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Forest audioquest cable any good?
Define good. Likely any cable under $100 you won’t hear a difference, or minimal unless compared to a $7 printer cable. For basic needs like good construction, good connector fit, the Forest works. 
Better digital front end for my DAC
Unfortunately it's ugly as sin 
Beware Audiocadabra Cables: High Return Shipping and Won't Get Full Refund!
Call your mother 
Help Ripping an HDCD Encoded CD...
foobar has a plug in that doesn't work for me, JRiver does not natively process HDCD and I'm not aware of any plug-in. 
Top Audiophile companies over the last 60, or so, years..your choices?
Top for what 
If you could, what live performances would you enjoy re-living?
The Modern Lovers free impromptu concert at City Hall Plaza Boston, early 70s 
Member Almarg passed away last night
Didn't know him personally but could always count on Al to provide some of the best technical info on this site. He'll be missed. 
Music storage for best possible playback
Laptops will always be a limit to sound quality 
Revel F328Be's Have Arrived! / Contradicting Specs?
Are they as dry as all their other speakers? 
Macbook with USB C ports as music server to Vinnie Rossi LIO: which cables are best?
I believe you will not reap the full potential of the LIO feeding it with a laptop. Same with the cable.  
So what ever happened to Kinki Studio???
Why does there need to be hype. Weird post. 
New Goats Head Soup
These are my numbers run by the DR plugin in foobar. They match what I've seen elsewhere. 
New Goats Head Soup
@yyzsantabarbara Here’s the disc 3 readings. Yeah, still low. But at least it’s new material like disc 2 as well so worth the listen. DR7 -0.20 dB -8.21 dB 3:56 01-Brown Sugar ( Live - Forest National Arena, Brussels - 17-10-73) DR7 -0.20 dB -8.76... 
New Goats Head Soup
@yyzsantabarbara Lots of folks like the Virgins. I agree they're pretty good. I like the resolution of the remaster program started in 2002 with Bob Ludwig but they can be a bit tizzy for some. 
New Goats Head Soup
Details. Look at the peak as well, all against the wall at -.2db. Hack job.DR6 -0.20 dB -7.28 dB 4:52 01-Dancing With Mr D (2020) DR6 -0.20 dB -7.90 dB 3:58 02-100 Years Ago (2020) DR7 -0.20 dB -9.57 dB 5:54 03-Coming Down Again (2020)DR6 -0.20 dB...