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Blue Jean/Belden LC 1
Other than being made well the BJs don’t and can’t compare to higher end cables, sound wise. As for being excellent for the price, what does that even mean. Not much. It doesn’t change what I said. 
Aurender question regarding which tablet ?
iPad is better. The Android phone app is primitive at best. 
What 50wpc or higher amps have a totally different sound from Pass Labs, in a good way?
Well, there's a "sound" to Pass. I know, it's what I have. And wouldn't call it dead neutral. There are many ways to retain top sounding SS without it being only Pass. 
If Cables Are Not Tone Controls...
Cables are actually so much more than tone controls, that's about the most simplistic description 
Russian Tube Preamp, No Return, Here I go again
nyet, nyet 
Best means of isolating digital equipment i.e. DACs, CD transports, wall warts etc.
Digital noise polluters? Care to elaborate? You'll get a thousand answers all different. Do some research. Some power conditioners separate digital components from analog ones. 
Korean CD stores? Need help finding music
titles labels etc would be helpful 
Who cares? Buy what you like. 
0s & 1s are all the same aren’t they? Is it really worth paying for a “better” Streamer?
I had the same impression of Linn. Many say they're stuck in the 80s.Attacks on others as an attempt to cover up butt hurt apparently.Top streamers like the Aurender you mention will give best results. I’ve tried many. I like and own Aurender, but... 
Opening Record Store
What's your mother say? 
The value of a good FM tuner?......, now and in the future...
zero. internet. 
What sends shivers down your spine when you play it on your system?
Allman Brothers. On Blue Sky the guitar work between Duane and Dickie is unsurpassed.  
Blue Jeans Cable Sound Good???
No, they sound mostly like crap for one reason or another when compared to lots of pricier name brands. Yeah, I’ve done that and I am now BJC-free. Same findings across several different systems. But they do sound better than Radio Shack. Mostly. 
How do you know if you are upgrading your DAC?
It's an upgrade if you like it better than what you have 
@milpai I agree Jplay can sound pretty good. I cannot provide links because I waste no time on this type of activity. Try google or search through other forums although you won't find a lot but it's there.