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Sagra by Eleven
HI Mdrone - I used the Sagra DAC in my home system for about 2 years.  IT is a very musical DAC with an R2R Ladder design.  Nicely detailed, good imaging, very reliable and slightly ( ever so slightly) leaning towards musical rather than analytica... 
DH Labs power cables
you ought to try their cry version - they are faster, and ( somehow or other) much more flexible, almost slinky.  
Shunyata Sigma V2 Speaker Cables .....your sonic impressions in your system(s)
I use and LOVE the Sigma V2 speaker cables in my system.  They were a major upgrade over the original Sigma speaker cables,  I find that these cables allow the system to reproduce tonal and timbral nuances better than anything else I have used.  A... 
Tuning your tubes
Tattooed - try moving the Herbies lower on the glass of the tube.  They do really work well and wick away the heat.  If you put them lower, some of the bloom returns and the treble is more in line with the rest of the audio spectrum  
what preamp goes best with mccormack dna 500, follow up....
I would absolutely look at the Backert Labs Rhumba Extreme preamp as being a great match for that amp.  Contrary to jafant's suggestion,  I would steer clear of c-j preamps - their output impedance curves are all over the place with changes in vol... 
Sweet Sounding DAC
To address the topic, I have used the Eleven Audio Sagra DAC (R2R Ladder DAC) for almost 3 years and found it to be on the sweeter side, non-fatiguing, but still dynamic.  It is a 1/2 width DAC ( which was desired), has USB, Co-Ax, and I believe A... 
Moving to a new home and need set up advice
Why not make him an offer for the existing setup?  That simplifies things for both parties.  
Rogue Audio. Reliability issues? Anyone?
My opinion, for what it's worth is that Rogue builds very reliable products of which I have owned numerous ones over the years.  Customer support when there is an occasional issue is EXCELLENT and fast.  Tube amps/preamps DO need some regular TLC ... 
New release - Shunyata Omega interconnects and speaker cables
Has anyone other than me noticed that MIT stopped producing new models and shows their products from a 2021 catalog on their website (https://mitcables.com/) and that they have only 6 US dealers left, 4 of which I have never heard of?  Just curiou... 
Digital XLO signature RCA cable : Changing one end to BNC
By all means - USE THE ADAPTER!  You absolutely do not want to cut that cable and put a different connector on it, particularly if it is not absolutely a 75 ohm BNC.  
Need HDMI Cable Input: Knowledge/Comparison Assist, Please
For the absolute best performance, go with the DH Labs Silver HDMI 2.1- it is simply amazing.  
Amps replacement
Take a look at the Gold Note PA-1175 amplifier - it is a wonderful amp, runs cool, sounds great, won't break your back or bank and will easily drive the speakers you have.  
To couple, or not to couple, that is the question
I had always thought that the best possible situation was spikes thru the carpet into the concrete ( at my house) floor.  With a LOT of urging, one evening I removed the spikes and replaced them with the GAIA feet from IsoAcoustics and realized th... 
Which wire for internal recabling my speakers?
I suggest that you check out the Audience Auric 18 and 21 awg wire.  IT is exactly what you are looking for in terms of quality of copper and quality of sound.  Happy Listening!  
Pass and electronic music
I have a Veloce preamp ( battery powered/tubes) that I have owned for 10 years and enjoy every day.  It takes app 6 mins to warm up the tubes and sound great.  The Gold Note is on 24/7, but like most european amplifier designs of late, they automa...