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YouTube music video SQ
@cd318 Actually, I don't believe you are into high end audio, or just don't know what it is, if you feel 128 kbps sounds good. Some folks are happy with a Walkman. 
YouTube music video SQ
Maybe your system isn’t adequate to differentiate, it is a theatre system after all. YT bit rate is just 256 kbps I believe, otherwise known as lossy and bad sounding. 
Potential Warmer Replacement for LS17SE
Not familiar with Supratek but will take a look.The AR LS27/28 uses the same tube as my LS17SE, so I would expect a similar family sound.Thanks all. 
DSpeaker Antimode 2.0 or 2 more Subs?
it might change them but not necessarily fix them 
Dynamic range - effect on different speaker cables - even very high quality ones
Pardon me, gonna go let my wires marinate a while 
Converting DSF files to FLAC
Listen to both and let us know 
DSpeaker Antimode 2.0 or 2 more Subs?
More or less subs won't matter until you address room modes. 
Room Correction: Should I disconnect my REL Subwoofers before running room correction?
Room correction primarily addresses lower frequencies so they have to be on. That's the whole purpose. 
A long harsh digital trip - final meter?
How do you know the last meter isn't really the first meter? 
Forest audioquest cable any good?
Define good. Likely any cable under $100 you won’t hear a difference, or minimal unless compared to a $7 printer cable. For basic needs like good construction, good connector fit, the Forest works. 
Better digital front end for my DAC
Unfortunately it's ugly as sin 
Beware Audiocadabra Cables: High Return Shipping and Won't Get Full Refund!
Call your mother 
Help Ripping an HDCD Encoded CD...
foobar has a plug in that doesn't work for me, JRiver does not natively process HDCD and I'm not aware of any plug-in. 
Top Audiophile companies over the last 60, or so, years..your choices?
Top for what 
If you could, what live performances would you enjoy re-living?
The Modern Lovers free impromptu concert at City Hall Plaza Boston, early 70s