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klipshorn speakers
The Klipschorn hasn't been a speaker of so much talk for 60 years for no reason. There's something interesting, some say magical, there. It's an iconic audio piece and looks beautiful in the right room.  If he wants loud chest thumping sound with ... 
Considering a POSSIBLE replacement for speakers. Opinions?
@clearthinkier why you say not to buy the Moabs? 
Considering a POSSIBLE replacement for speakers. Opinions?
Where are you located? If you’re near California, New York, Florida, or Texas you may find some used Duntech’s or Dunlavy’s used.. I can’t think of better used money than those.If you want something newer and also awesome, look at Tekton.  There a... 
Duntech PCL-3 on-wall will xover at 80hz make easier to drive
@fiesta75 I don't know what a DMM is.  It's a  Marantz NR1510.  I wanted it for it's small form and HDMI ARC capabilities which is hugely lacking in the 2ch world for people who want to watch tv and not use a 3rd party remote like the dreadful Ha... 
Benchmark / Anthem / Rogue
Resell value = definitely AnthemBells and whistles = AnthemRoom correction = Anthem           Everything else?  It's a toss up.  No one can tell you what sounds better because there are 1000 other factors in each of their systems.  They're all exc... 
Synergistic Research Fuses vs cheaper ceramic fuses
I think I'll just buy them and try them when my woofers come back from Millersound.  Heck I made that much in dogecoin today so might as well try it out. 
Synergistic Research Fuses vs cheaper ceramic fuses
These threads always go awry.  So to bring it back to the original question.  Has anyone tried other fuses besides $100-150 SR blue or orange?  Inferior results?  
Synergistic Research Fuses vs cheaper ceramic fuses
@millercarbon, I respect you, your opinions, and your experience, but I have to say, I am typing this with my middle fingers right now.  Yes better sound quality is always the goal.  How much should I study before I come here and ask a question an... 
Synergistic Research Fuses vs cheaper ceramic fuses
@noromance  Yeah, I haven't really heard anyone talk about what's so different about them to justify the price. People say they sound better, but what's the difference in build?  Are they using different insides? I saw one video where someone took... 
Synergistic Research Fuses vs cheaper ceramic fuses
Thanks for the input. Let me say this. In response to people telling me to research the web, I have.  2 things:1. 99.9% of the Youtube videos related anything to SR are actually SR sponsored videos.  It's very hard to find and independent youtuber... 
Synergistic Research HFT's
Does anyone even know how these things work?  I can't find much information even on their site.  Are there other companies making similar products?  I just don't understand how a small dot can influence so much. 
Anthem STR or BHK (PS Audio) preamp?? Thoughts
 @golfmd2 not really.  ARC cannot fix a bad room..  It CAN help but it's assistance is limited if you feed it junk to begin with.  It helps a bad room but won't FIX a bad room. 
Anthem STR or BHK (PS Audio) preamp?? Thoughts
@mofojo  I just normally listen without it for a couple of reasons..1. Room isn't treated well enough to get the maximum out of ARC yet.2. Swapping speakers so often, I want to hear them "organically".  3. It bothers me that ARC is doing a whole o... 
Why Does All Jazz Sound The Same?
I agree, Jazz is really growing on me. It's perfect as background music because it's rarely annoying and I'm finding more and more that I like. I'm very "young" in Jazz so I don't know all the great go-to's but for now I'm liking the normals I gue... 
Audio Solutions Figaro XL speakers.
What can you say about the bass in these?  They're rated down to about 25hz.  Can you tell that?  I love a true full-range speaker.  And I know that a sub always adds something but I like speakers that I don't "need" a sub for music.