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Journey ending speakers
ATC did it for me. 
Is Classe AUdio no longer???
" Interesting indeed- czarivey.I hope those guys are not junk-sourcing to china."Idiotic statement  
Who is the WORST Audio Shop?
So you are just 1 mile away.... 
Power cables and sharp dimensional imaging on a budget, Zu Audio and Furutech or Oyaide
Cables might contribute to these qualities but in my view these things all come first from the right electronics. Putting nice hubcaps on an Impala won’t make it a Corvette. 
Best indoor FM antenna, your experience.
The big Terk beats my Magnum Dynalab whip by far. Maybe if I put a Led Zeppelin sticker on the MD it’d work better. 
Has Anyone Auditioned an LKS MH-DA004 DAC?
@dlcockrum   Yes, hope we can see this at some point. 
Has Anyone Auditioned an LKS MH-DA004 DAC?
" ...the fact that a Chinese firm is able to design, build, and direct market a quality full-function DAC with high-end sonics/construction/feature set at a selling price 50% (perhaps up to 90%) less than past or even current established-brand pro... 
LED replacement on PrimaLuna Amp/Integrated advice?
All my equipment except one piece has blue LEDs. That has red. Bugs me, and I've thought about the same thing. 
Has Anyone Auditioned an LKS MH-DA004 DAC?
Relax! Just my opinion, for which I’m not accountable to you. Thanks! 
Has Anyone Auditioned an LKS MH-DA004 DAC?
@melm Which Berkeley, which DCS? Whichever one @gareneau was referring to.Yes I’m being sincere in my opinion about beating these top DACs. But nowhere near as bombastic as the posts claiming it could be the worlds best DAC. Blows away others no m... 
Has Anyone Auditioned an LKS MH-DA004 DAC?
From the EVS site: 5-15-2016: I have a friend in Pocoima who has one of these and we have been tweaking them at the same time. He has a great turntable system ($20,000 worth) and he says that playing 16/44 from his Beatis server through coax and t... 
Isolation footers for amps
I've used many Herbie's products but didn't get the results that would make me endorse or recommend them. In almost all cases they did nothing to improve sonics and maybe made things worse. I know they have a dedicated fan base, but I don't give m... 
$10k DAC in a 3k system?
3K system?10K DAC?I'd say you better go back to square 1 and think about how wrong this is. 
Denafrips Terminator R2R Multibit, ultimate pcm redbook converter??
R2RT&A DAC 8 $3995Holo Spring $1499 - $2499Metrum Hex $3500 
rising audio equipment prices:
???Prices never go down.