Any SACD players with variable ouputs?

I'm toying with the idea of picking up an SACD player. Not particularly interested in multi-channel - two channel is preferable to me. What I want, though, is one which has variable analog outputs (volume control) so that I can feed my amp directly without the use of a preamp. This is the configuration I run in now, and I much prefer it over using a preamp.

Anyone know of such a player?
phydeaux: the accuphase dp-100/dc-101 combo will fill the bill if you have the means ($28k msrp). i have listened these units run directly into a pair of accuphase a-50v's; they sounded better, by far, than when a pre (accuphase 290) was in the circuit. -cfb
On a slightly more obtainable level, you can have a Sony DVP-s9000ES upgraded with a step attenuator, not by any means in the same league as the accuphase set up but seeing as it would be more then 26k less, I felt it was worth mentioning. I was nearly ready to go that direction, until something better came along(cough-Accuphase-cough). The step attenuator upgrade is around $250 but you will need to get at least a level one upgrade with it, which is another $500, but worth every penny. You could also get a placette passive pre-amp, which may not be what you want to do, but is another option. Good luck-Tim
Also check the dcs Delius or Elgar plus and the new SACD transport
Thanks for the ideas guys. The Accuphase IS more than a few dollars out of my league, but I'll look into the other ideas.

I picked up a Creek OBH-10 volume control to go between the analog outputs of my S9000ES and my amp. It works great!

(It was only a little over $200)
The Prestige, a player to be introduced in December by Audio Aero, will have SACD, multi-channel SACD, DVD/V, built-in Dolby Digital and DTS plus an analog volume control. It is rumored that it will cost about $8000.
Audio Aero will soon( hopefully) be coming out with an SACD player with a volume control called the Prestige. If the Capitole is any indication of what Audio Aero is capable of, the Prestige will be well worth an audition.