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Need HDMI Cable Input: Knowledge/Comparison Assist, Please
For the absolute best performance, go with the DH Labs Silver HDMI 2.1- it is simply amazing.  
Amps replacement
Take a look at the Gold Note PA-1175 amplifier - it is a wonderful amp, runs cool, sounds great, won't break your back or bank and will easily drive the speakers you have.  
To couple, or not to couple, that is the question
I had always thought that the best possible situation was spikes thru the carpet into the concrete ( at my house) floor.  With a LOT of urging, one evening I removed the spikes and replaced them with the GAIA feet from IsoAcoustics and realized th... 
Which wire for internal recabling my speakers?
I suggest that you check out the Audience Auric 18 and 21 awg wire.  IT is exactly what you are looking for in terms of quality of copper and quality of sound.  Happy Listening!  
Pass and electronic music
I have a Veloce preamp ( battery powered/tubes) that I have owned for 10 years and enjoy every day.  It takes app 6 mins to warm up the tubes and sound great.  The Gold Note is on 24/7, but like most european amplifier designs of late, they automa... 
Pass and electronic music
Hi Bluorion - while Pass and Klipsch will absolutely sound great, you should keep in mind that a Class A amplifier is not designed to run 24/7 and Pass amps in particular take about 30 minutes to warm up and sound their best from a cold start. As ... 
High Fidelity Cables?
High Fidelity Cables left a LOT of unfilled customer orders when they closed the doors.  Rick might be a wonderful designer, but he obviously is not a good business man - this is the second go-round, the first being Virtual Dynamics.  Maybe he is ... 
Best server to house Roon and 4 TB of music feeding DCS Vivaldi Upsampler and Dac
I will second the Wolf.  I have a Luna R server with 4TB onboard and it can handle as much external storage as you might want.  Dead quiet, wonderful sound quality, exceptional support for Joe P - you cannot do better!  
Hi-Fi Tuning Fuse Holder
A word of caution- make CERTAIN that the HiFi Tuning Breaker WILL fit your panel as it is NOT a universal fit type breaker.  
Amp Options - Infinity Kappa 9s
I would look around for a used McCormack DNA 500 for the Kappas.  
Warm Tube Amp(s) to Tame Hyper-Accurate Speakers?
hold on a second... what speaker cables are you using to connect the 275 to the Spendors?  That might make all of the difference in the world here.  Let us know before doing anything drastic.  
Cable Quality vs Customer Service
Hi Guakus - I feel your pain.  There certainly should have been better, more frequent communication from the manufacturer.  HOWEVER- it should also be noted that headphone cables are a major PIA - there is nothing standard about the connectors at ... 
Harmonic Technology Magic Link soldering issues
OK - the issue is that the solder is the "lead-free" solder which is still a requirement in some parts of the globe.  It has almost zero flexibility and will fracture quite easily.  If you take it apart and solder using some decent (WITH lead) sil... 
Phono cables
HI Mark, Sounds to me like you have a ground loop issue on the phono that somehow or other the Aural Thrills phono cable is masking, since you have  tried many other phono cables with the same issue.  Fix the problem first, THEN look at another p... 
Pre amp discussion/ recommendations sub $10k
I would take a strong look at the Backert Labs Rhumba Extreme ($7500).  Excellent tube pre with a green power supply.  Superb micro and macro dynamics, exceptional tonal character, auto biased tubes, remote, dual outputs and meets your input requi...