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GutWire Ultimate Grounding Cable
Not much on the Groundhog online. They seem to market it as an audible hiss/noise killer, a slightly different tact than Gutwire. At the CA iFi-sponsored area a couple people report the end-to-end measured resistance is 12-15 ohms and infer this m... 
preamp to pair with pass xa30.5
@almarg  Thanks Al. FWIW, the LS17SE manual lists the following- ouput impedance 700 ohm balanced, 350 ohm SE. the XA30.5 manual says 30K SE, 20K balanced. Not to sidetrack the topic but this may help the OP if he considers this match, and it does... 
preamp to pair with pass xa30.5
@almarg  What would the effects of an impedance mismatch be? 
Snake oil and tweaks that work!
@tommylion  Do you find the Bybees and Gutwire to have similar effects? I am using the Gutwire now. 
preamp to pair with pass xa30.5
My ARC manuals do not mention anything about 30K minimum.Anyway, to the OP, these components are a nice, synergistic match. There are a few LS17SEs on Agon right now. 
preamp to pair with pass xa30.5
ARC and Pass meets the generally accepted 10x impedance standard.Regardless of numbers, I’ve had this setup and it worked and sounded fine.  
preamp to pair with pass xa30.5
ARC is a good match. 
Polycarbonate Disc Bliss: The CD is alive and well
African Head Charge - Songs Of Praise Clock DVA - AdvantageJorge Reyes & Suso Saiz - Crónica De Castas  
Audio Research Factory Tour
I don't see any ARC users (or anyone else, for that matter) saying, sorry I'm not buying your product because I don't know who designed it. 
Greatest Dowsing Rod Ever Fantastic Sound Tuning Ability
This guy just can’t help himself. 
Paul Hynes power supply?
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Who makes budget speaker cables which are truly “good” or “exceptional” in quality?
Analysis Plus, Kimber, Cardas, Wireworld and many more all make good lower priced cables. I would avoid cables made in someone’s garage, but there are exceptions. Avoid anybody who says cables don’t make a difference. Just because they can’t he... 
Paul Hynes power supply?
The HDPlex is a generic audio LPS. It supplies power and the ripple is low. Other than that, nothing special, it certainly shouldn't be held as a standard.The Paul Hynes is made to get out of the way altogether. Low low impedance. Nothing beats it... 
Vinyl from Barnes & Noble
Never had a problem. Stuff happens. Get over it and move on. 
RCA Shorting Plugs
@almarg Hi Al, appreciate your feedback. At one point you saySo if the XLR input is being used in those cases and a shorting plug is put on the RCA connector, the output circuit of the preamp or other component providing the balanced signal pair t...