Mothership - The Inspiration

So I brought the album “Mothership” a week ago and all I can say is WOW. (Back-story - historically I’ve only listened to Hip Hop). So now I have a problem, I've opened a door to a whole new world and now I need guidance. Please help. What artist and or album would you recommend that is along the lines of Led Zeppelin to someone who is a newbie such as myself? Thanks!
nine inch nails, boots randolph, and montovani....these 3 along with zepplin and hip hop pretty much covers everything you ever need to listen to.
Just looking at my music list, here are a few that are at least similar to Zeppelin (Blues Rock / Hard Rock).

Allman Brothers
Bad Company
Black Crowes
Black Sabbath
Credence Clearwater Revival
Jimi Hendrix
John Mayall
Pearl Jam
Rolling Stones
Ten Years After
Van Halen
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Velvet Revolver
The Who
Johnny Winter
Well, for me the answer is Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Kinks and Who. Albums too numerous to mention.
I don't think any of those sound anything like Zep but that's just me I guess.
Black Sabbath


Stone Temple Pilots


Jimmy Hendrix



Deep Purple
jaybo, boots randolph yakety sax, bad ass !!!!!!!!
Thanks everyone, I have some listening to do but please keep them coming. Just purchased AC/DC Back in Black. So far so good.
Go to Pandora and create a Led Zeppelin radio station and see what else comes up. Pandora is free and really pretty cool.
Gonna need you some Doors, Radiohead, Tool, reach back in time and grab you some Cream, some Santana, do not ignore the Janis Joplin, the Robin Trower, Jethro Tull, pile on the Pink Floyd, come back closer to today to get some Pearl Jam and some Rage Against the Machine...
Then go buy more Radiohead, and you're set for a month or two :)
Leafhound-Growers of Mushrooms
Not saying they sound like Zeppelin, but if you dig Zeppelin's sound then you will likely dig Leafhound.

It wasn't easy tracking my copy down at first but I scored at AKA Music in Philly on a random visit with my girlfriend.
Can be had right now at cduniverse for what I paid, $20.
Well worth it IMO.
Cheers & enjoy.
White Stripes started out channelling Zep on their first couple of records.
The problem is you started at the top. Like someone without any knowledge of what two channel stereo can do walking into a demo of a $250K system and then wondering what can I get that sounds like that for $3K. Many of the bands folks have listed are truly excellent but there is really only one Zep--IMHO the best rock n' roll band in history.
Try The Who, "Live at Leeds" and turn it up loud.
What artist and or album would you recommend that is along the lines of Led Zeppelin

My suggestion is a focus on the time frame that includes Led Zeppelin. There are so many bands to pick from during that time & the tangents you can take off on from there. For example, lets say you get interested in Deep Purple. You find out about this fellow named Tommy Bolin who played in James Gang & then check them out & find out about Joe Walsh.

It's pretty interesting how so many bands, styles & musicians are intertwined.
Rory Gallagher: largely forgotten and completely ignored by today's 'classic rock stations'.
The "Live at Montreux" dvd is a wonderful overview of his work. If you dig Page's guitar histrionics, Gallagher is right up your alley.
yep, white stripes.

Deep Purple "Machine Head"

Purple was as close to Zeppelin as anyone ever came. They were recording at the same time as Zep, so they are both from the same genre. Deep Purple “Burn” is also an excellent album (albeit, recorded by a different version of the more popular Machine Head era “Mk 2 lineup”).

Ritchie Blackmore is every bit as exciting a guitar player as Jimmy Page. Check out Deep Purple.
...and you gotta include Jack White's other manifestation as front man for The Raconteurs. In the "Consolers of the Lonely" album, he basically shows off that he can do Plant better than Coverdale ever DREAMED of! All the resonance, and "right now" intensity that made Plant (and his obvious inspiration J. Joplin) the best vocalist ever...
There's been better "singers"; but voice as an instrument? Plant. Hands down, the best ever.
White Stripes are pretty good based on listening to the album preview on Amazon.
yeah, Rory Gallagher.
Another vote for the White Stripes and Jack's different excursions, latest being 'The dead weather' and the album is 'Horehound'. You will love this.
Here's some stuff that actually sounds like Led Zep...Great White, Whitesnake, Kingdom Come, & Bonham.
If you'd like the one track that - IMHO - qualifies as the most unlikely choice for "along the lines of" Led Zeppelin, you might want to try "Come" by Fleetwood Mac. (Yes, Fleetwood Mac.) It's on "Say You Will".


BTW, at the risk of infuriating all the Jimmy Page fans out there, there's a couple of live versions (Fleetwood Mac's "Live in Boston" and Lindsey Buckingham's "Live at Bass Hall")where the guitar solo just smokes anything I've ever heard out of Zep. Obviously, this one is just MHO.

For the record, I've seen Zep 3 or 4 times (including the LZ IV tour at MSG)and like 'em a fair bit.
Hi Silverback,

I'm not trying to be facetious but neither your first post nor anyone since has mentioned the obvious suggestion - Led Zeppelin.

Mothership pulls out the plums, but there is a huge amount of great music on the albums as originally constituted.

If you stop at Mothership you'll never hear "Your Time Is Gonna Come", "What is and What Should Never Be", "Gallows Pole", "The Battle Of Evermore", "The Ocean", "In My Time of Dying", "The Wanton Song", "For Your Life" or "Fool In The Rain". That would be a great pity.

Plus you'll miss the development of the band from mainly blues to folk rock to hard rock to a flirtation with keyboard rock (the latter mainly in response to external pressures) but always with swing and great musical intelligence.

The focus exclusvely on the plums is the great pity about classic rock programming in the current era.