Isolation Platforms under Line / Power Conditioners ..any thoughts ?

I am a Harmonic Resolution fan and have my equipment on them with very good results. Is it worth the expense of putting one of these under an 81 lbs line conditioner ? Would it really make any sonic improvement ? Let me know and thank you in advance.    
The only way to know for sure is to try it.
With that said I have large brass Audio Points under my two Isolation Transformers (over 100 pounds each) and there is improvement.
Yes I think you will hear improvement however I'm not sure whats the best product to use.
Why not try isolating the power conditioner with Super Stiff Springs? Springs are very cost effective.

Geoff Kait
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isolation and resonance control

I haven't heard any component, power conditioner/regenerator or otherwise whose performance is unaffected by resonance/vibration control.  In my experience, any time you can mitigate resonance/vibration you realize an improvement in sound.  I have Black Diamond Racing puck/cones under my PS Audio Premier regenerator.

Agree with geoffkait that you don't have to use a fancy (read expensive) audio tweak.  There are materials available at Lowes/Home Depot that can yield a desirable effect.

IMHO  ALWAYS do what you can to reduce resonance/vibration in your components.  This includes modifications to the interior of a component as well the exterior.  
Look at Symposium Ultra Stealth top for best sound i have 2 Audience 6TSSDOX units on Symposium custom amp stands .
I just experimented with this last week. I found X 4 Herbie Audio Lab Superior Decoupling Spikes lying around in my storage room from a previous project.

The idea of wanting to implement some form of isolation on my Torus Power RM20 Iso Trans has been rattling around in my head for quite some time since it's always just been sitting on the floor supported by its factory rubber feet.

Well I ended up placing those X 4 Herbie feet (points up) under the Torus RM20 and started listening casually at first then more seriously later.

In the end, if someone twisted my arm hard enough I think I would be comfortable saying that the feet made a slight difference for the better in terms of center image stability and focus. thinking is and pardon my spelling on this if I am wrong   - any toroidal transformer in which the conditioner I have has a significant one .....there is a hum, there is mechanical vibration and any suspension, vibration control or product that can harness that energy has to come out in the sound being better overall as well as being more focused   
When I moved my isolation transformers off the floor, onto my Billy Bags rack, the sound seemed to improve. 
If you want to go an inexpensive way, try four or six hockey pucks.
If you want to go a more expensive route (and probably much better) give Star Sound Technology a call:
x2 starsound .Robert is a way nice guy ,I am using his audiopoints and the difference is not subtle.I would place it on a plate steel like 1/2" thick with 2" audiopoints or just run the points under the unit  .Steel is like 50 bks plus the audiopoints( 3or4 ). Just my opinion get it off the floor though ..

I have a PSaudio P10 with their Power base underneath it and it made a difference for the better.

My Blue Circle Thingee is packed with silicon in a PVC pipe and has all the vibration control I could ask for. 
I hope.

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try and re-eval. On a very few occasions have I seen a PC in some kind of rack or platform. They have always been on the flooring of any listening room.

Happy Listening!
Many audiophiles decry allowing speaker cables to touch the floor.  Why would anyone just plop a component of their system on the floor?

One thing that my many years in this hobby have taught me is that vibration and resonance is the enemy of good sound.  Period.
HI,Hifiman you are 100% right truer words were never spoken.
You can reduce or virtually eliminate the hum in your transformer by using another power conditioning unit before it. Experiment.
I should have said "may......hum". PS Audio made a Humbuster for example, no recommendation implied.
I have found the judicious use of Sorbothane pads and cone an excellent, very inexpensive way to damp and eliminate vibration. A 1 ft by 1 foot Pad can be custom cut to add to or replace the feet on any equipment you use. Look at sorbothane's website and search the web for great prices.  If you dig deep enough you will find many custom vibration control devices sold  on AGon incorporate it in their designs
Forget about Symposium get the cheap stuff for mediocre sound.