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The Cable Co
I’ve had good and bad experiences and have given them thousands of dollars. The guy who normally takes care of me E**** has been mostly good, not always. A few times I’ve spoken to others with less luck. The worst time was about 7 years ago when I... 
Easy Windows App for Flac & AIFF for Novice
Boy you don't want much do you. Best is subjective. Windows has built in. VLC, Foobar, many more. What's UX. If sound quality matters then don't use BT, it's the great equalizer that will degrade most music regardless of the player. 
Revel Performa F228 Be speaker... thoughts?
Revels are nice but can be a bit boring. They do nothing wrong, and most things right. But they lack any kind of character. I sold mine, my audio buddy had some big Revels and he did the same. 
Best Integrated Amp (for me)
In your price range most of the stuff mentioned here is pretty boring. I'd just go for the little Rega which has some actual life to it and be done. 
Class D amps seem poised to take over. Then what?
Then what? People wake up and go back to their class a and a/b amps. 
Is JRiver still the best software?
soundwise, yep by far 
Need advice on the BEST Android based tablet for TIDAL.
"...some tablets don't support Tidal like Google Chrome" What? Chrome is an OS.A bit more research, and a bit better-formulated questions might help. 
Music Servers, Do They Matter?
@mastering92seriously dude, "finally someone that agrees with me". lol"OP, it's up to you. Don’t spend too much, don’t spend too little." lol 
How much difference in Sound quality can be expected from different streamers?
Roku is not for audio, or good audio, anyway.Big difference in the way streamers sound. Maybe not all, but many. 
How to stream Amazon Prime Music
Interesting there are 3 trolls on this post that are all pushing products. Maybe they think nobody notices. Anyone click on any of the 3 users jiang.., filly.., jam.. for their recent activity and these imposters are all hanging together on the sa... 
Anyone Recently Change to Class D power?
switch to class d?been there, done that.goes against mother nature. 
The Exogal saga continued....
"negotiate with my attorney"what a douche 
Sub cable length?
Length doesn't matter. Wire does. 
USB Jcat card for DIY mounting
Anyone know how to determine bitrate/res on Stereophonic?