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New Goats Head Soup
Here’s the DR on a few other GHS in my collection.1994 Virgin remaster: 11 (10-12)1986 CBS: 11 (10-11)2009 UMG: 6 (5-7)2013 HR Cutting (continuing from the 2002 ABKCO remaster program): 10 (9-11)Bear in mind I’m only talking about DR not overall S... 
New Goats Head Soup
If you can live with the loudness and compression go for it 
New Goats Head Soup
low dynamic range 
Qobuz or Tidal?
Went with Qobuz. 
Any JPlay users out there?
Used it for years. Tons of features and configurability set it apart, as well as good sound. Constant improvements and updates. Great website with forums and info.The laptop is a limitation for any of those apps. 
Where do you buy your CDs these days?
An Odd Question
Why not ask guitarsam, he knows everything 
USB sucks
Love how so many folks quote other sources as an authority without having any personal experience of their own. And then even put their own cred on the line by defending those sources. 
music from a thumb drive
If your system has a CD player you could always burn them to CD and play. Not as normal files dragged on and burned, but using an app like Nero or similar to burn it as a regular music CD playable anywhere. 
Cable droop
Of all the droops I have to contend with this is the least worrisome. 
Sam here and this goes much deeper than i ever thought.
I think the OP would fit right in over on that stylish computer audio forum 
New from Mad Scientist
They have some weirdly interesting stuff. Tried to contact these guys a few times way before covid. No answer. Moved on. 
700.00 speakers new or used
You mean, you thought it was 1970 again? 
Can Room Correction Be Added to an Existing DAC?
I tried for years to like RC. First with Dirac running as an app on a Windows server, going through the setup many times and making many filters to get it "just right". Wasn’t happy with the app in general or their support so just dropped it. Purc... 
Can Room Correction Be Added to an Existing DAC?
Equalizers won’t necessarily address bass room modes.There are software solutions (Accourate, Audiolens, Dirac, etc) available that will create filters for use in apps such as JRiver that has convolution ability built in.