Is "Mothership" on Vinyl Any Good?

Almost bought it, but couldn't quite shell out the 60 bucks without hearing at least a few positive reviews. I own a CD box set of all Led Zeppelin's studio recordings, and the sound quality mostly sucks. My original Led Zeppelin II, and IV on vinyl are OK. How's the sound on the new vinyl 4 record set?
You could go in CD UNIVERSE to see the apreciation at least for the cd impressions listening ...........

You could also try to get in VINYL the ALLISON KRAUSS/ ROBERT PLANT album to die for it with probably the best male voice in the rock business (track 11)
I was wondering the same. I have Mothership on CD and it has a remastered sound. Not necessarily better than the box set though. I think I will still acquire the 4 LP set simply because LP's should sound better. Please let us know if you have in fact heard the LP's. Thanks in advance.
I tried to order "Raising Sand"(Vinyl)from Soundstage Direct they told me it's temporarily unavailable until T-Bone Burnette fixes some problem with it.I find it hard to understand how when reading on these websites that the records are the best sounding of all time,and the next week sales are halted to fix them.So if it's bad enough to need fixing where do people send the defective copies for exchange?
its superb on vinyl