Lyra : World class service

There are a few manufacturers with world class service and commitment to the consumer. It's important that they be given the recognition and kudos they deserve . A couple of Sundays ago my Lyra Atlas cart committed suicide ( sad story) and in a state of depression I sent Lyra a mail and got a response on a Sunday evening. Japan time is 3.5 hrs ahead. Wow I was and remain impressed. The Atlas is now at the Lyra facility near Tokyo being given a makeover. Throughout this process Lyra ( Jonathan Carr and Stig Borge ) were thoroughly professional, prompt and courteous.
I wish there were more manufacturers like Lyra. I say this from past experience with another Japanese cart maker who refused to have
anything to do with a product they had manufactured.
I hope other Agoners with wonderful stories of great manufacturers will chime in with their experience .
It's great to see manufacturers give such excellent service to their customers. Perhaps in the near future will be looking at another cartridge will definitely consider the Etna. Had a similar experience, when my 3 year old grandson modified my cartridge, and Peter at PBN came to my rescue. Thanks for the heads up. Enjoy the Music
Wow, I crunched my Lyra Titan i cantilever years ago and I was told they'd sell me a new one for $3500 for trading in the old
damaged one. I didn't think that was a good deal and I swore I'd never buy a Lyra again. The cantilevers on their cartridges aren't very strong. I switched to Ortofon and won't look back.
To be fair, cantilevers on all cartridges aren't very strong. I don't think their unwillingness to lose money because of your misfortune is grounds to label their customer service as bad. They are the (or among the) most helpful high end companies but there's a limit to what you can ask of a business.
I agree on Lyra's service. Once reason i've bought 5 Lyra's over the years...Loved each one of them...
Just a helpful (hopefully) hint - if you purchase a cartridge, particularly an expensive one, use a credit card that offers buyer protection (like Amex), so that if you wack the cantilever when installing/setting up, you are covered for a new one.
the cynic in me says that Amex would find a fine print way out if you asked them to reimburse you 8 grand for what they would call a needle for an obsolete device
Good to read that Lyra takes care of their customers. Bought Dorian mono, Helikon, Helikon mono, 2x Titan i, Skala, Delos, Kleos, Olympos, Olympos SL, that's 10 and all survived my ownership. But I heard, Sorasound is also very good and helpful.
What disturbs me in general is, that the Dealer, the Importer grab some profit when I want a repair and they do nothing for it, except writing a new address and buying some post marks for the next station. Good business model to grab hundreds/thousands of $$$ for 2 min.
Thank you Lyra. The Atlas was restored to original with a complete rebuild in 4 weeks. It arrived last Sunday via Singapore and is sounding superb. Long way from breakin it is magical mounted on a Garrard 401 with an Ortofon 12" arm and an Ortofon SUT.
Have a great weekend
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Actually Sunnyboy in my case my rebuild cost was going to be more than a new cartridge. I bought my Delos approx 6 years ago and am looking to have it retipped as I love it. Someone suggested Alistair Patrick at Audioquest. He quoted me 1595USD whereas my dealer quoted me 1800CAD for a new cartrige. I think thats highway robbery and would hesitate to buy another Lyra because of this.
I am having my Kleos rebuilt now by Lyra. I have an internal problem with the cartridge. I am the 2nd owner. It is costing me just $100 over 1/2 price of a new one to rebuild it.

I consider basically half price for total rebuild is good value. I do however think Lyra should have a Re tip policy which would be substantially quite a bit lower than a total rebuild price.

I have read that the cantilever on the Delos is an off the shelf part where as above the delos model they are exclusive to Lyra and are a custom part.

Even so, Lyra should have a standard Re tip charge just like Soundsmith has which shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to get done.Perhaps Johnathon Carr could set a standard Re tip charge for each Lyra cartridge and have this posted on the Lyra website.

I know I for one won't be paying a total rebuild charge for a simple Re tip down the road when the needle wears out.I think it is at that point when Lyra owners are looking at Soundsmith or pack it in entirely and switch to another brand such as read in the above post.

I realize the Lyra cantilever above the delos model would probably cost more than the Soundsmith model, but keep the price within reason so you retain a loyal customer instead of giving them no option but to switch to other brands due to the re tip charge now in place.
Moonguy: All of the Lyra cantilevers are custom designs which are unique to Lyra. I personally draft every one of the drawings, and visit the Namiki and Ogura factories when they can't figure how to make what I want. We also supply Namiki and Ogura with materials, components and processing, when they don't have the required capabilities.

What you are probably thinking of is not the cantilever design, but the stylus profile. The Delos uses a Namiki Microridge stylus profile, while the Kleos, Skala, Etna and Atlas all use a stylus profile which is unique to Lyra but manufactured by Ogura.

In all cases, however, the stylus diamond blocks (width, length, height) are custom designs and specified exactly in my drawings, as are the glue joint arrangements, glue types, metallurgy etc.

How the cantilevers are mounted to the cartridge body are also different depending on the specific model. For example, a Delos or Kleos cantilever will not even fit into an Etna body.

Rather than trying to standardise on the majority of the parts, historically I've preferred to design custom parts for each cartridge model, so that each model can be uniquely itself.

Historically, Lyra has never done retips, as the suspension characteristics change over time, and doing a retip on a suspension with altered characteristics will not result in as-new performance (which is what we always strive for). Rather, we do full rebuilds or replacements with new cartridges - new replacements in most cases, rebuilds if the customer specifies that they want the same exact cartridge body. This gives us a chance to include any model improvements which may have been introduced during production.

A rebuild means that the cartridge is taken completely apart, inspected internally, deep-cleaned, and usually all of the parts other than the cartridge body will be replaced with new components, and even the cartridge body may be repolished and re-silkscreened if it has scratches or scuffs. For what it is worth, it is more work for us to rebuild a cartridge than build a new one.

Finally, Lyra pricing is determined by our distributors in each country rather than ourselves, and this is true for rebuilds as well as new purchases.

hth, jonathan carr
Hi Johnathon,

My dealer was told it would be quicker turnaround time
getting my Kleos rebuilt rather than using mine towards a
credit on a new kleos.

My dealer was told 10 to 12 weeks for the rebuild and
longer if I choose a new Kloes. My cartridge was sent back
this week with the rebuild option due to that being the
shortest turnaround time to get back to me.

Since you said it takes longer to do the rebuild, I am not
sure why my dealer was told getting a new Kloes would be
even longer. I would have preferred the brand new cartridge.

If you wish, you can get a hold of me at

Thanks for the clarifications on why a rebuild would be
necessary, not just a retip.It makes sense.