Meridian 508.24...sound compared to newer players

I've owned the 508.24 for about ten years now...having upgraded from a 508.20 to .24. I know for many years this CD player was highly regarded and my long term relationship with it is a testimony to how well I think it sounds. However, I know many advancements have been made over time but I have not really kept up with or listened to many newer high end players. While not on it's last legs, I realize that a 10 year old CD player will not be lasting forever (I already replaced the laser). So I may be looking soon at a replacement. To those of you who have owned the 508.24 or are aquainted with it's sound, I would like to know your impressions of it compared to the newer high end players in the $2000-$3500 price range. One player I am specifically interested in is the Bryston BCD-1. Anyone compared these two? Any recommendations or comments would be welcomed.

I do not own one, but I have a friend who does. In my opinion it is a wonderful sounding player, and as good as many "new" players in the price range that you mentioned. I would hang on to it if I were you.
I had a 588 - a big upgrade to the 508.25 - was just never happy with it. Long warm up, 2 hours, and just not involving-flat soundstage (depth), okay soundstage (left to right) and detail and resolution was okay until you hear something better-than you realize what was missing. Problem is, what I liked cost $7,000, so I really can't say what's better in your price range. I think good (okay, really good) digital is a little pricier. Not fair to compare a $3k player to a 7k player but I have listened to many cd players and regrettably, nothing realy fancied me til I go to the $7k price point. The Byston has had awesome reviewes--I would definately take a listen if that's your budget. Not to go off post, but I guess I am--my squeezebox with a benchmakk dac (CI Power supply) is simply blowing my bind--for $1,800 or so, it sounds better than anything I have heard under $7k. The benchmark w/o usb is $975-can you audition one with the Meridian? You can get a decent digital cable and go for it. Bet you a nickel it will beat the pants off of your stand alone Meridian.
I have listened to the 508 24 at home and now own a Muse model 9 genIII which is very similar performance (that is to say extremely enjoyable to listen to) and I have wondered the same thing. Bottom line, I am darn happy with the Muse and bet you are with the Meridian - let's spend our pennies on music! BTW sorry but my Muse is 8 yrs old so no help here!
I've owned the Meridian 508.24 and thought it was a very good player. I've also owned many other CD players in the $1500-$3500 retail price and none were significantly better. I would recommend keeping the 508.24 until it dies unless you want to spend a lot more money or convert to a digital music server setup. If your Meridian dies or you just decide you must buy a different player, the Resolution Audio Opus 21 is a very good player for under $2500 used.


BTW FWIW I did compare my Muse to a Electrocompaniet ECM 1UP (or whatever their newest and best was a few years back) and they were similar in performance with the Electro being a little smoother and that was the biggest difference, at around $4000 I think.
I've owned my 508.24 since late 1997 and, except for replacing the laser once in 2001 it has worked perfectly since. Recently A/B'd against my friend's Parasound D3 it was not as bright in the highs D3 but did extend into the bass a bit further. This is still a fine CD player and I am firmly keeping mine until it works no longer. My other aging CD player is a conrad johnson DV2B that is simply a fantastic player with a wide soundstage and it provides a natural sound to the timbre of instruments. Piano is among the best I've heard with this player. Also a keeper.

I would hold onto to that 508.24; it is a valuable classic.
I have a 508.24 which sounds very nice with my ARC/Audio Physic system. I recently compared it to the newly released Cary CD 306 Pro and to a Meridian G08. The Cary was clearly superior, mainly more detail, but at a significant price difference. Not so the G08 - the 508.24 had better transparency and was more dynamic whilst the G08 was smoother and maybe a touch more open. I would happily change the 508.24 for the Cary, but the difference between the two Meridians was slight, so I wouldn't bother trading up to a G08.
I currently own a "Meridian 500 Transport", I recently replaced its clock to the "Dexa Super clock", I found the bass is much willing to dive; resolutions are much detailed. Well...Try to find a qualify electronic to replace the clock for your 508.24. And.... I bet you would love it.
508.24 has always been one of my favourites CDPs. I havn't heard one in a while, and when recently I put one in my system, against ARC CD-7 (~$4000 used) I was hugely dissapointed by its performance. I always remembered it as a 'giant-killer', but ARC soundes SOOOO much better across the board.

As good as 508.24 was 10-years ago - the technology did not stay still.
I owned a Wadia 850 for 10 years, before the Wadia I owned a Meridian, I don't recall the model anymore, at the time I bought because of it's analog sound. I recently replaced the Wadia with a Logitech Transporter. According to many reviews the transporter is on par with modern cd-players upto $5k. My experience so far is that it completely trounced the Wadia, soundstage is much better defined and the music itself is much more detailed, clear and extended at the bottom and the top. This experience led me to the conclusion that I will never buy digital in the +$10k range anymore, as in 3-5 years it's surpassed by mid-priced high-end.


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Let's hear more discusion from 508.24 owners... comparing it to the newer version G06, G07, and G08. Perhaps, the latest 2 version as well.
I am listening to a 508.20 upgraded to 508.24 and it sounds great. 
I played with power cords last night and could believe the differences in Power Cords on the CDP!
My reference is a Modwright Oppo UDP205 with $500 of upgrades tubes. The Oppo is fantastic and so life-like that’s hard to compare to other CDPs in my current price range ($3-5k). 
I am keeping the 508.24 but it has some issues with the drawer not opening/-so I am going to try and replace the belt. 
Does anyone have experience with replacing the belt to share with me?
I had a 508.24 years ago. I replaced it with a Consonance Ref 2.2 which was way better. Now I have Esoteric K-05x far better yet (sacd & hrd). Digital keeps getting better. I still love vinyl the over all.
I still have my 508.20 from 1995; upgraded to the 508.24 in 1998.  I have since added to my main system a Meridian Director DAC that I bought at half-price when it was discontinued a few years ago.  Today I mostly play FLAC files off a NAS drive, or stream Tidal, through a lowly Sonos Connect, outputting to the Director DAC. The 508 gets little use anymore.  I actually prefer the sound of playing FLAC files through the Director over playing CDs through the 508.  Very similar overall sound, but I think there is a tad more detail and air with the Director (plus the convenience factor).  The 508 still sounds great and I'll keep it until it dies, but I rarely buy or play CDs anymore.
Thanks for you both sharing your upgrade path from the Meridian 508. I tried a few $2k players from the local hifi shop and none of them sounded overall better than my 508 :)
“Does anyone have experience with replacing the belt to share with me?”

Remove the bottom screws (all torx) on each side (6); remove the screws on the rear sides (4); and remove the rear top plastic cover (push in 3 clips) it will pop off, this will reveal (2) more screws. Once all those screws are removed, the entire top casing slides off if you pull/push it towards the rear.
By hand, gently pull the transport out to the eject/open position. You will see the belt where the transport resides on the right side towards the front.
You can order one here:

Being over 20yrs old now, it’s highly recommended to take apart the pick-up assembly and remove all the old grease and replace it with new.
After this service you will find the player plays and accesses chapters much quicker, without the usual “Loading....” message displayed.

I still own a 508.24. Mainly used as a transport + Genesis Digital Lens + DAC -with wonderful results.

With advances in PC audio and streaming, there’s no need to buy a newer CD player IMHO.
I can't believe this thread has been going for 13 years. Anyway... I have a Meridian 508.20 that I bought new in 1996/97. Yes it is nearly a quarter century old. I replaced the laser once about 12 or so years ago and the tech at the time told me I would never get another one, it took him nearly 12 months at that time to find the parts (I am in NZ). So now it is finally dying and I have no idea what to replace it with, as it is (was) such a great sounding relaxed player. I remember when I bought it, I listened to it beside a Marantz KI player (can't remember the spec) and the Meridian was just so much easier to listen to. So I am hesitant about buying the current Marantz 6007 player that everyone seems to rave about. Am thinking of a Naim CD5si. So to again pose the thread author's original question (13 years later), how good are the latest players in comparison?
If you have a DAC that you like, I strongly recommend the Pro-Ject RS2 CD transport at just under 3k. I’ve had several different players, including Meridian and Oppo, and prefer it by a mile.  But it’s a transport, not a player, so may not be what you need.  There is a separate thread extolling it’s virtues.  Happy hunting.