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DAC as a preamp?
You mean 40 ohm, not 40k ohm!  Generally, you want a the input impedance to be at least 10x higher than the output.  So, you should be fine with 40 ohm output impedance into an amp with an 8k input impedance. 
Your thoughts on my plans..
@kintama21  Yep, you are correct that all you need is a volume control (as long you're getting the sound levels that you want through the Nobsound).  I'm not familiar with the Nobsound, but I have used the Schiit Sys, which I imagine is similar.  ... 
New Cartridge Time
@ozzy62 Looking at it again, I suspect that the compliance listed for the Denon is a 100hz measurement (often used by Japanese cartridge makers).  The chart on vinylengine uses the standard 10hz.  So if the Denon was measured at 100hz, the basic c... 
New Cartridge Time
@cub Here's a fairly straightforward guide to determining whether a cartridge will work well with your tonearm. will just need to enter the effective mass of your tonearm (the Rega ... 
New Cartridge Time
We'd probably need to know what type of sound you are looking for and what 'table/arm combo you have.  You'll get much better recommendations if those variables are known. 
Your thoughts on my plans..
If you are buying something like the A23+, you will need a preamp to control the volume.  The A23+ is a power amp, so it's only job is amplify the signal that comes to it.  A preamp allows input switching and volume control.  An integrated amplifi... 
Parasound a21 upgrades
If you haven't already, you might try some vibration control.  Just three Stillpoints minis, for example, will provide a very significant sonic improvement.  And then you can go down that rabbit hole instead of spending more on a new amp :) 
Why do you need so much power?
Another point - you might look for actual measurements of your Tannoys if you can find them.  Many/most speakers are not nearly as efficient as the manufacturer's specs indicate.  Sometimes, the difference can be as much as 6db. 
Bookshelf speakers for small room
The Harbeths sound great at low volumes. If you liked them, I wouldn’t look too much further. In general, you might focus on those British monitors - Harbeth P3, Spendor A1, Falcon LS3/5A, etc. They were made for the type of set up you have, and t... 
KEF LS50 Meta and 40-ish WPC Tube Amps
It will depend on your preferred listening levels, type of music, and the size of your room.  If you're setting up in a smaller room and not looking to blast the volume, then something like the Primaluna should work well. However, if you're in a l... 
Help! Can't Get Rid Of Buzz in system at Higher Volumes
I've had quite a few different phono stages, and I don't think I've ever had a setup that didn't have noise around halfway up the volume dial.  The high gain of a phono stage can do that.  Do you listen at 50 or above on the volume?  I never worry... 
Order of Operations
Just as a note, the Mani power supply is a 16V AC transformer, not a typical DC wall wart.  The only external power supply that I've seen for the Mani is this one:  I have used the Mani with th... 
Help! Can't Get Rid Of Buzz in system at Higher Volumes
When you say "turn the volume to 50," are you talking about halfway on the volume control?  What level do you usually set it when you're listening?   
Tube virgin looking for tube amp under $3k
I had the original CAV 45, and it was beautifully built and sounded fantastic.  I had speakers that were not particularly efficient at the time, and I decided I needed more power.  With more efficient speakers, I can only imagine the CAV 45 S2 wou... 
What would you do?
I was just about to suggest the SS-X, but @mesch beat me to it.  It gets my highest recommendation - I'll never have a stereo system without it.