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845 Tubes, what's a good source in US?
I know that the Cable Company has KR 845 tubes available. 
Cables For Simaudio gear
WillieWonka - I would caution you to be a little more responsible about repeating (mis)information like you did about Cardas.  It is actually impossible for speaker cables to cause an amplifier to go into oscillation, no matter what the brand.  Th... 
Purist interconnect cables
Proteus was discontinued at LEAST 10 years ago.  There were no issues with it as far as I know, but it was replaced in the line, just like the Colosseus was.  Upon occasion, when a significant enough change comes along, Jim at PAD will retire cert... 
Shunyata interconnect cables experience
The V2 cables are a revelation. The added silver to the copper hollow tube design elevated the performance unbelievably.  Try a pair of Delta V2 and Alpha V2 from The Cable Company and hear for yourself what they do. 
An audio rack that really does make a difference.
Take a good long look at the Symposium Acoustic Foundation Rack ( or Foundation Ultra if you do vinyl).  Exceptional quality of materials and design and a very good looking rack (IMO) to boot! 
Hi end tube preamps, it’s all about functionality!!
Emerging- the marketplace for people with high quality home theater systems AND high performance 2 channel stereo systems is quite small.  Most in that arena have home theater Rooms and if they are really into music, also have a listening room for... 
Solid State Phono Preamp recommendations $3k-$4k new range
Take a look at the Gold Note PH10 with the PSU 10 power supply which comes in around $2500 for both.  EXCEPTIONAL phono stage- all adjustments are easily made on the front with display- multiple curves, loading, gain are easy and can be done on th... 
Flexible/Compliant Speaker Cables
I will also recommend any of the Audience AU24 SE or SX and or Front Row ( if you dare).  Exceptionally easy to work with and great balance, detail, dynamics, and soundstaging.  Absolutely incredible sound with extremely easy to use, flexible cable. 
What's the deal with Vintage Tube Service?
I have been dealing with Andy for more than 20 years.  He is the absolute best in the business for vintage tubes and is a very straight-shooter as far as tubes go.  He might take a week or 10 days to ship , but when you get the tubes, they are per... 
What makes differences in cables made in same materials? SVS and Audio Envy
HI Talkskiwon- there are a LOT of factors that go into a cable other than just that it is copper.  How many strands and what size are they, what is the gauge, what is the purity of the copper, what is the dielectric, what is the geometry of the wi... 
Looking to upgrade a new cart to my TT
I agree with Chakster- the better Dyna is the way to go 
High Powered Holographic Amplifiers
Get a McCormack DNA500 and have SMC do their upgrades on it and you will have holographic sound that you won't believe.  This is a fantastic combination- enjoy! 
Interconnects that the shield MUST NOT connect to RCA shell, but to isolated ground wire??
HI Dean- any well made, shielded phono cable (Cardas, Synergistic Research, Shunyata Research, Analysis Plus) will be made the way that Sutherland specifies.  BTW - The Little Loco is an EXCELLENT phono stage! 
support for heavy PC?
RSJM80- here is a NO-cost way to accomplish what you need to do.  Shut off the breaker for the outlet, take the cover off and rotate the outlet 180 degrees so the ground pin is at the top.  That way the ground pin handles all the weight of the cab... 
Analysis Plus Silver Apex Speaker cable
HI Joe- give the Silver Apex cables at LEAST 150 hours to fully break in.  The top end is lively, but not out of proportion with the rest of the frequency spectrum.  Your patience will be rewarded!As for Erik's comments- the Silver Apex IS a new d...