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Use this song if you are doing an A/B with Preamps
@richopp Thank God you’re here to keep us all in line.Truth is, the Mayorga recordings suffer from a common affliction typical for "audiophile" releases of the 80s of being great recordings of mediocre music. I know, I still have many of them. 
What's playing in your head today?
Low Spark 
Use this song if you are doing an A/B with Preamps
Yes the original DJM CDs are not that bad, if you must have EJ any of these are recommended over other pressings. 
Answer me this...
Is somebody making you buy them? If not, don't then. 
Use this song if you are doing an A/B with Preamps
I disagree. Diana Krall does not sound good on any system. 
What brand was better than it is today?
Fried speakers 
Best speakers for a Pass XA 30.5
I’ve run this same amp with 85db sensitivity speakers with success. It got very loud with still some volume to go. The amp pushes over 150 watts in class B. And no, you can't tell when it passes from A into B. 
Power Conditioner recommendations?
The Furman PST-8 series is an excellent low priced unit. Contains some of their same technologies used in the higher priced units. 
New Santana, Lowest Dynamic Range Ever
Should have checked a bit more... I have Talking Heads ’77 no. 6036-2 with DR 15 (13-16). Speaking in Tongues (WG Target) DR 17, 15-20. From that same period the first B-52 releases are available with fabulous DRs, up to 17 if I recall. Plenty of ... 
New Santana, Lowest Dynamic Range Ever
@eric squires Maybe. I buy based on DR, among other things. But generally have no interest in lower DR recordings. Once it goes under 6 or 7 I’m done. Regardless. Maybe only a couple exceptions. Meaning I have mostly older releases (pre-1995) and ... 
Paper cone woofers died in 1962 .... a look back
Interesting that on both pair of Frieds I had in the 80s-90s it was the paper cones that eventually failed. 
PRIMA LUNA DIALOGUE PREMIUM - 20 minutes and then loud pop and buzzing in 1 channel
Troll post. Why wouldn't the OP just contact the seller. 
Has anyone been banned from Steve Hoffman Forums?
I’d say there's bad info and a few over-sensitive people on this thread who throw a fit if they can’t do whatever they please. Play nice, understand the environment, and there shouldn’t be a problem. It’s not a democracy, it’s a privately run foru... 
What is the least compressed signal?
If you are talking about dynamic range I suggest you look at the DR Database website. Some CDs have DR that  matches the LP of the same recording, sometimes it's the other way around. Some recording have limited DR regardless of the format. Gener... 
How to remove Sorbothane feet stacking marks.
WD-40  can also work for removing rubber marks.