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Most annoying post period
Class D has finally been done right. 
Remasters - are they better? What exactly is it?
@ivan_nosnibor Research on Hoffman forum and DR DB helps make the right buying decisions. Bad side of this is when research tells you the best recording is that one on Discogs going for $100 (but sometimes cheaper on eBay if you can trust the sell... 
Remasters - are they better? What exactly is it?
@dtximages I have records and CDs that are 30 or more years old that do have lots of slam, very little noise, and definitely don’t sound like AM radio. Not sure why you take exception to everyone who has a different opinion, including someone who ... 
Just got AQ Niagara 1200 ...
Can't recommend a PSA regenerator in place of the Niagara. Others might disagree. Sold mine because although it had some cleanup ability I thought it sounded too "artificial" and went back to my Blue Circle conditioner. 
Remasters - are they better? What exactly is it?
@geoffkait  good examples. I do prefer the original Bowie CD releases,  though pricey to [email protected] agree with the Japan Sanyo release, I paid top dollar for mine. Love how Gold Dust Woman preserves the original screams at the end. 
Remasters - are they better? What exactly is it?
For both of those newer artists mentioned the majority of releases are heavily compressed. It is indeed a preference thing. 
Remasters - are they better? What exactly is it?
Compression is just a small part of the process and is more a sign of the times in general than just of remastering. The rise of compression since the mid 90s can effect all releases whether remasters or new issues. 
Remasters - are they better? What exactly is it?
@dtximages "un-dynamic" recordings aren't typically thought of as soiunding "thin". If anything because all vocals and instrumentation is more level-equalized it can have a "thicker" sound. As far as telling the decade of a recording by the qualit... 
Remasters - are they better? What exactly is it?
There are plenty of examples of remasters that better earlier or original masterings. That includes remasters with DRs as good as or sometimes better than earlier versions. Remasters by engineers Hoffman and Gastwirt are the first that come to min... 
Chinese Power conditioners
Why take a chance. For not much more money you could get a Furman PST-8 that's highly regarded and guaranteed to work. 
High end car system
Dome of silence, Max 
And yet another of our heroes passes into the night, RIP Ginger Baker!
He claimed all his work including Cream was jazz no matter what anybody else called it. 
usb cable quality and sound
I am using the Triode to good effect. The Curious also sounds good but is a very different presentation. 
Abbey Road 50th Anniversary
I hear it even in the areas of my room with minimal bass modes, not calling it bloat but just a higher level. It is definitely the recording, my other versions don't have it. 
Other Good High End Audio Forums
Can NOT recommend Computer Audiophile forums, now self-styled as Audiostyle or some such blather. In theory it should be a good forum, in actuality it's something else. Some of the most toxic posts and posters I've seen. They have been beating ...