Looking for a Nice Simple Good Sounding Preamp...

I`m looking for a preamp with two RCA inputs, one for a Phono Stage and one for a CD player that has two outputs to drive the amps and that`s it.
I like the idea of something like the Lightspeed but I`m not sure it will work for me.

To help, here`s what I`m working with:
I have Revel F52 (87.5db) speakers powered by a 90/100 watt Rogue ST90 (KT120`s) tube amp.
I`m using a Dayton SA1000 amp to power a Revel Ultima Sub-15 subwoofer.
Currently I'm using a PS Audio GCPH phono stage straight into the Rogue and I`m liking it alot but I want to try other Phono Stages and most do not allow straight to amp hookup.
Also, I just bought a CD recorder to copy vinyl with that`s why I need two inputs.

If the Lightspeed won`t work, what will thats along the same lines...Nice Simple and Good Sounding ??

The Emotiva XSP-1 preamp gets rave reviews, has 30 day in-home trial, and 5 year warranty. $899....

Nad C165BEE is another option, and Parasound is coming out with the P5 this summer.
Thanks RW but that has alot going on there.
I don`t want to be paying for features that I`ll never use.
Check out SAS Audio lab
The Rogue Audio Perseus has what you are looking for,except it has four inputs,I don't think you have much choice finding a preamp with a phono and one high level input.Manley makes the Stingray with that option but it goes for $8000.You can use a simple Y adapter on the output of any preamp to run a sub !
Try this toy: http://www.violectric.de/Pages/en/products/ppav600.php
Thanks Yogiboy but I`m not looking for a full function preamp like the Perseus, in fact I`m watching diligently for a nice used Rogue Ares phono stage to pop up.

Marakanetz, I don`t think that would work as it doesn`t appear to have inputs for a CD player.

What about DIY. Something to think about.
Check out dehavilland ultra verve, several reviews....happy owner disclaimer....
Guys..thanks for pitching in,really, but the 'little light bulb' just turned on !

Seeing that I really only listen to vinyl and always have (aside from a year or so way back in the mid 80`s).

It seems to me that I can use the Lightspeed and simply unplug the phono stage from it and plug in the CD player whenever I want to, no need then for another switch box/preamp in the system.
Does that sound reasonable ?
Two RCA inputs, two outputs, and that's it. I don't have any experience with their products, however, here it is.


If you google "passive preamp" some similar units can be found.
Scm I think that sounds reasonable. It is what I do. Just unplug the phono section and then plug in digital for those rare times I listen to it.
I agree with the NAD C165Bee but also the B&K PT-3 MkII. The B&K can be found for as little as $125.00 to $250.00 and to me, either is a bargain.

Also another good budget choice is the Parasound 2100.

The Luminous Audio Axiom appears to be a nice little piece of gear.
Try an Art Audio Alana. You can get it with three inputs. You could have one input converted to a built in phono preamp.
another very simple device is the placette RVC or preamp if you need more ins and outs. i'm using the RVC - i had it factory equipped with two inputs - and it is VERY good sounding (replaced far more expensive preamps from the likes of pass labs and aesthetix).
Scm hi, I manufacture the Lightspeed Attenuator, looking at your PS Audio phono stage there is no problem feeding into the Lightspeed,being solid state with gain switchability.
Also your Rogue Audio poweramp is high input impedance this is also a great match for the Lightspeed Attenuator.

Cheers George
I thank you Gents again for all the suggestions. I now have another different phono stage while I`m waiting for a used Rogue Ares to pop up. It`s the Jasmine..sounds pretty good to me.
Anyway..like anyone else I want the cleanest signal and George, the Lightspeed looks tempting. Any new versions on the drawing board with multiple in/outs by chance ?
Hi Scm, I've lost the countless times I have been asked this question. The Lightspeed Attenuator is all about no contacts in the signal path. And input switching goes against this in a big way.
I did once make one that I believe is the closest to no contacts in the siganl path using Mercury Wetted relays for the input switching, but as you can imagine these are not good for the environment or ROHS certified and will soon be outlawed.
As for new versions none as yet but I'm working on it, but a Mk III Lightspeed Attenuator when/if it comes out will be retro fitable to all MkII, there are no MkI left (except for clones) these were all converted to MkII years ago.

Cheers George
I would seek out a Rogue pre-amp.