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What's the best integrated amp in the $1500-$2000 range?
If you are looking for something with a good phono section, I would highly suggest Rega.  
Best high sensitivity rated monitor speakers from $1200-1500
Regardless of the suggestions that you get, try to find actual tests of the speakers to find the actual sensitivity.  The specs are often highly exaggerated.  For example:-3A de Capo: spec 92db, actual 86-87db.-Klipsch RP600: spec 96db, actual 89-... 
Speakers for Yamaha AS2100
The Cantons are very well made - sturdy, beautiful finish, high quality binding posts.  They are a nice balance of warmth and detail.  Good bass for a standmount speaker so the music has a nice foundation in my 16x12 room.  The midrange is resolvi... 
Efficient, affordable speakers for SETs?
Check out Contrast Audio (sold through highend-electronics).  I had a pair of their bookshelf speakers with a 10-watt amp, and they were excellent.  I would go with a floor standing model, as the bookshelf model didn't have enough bass, despite th... 
Speakers for Yamaha AS2100
@willland I recently purchased the Canton Vento Reference 9 DC from Accessories for Less, and they are remarkable speakers.  It's hard to believe that they are being sold for such a low price.  And there's a 30-day return policy, so you are only o... 
Bookshelf speaker for an apartment
P.S. - another nice benefit to the Aria is that it's front ported, so you have some leeway with positioning them closer to the back wall if you ever need to. 
Bookshelf speaker for an apartment
Good call on the Focal Aria 906 (I’m a former owner). It’s an enjoyable speaker that has good detail without being harsh. Beautiful imaging and a very transparent treble. Doesn’t have the deepest bass, but it’s fine for its size. The new Chora lin... 
din to rca phono
Furutech makes a couple of very nice phono cables at different price points. 
Which is the best upgrade for the money for steaming from lap to through amp?
shouldn't "steam" your laptop ;) 
Question re: Phono stage gain and possible new integrated
Yes, either switch to the MM setting on the LFD (which requires disconnecting some internal wiring, I think) or switch to a low output Hana.  The latter would be my recommendation.  My experience is that when a low and a high output version is ava... 
Avid hifi phono stages
For what it's worth, I had the Pellar and thought it was excellent.  A very clear, dynamic sound with excellent soundstaging.  I may go back to it at some point.  I used it with a Grado Sonata 2 high output, and the combination was fantastic.  Hop... 
Outlet wiring question
@yogiboy Thanks, that's what I was [email protected] Yes, I always turn the breaker off :).  Thanks for the insight.  There are actually 7 wires total - three white, three black, and the ground wire.  I may just use another outlet in the room and... 
Speaker cable recommendations in my budget
I highly recommend JW Audio Cryo Nova speaker cables.  At $10 per foot (pair), they compete with many cables 10 times their price.  They do nothing wrong and have solved treble glare in more than one system.  
Outlet wiring question
Correct - at least the one outlet I tried did not have an obvious way to attach the third set of wires.  I can't tell by looking at the audiophile outlets on websites whether they would be able to accommodate the third set of wires.  If it can, th... 
Outlet wiring question
I tried, but I couldn't find anything that specifically addressed the question I'm asking.