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Should I eliminate my preamp?
A good preamp as DSP? A joke. 
Oppo Ceasing production
Hard to believe. I'm in Asia frequently and they have retail stores all over the place that are full of customers. 
Should I eliminate my preamp?
A high quality (and usually higher priced) pre will only enhance the listening experience. Most people who say no preamp speak on theory or have just never used a good enough pre to hear the difference themselves. 
PS Audio Power Plants
I swapped out a Blue Circle X0e 6 for a new P5. I think the BC was better, deeper background, quieter, at a quarter the price. I wanted to like the P5, it’s still in the system but it might get pulled soon. Not trying to push the BC, just amazed a... 
What does moving from a 150 watt amp to a 400 watt amp get you?
An auxiliary space heater. 
Neil Young - Guitarist
Define "underrated". I’d put him somewhere in the #50-100 range. Or lower. 
XiangSheng 728A
Next time I need a low-knob-count pre I’ll keep this one in mind. 
XiangSheng 728A
Why don't you tell us why it's so special and what it compares with. 
We Need A Separate Forum for Fuses
Fuses make a difference in my Pass amp. Must be a bad design. 
Advice on "Re-Clocker" for My USB Port to my DACs
Yes they can make a big difference. I use the SOtM tX-USBultra powered by a LPS. Raised my digital system to new levels. Many reviews and comparisons say it beats other tested devices. My ears tend to agree. I tried the W4S, iFi, and other units a... 
Why do Cyrus get such praise from What HiFi???
Why not ask What HiFi. I doubt anyone here speaks for them. 
How can I tell if I need a better clock for my DAC?
Clocking before the DAC can make a huge difference. Not speaking on theory, but experience, which matches many other’s experience as well. Too many voice their opinions, often based on theory, or just a false or incomplete understanding of how thi... 
Should I re-rip?
I doubt you'll hear a difference between WAV and flac. I have what might be considered a better than "average" system resolving capability and can't hear one. Default settings probably meant the amount of compression. Doesn't affect sound quality,... 
best way to connect pc to dac
There are lots of options, limited only by your budget and desire/ability to tinker. You have the bare minimum setup and it can certainly be improved. The Computer Audiophile forums are a good place to discuss with folks who are open to these issu... 
Steely Dan CDs
Look for the thread on Hoffman forums that compiles all the SD findings into one place.There are many masterings for each release, and a hierarchy of best sounding ones. In my opinion the older MCA releases are best.Edit: this is the thread.http:/...