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Tube Amps With Good Bass Qualities
Yes on the Rogue. I had the ST90 with KT120`s and still have (albeit being sold) the Rogue Atlas Magnum also with KT120`s.Loved both ! AND... Rogue has a nice upgrade path too. In fact I`ve toyed with the idea of sending my Atlas in for an upgrade... 
Why so underwhelmed by Revel F208 audition???
I have the F52`s and they sound great ! It`s nice to be able to adjust for room boundaries and treble output too. 
Speaker Volume
How loud are you listening in db`s ? Down load an app like SPLnFFT or NIOSH SLM and get real time measurements. That will show exactly how loud your listening levels are.  
GIK Acoustics summer contest!
In more ways than one :) 
Remote Control (Passive) Preamp
Tortuga Audio 
Best place to sell an amp.
I agree, CL has a lot of 'Bottom Feeders'.  US Audiomart seems to have a lot too, at least from my perspective.I have a super clean, very nice Rogue Audio Atlas Magnum tube amp with pictures listed over there for well over a year now.I seem to get... 
Tortuga Preamps  
Tortuga Preamps
Love my Tortuga ! 
Audiomods Tonearm.....
The break in period is for real ! It's amazing how much the sound changes as it gets some time on it..... 
Best SS amp choice for Zu Omen
The  Rogue Audio Sphinx V2 Integrated as has been mentioned is well worth the extra couple of dollars.Some feel that the phono stage alone is worth the price !Will have plenty of head room for your Zu`s no doubt. 
Serious Passive Preamp question
Love my passive...Checks all the right boxes :-)  
Duelund DCA16GA
@grannyring ... I`m using a 300 Watt per Chanel SS amp.My speakers are Revel F52`s the published specs show an efficiency rating of 87.5 db6.5 Ohm nominal 3.5 Min @ 373hzI was using a 6Ft length of cable run using the Duelund. The MIT`s are  8 Ft... 
Duelund DCA16GA
@slaw...Maybe maybe not as to break in, but I don`t see a 200% improvement down the road with them either. 
Duelund DCA16GA
I gave them a shot but for MY setup it was a No-Go.I let them 'burn in' for about 12 Hrs. The very first thing I noticed was the bass didn`t have the oomph/weight that I`m used to.They weren`t as revealing as my old cables either and didn`t have t... 
Duelund DCA16GA
grannyring...I`m actually thinking that maybe the 16ga is a better fit for my speakers.With the bass handled by 3- 6.5" woofers in each speaker I wonder if the thinner (16GA) would help in not over dampening them for a little fuller bass.Just a ...