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You're complaining about a $4 difference? Really? Maybe you should get a second job if $4 is a lot of money......... 
Swapping W4S to Pass Labs XA- worth it?
I've successfully used an XA30.5 with 85db speakers.I'd have trouble thinking of any Pass and any W4S product even remotely in the same league. 
Scam dealer on Ebay?
If it bothers you that much why are you wasting your and our time with it? 
JRiver vs Foobar - which do you prefer and why?
@bruce_philly None the less, they do. So much for theory. 
What makes you build a system around an amplifier?
I bought a Pass amp and knew I could never give it up. 
Any Reason to buy a pre-owned Auralic Vega 1 or Wait for the Revised Vega ?
Because they sound good? 
Recording Streaming Audio?
Not sure of the connections on your device, but maybe you could run your input into a laptop/desktop running inexpensive recording software (TotalRecorder, and others) and capture it there as a MP3, flac or other file type as selected in the sof... 
The longest you have owned any gear?
I stand corrected, not sure why I said NYAL. It's actually a Superphon Revelation preamp. Damn nice sound. 
The longest you have owned any gear?
NYAL Superphon preamp, ~1985 (?). In the closet, though. 
The new Synergistic Research BLUE fuses ....
I gotta wonder how much SR is paying the OP. 
Digital Music sounds too bright?
Despite the posters that eschew this technique, it works for me as well. I’m sure there are other paths, but $25 is a good investment. Guess I’m just not as evolved (or opinionated) as they are. 
PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Preamplifier. DESTROYS SPEAKERS!!
@shadorne Doesn’t prove anything. Readers of this forum know you are often hasty to make unfounded comments, particularly in regard to Asian manufacturing. I’m guessing that the answers to my previous questions are "no", you’ve never been in a pla... 
PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Preamplifier. DESTROYS SPEAKERS!!
@shadorne Can you qualify the "scariness"? Maybe can advise what they’re doing wrong and how they can improve their process. BTW have you ever been in a plant like this, or to China? 
Your thoughts about ATC loudspeakers
I've heard SCM 19v2 speakers driven by a 30 watt Pass amp and a preamp with adequate gain. They went plenty loud for most listening and sounded mighty nice. 
Sellers increasingly overgrade records