  
I also had a 3.2 (?) cd player years ago and loved that cd player.  It sounded really nice, as did their external dac that I was using. 
Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your new amp!  It should be pretty sweet :-)

MF has switched distributors from that time period.  That does make a meaningful difference. 

Don't get me wrong, you are still subject to the customer service associated with service centers as they have a contracted network.  But that is a challenge with all manufacturers.    
b_limo1, Thanks and I'll let you know.
verdantaudio, That's good news.
I ordered The amp 3 months ago and still no word. Many things are backlogged due to the pandemic. None of the dealers I do business with have any in stock. They are waiting on shipments of their orders.
Ugh...they had a delivery that came in and went out only covering a fraction of backorders. I was told 16-18 weeks recently before they will be getting next shipment of M6sis.  I gave full refunds back to two customers because I am not going to even try and hold money for 4-5 more months.  
I cancelled my order because the dealer never contacted me to let me know what was going on. I would have waited if they kept me up to date. Also, they charged me for the amp as soon as I ordered it. I've been checking the dealers I do business with, and finally found one that  showed in stock, so I purchased it. They won't charge me until it ships. A few hours later I checked their site again and they had no stock again. It said to reserve yours now and it is expected 1- 31 - 21. So hopefully I caught one. I'll know in a couple of days if it ships. I know it's not any fault of the dealers it's just the way it is right now.
Thanks for letting me know about your situation. At least I have an idea about what's going on now. 
Hallelujah! I just received an email my item has shipped.
I received my M6si. I hooked it up and am breaking it in.
I'm still breaking it in, but so far, no problems at all and it sounds good. I will update in a couple of weeks when it is fully broken in.
I have had the amp for over a month, and I really like it. No problems and excellent for the price. I swapped my Cardas Neutral Reference line stage interconnect to my Oppo 205 with a Golden Presence, and after breaking the cable in sounds great. I replaced my Neutral Reference phono cable for a Clear Cygnus and that also sounds great after break in. I don't have that many hours on the phono stage yet, so now I'm using it more to complete break in. I wasn't  completely happy with the sound until I replaced those two sets of cables. Made a world of difference. The sound stage opened up, and much more transparent. It's a keeper.
                        I really like the M6si after break in and matching cables for it. Do you think it's worth it to upgrade the phono stage To the M6 or M6x phono stage?
Well, everything is broken in now and I'm really happy with this amp. Even the phono stage is good, and not one problem. 
I missed this note.  Glad to hear you are happy.  It is a heck of a good amp.  I do think the M6 phono stage is a big step up but if you are happy with what you have...awesome!
Yes it is, and thanks for getting back to me. Based on your reply I am interested in getting a better phono stage, but I'm not sure which yet. The M6 is one option. 
The M6x is going to be available soon and it's supposed to be even better. At first I didn't think much of the phono stage in the amp, but after switching the phono interconnects and breaking it in for many hours I'm surprised at how good it is. I'm used to listening to the phono stage in my CAT preamp, which is really good, and I have a MOFI Ultradeck +m  turntable, so I want a good phono preamp but it has to be a good match for the amp and the MM cartridge. I'm not using a MC .
I can't say I have ever spent time with a MOFI table.  The M6x is very flexible and should be a good match with most cartridges.  It is also fully balanced and that is a huge benefit with MF in the M6 range.  You almost always get the most out of MF gear when the signal chain is fully balanced.  

Thanks again for your time and good advice. The M6x sounds like a good choice and I will use balanced cables.
I have had my M6si since 1-24-21 and I really like it. I have had 0 problems with it and am just enjoying listening to music. What a pleasure to own such a great piece of gear, especially for the price.
I have now switched my speaker cables to Cardas Clear Cygnus and my interconnects to balanced Cardas Clear Cygnus going to my Oppo 205. Great sound.
Great update! Enoy the Music.
Happy Listening!
Different model, but I have really enjoyed my Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista over the years. And small tweaks have made it that much more satisfying (upgrading power cord and umbilical cord(s). It has dispatched some pretty good separate preamp/amp combos over time. Good to hear that the M6si is also satisfying. I'm not really in the market right now, but I would like to hear a pair of their current M8 700 watt monos.
I really like the Tri-Vista stuff.

Hi, I've owned M6si for over 5 years. I've had crackling sounds and took my unit back to my dealer to get it diagnosed. Problems with both power unit and capacitors. Quoted me about 33% of the cost of a brand new unit to get the problem fixed/replaced. Pissed like mad. These problems shouldn't be having for relatively new units like mine, it's kept in a well ventilated place and not used daily. I don't drive it hard too. Service guy tells me it's a common problem with this model.

Crackling sounds are usually a dirty potentiometer. Some tuner spray fixes that. It is rare for caps to go bad in just a few years and I'm not sure what a "power unit" is. Very curious. 

Yes from what i read the M6si has this issue with crackiing sound coming from the speakers, which is power supply related. Does the M5si have the same issue?