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Preamps can color sound considerably. Surprising?
@condosound..  "scm: Thanks re Tortuga LDR, I’ll try to listen to it sometime. But it needs external power, and so it is not truly passive. I have a 12 VDC battery-powered Dodd Audio preamp which is not passive, but it’s absolutely silent. Can yo... 
Preamps can color sound considerably. Surprising?
The Tortuga is not your average passive you need to hear one. The LDR approach is what sets it apart from other passives. Absolute Sound thought highly of it. I have tubes in the mix in my phono stage  
Preamps can color sound considerably. Surprising?
The cleanest sounding preamp to me is my Tortuga Audio LDR, total clarity and measures poorly according to ASR 😎  
Best 12AU7 Type Tubes for a Preamp
This thread got me thinking about a pair of Viking RP61 tube preamps that was given to me from an estate some 20 years ago. Also included was a McIntosh MC240 amp and a MC20 preamp. I was given a nice Kennedy tool box with quality tools in it too ... 
Single vs Bi-wire Speaker Cable
My Revel`s wiring diagram wants the amp connected to the 'HIGH' terminals.  
Amazing Cartridge Repairs by Vinyl Audio Science!
Same here with VAS, pics and a couple of videos playing music and I didn`t have to request them.  
Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark
Same kinda thing happened to me but with a coffee machine. I bought a 'Swiss Made' Jura but what I received was made in Portugal. Same thing, touting Swiss made and all that.  I wasn`t too happy about it at all.   At least it wasn`t made in Ch... 
New mat for Rega P6?
Double sided tape fixed the 'Static Cling' of my P10 matt 👍   
How many turntables have you owned?
Make it 11...I forgot a Thorens TD 160 I had  
How many turntables have you owned?
Honest Experience on Effects of Subwoofer Please
@mijostyn So you aren`t running the mains full range then right ? Are you using a high/low pass filter on one of the subs ? By stereo array are you running L&R to each sub ?High level ? I have 3 musical subs... 2 - HSU ULS-15 MKII`s and a R... 
Honest Experience on Effects of Subwoofer Please
@b_limo  When you say 100Hz is that where you have your sub crossover set to ?  
Best Phono Stage
ModWright PH 9.0X  
Local pick up only…
Just mailed out a phono stage yesterday using UPS. I paid for $2k insurance, was told that they would not be responsible for any damage incurred during transit and the item would have to be lost or stolen or whatever in order to file a claim ! T... 
Stylus Cleaning Rituals
I use a thin sliver of Magic Eraser and just barely touch the stylus before each side. 15 years on and no problems.  The stylus is spotless . I also US clean all albums I play and brush each side off  before playing I sent a cartridge in to one ...