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Looking for warm tube preamp (should pair well with Pass power amp), budget $6000
I have a Cary SLP 98 I can let you have for $2000. Let me know.  
Personally, I never drive anywhere in winter without jumper cables in the trunk.   
amplifier longevity
The one longevity issue that is universal is that you need to keep the heat as low as you can with plenty of circulation and a fan. Heat is the destroyer of electronics.  
Products you added to your system in 2021 that made most impact to your music enjoyment
Replaced Bowers and Wilkins 604 s2’swith Vandersteen 2wq sub with new Vandersteen Quatro CT’s. Incredible. New speaker cables, dual kinder kable 8tc’s help. But it’s the Vandys that sing.   Even to my wife.   
Do speaker wires have to be the same length for each speaker?
I've got about 200 ft of good 12 AWG cable you can have for the price of shipping. Some is cut in length. I have two systems set up with it. It works very well, I was running it in about 30 foot lengths. Ask and ye shall have. White color.  
Why do my bass drivers shake violently listening to vinyl
Write or call Richard Vandersteen. He is very responsive and has your answer.  
For SACD fans only
I have the OPPO105d with the Modwright modifications.  It is great.  
For SACD fans only
I have the OPPO105d with the Modwright modifications.  It is great.  
A Record Collection/Moral Conundrum - What Would You Do?
Excuse my many spelling and grammatical errors.  
A Record Collection/Moral Conundrum - What Would You Do?
I am a lawyer, Though in California. The law should be similar. You are in the wonderful world of “bailments”. When a party deposits property with another, an ailment is created. Look on any private parking ticket and it’ll say no bailment is crea... 
Hearing Aids
I bought the Costco Kirkland brand 9.0 aids. Excellent and inexpensive. Completely programmable for music via my phone. They’re made by Phonak.  One half to one third the price of others.  
BEWARE OF FRAUD with this member
 Create a bank Acct for use only for your web sales and purchases.  It will be in same bank as your regular account.  Moneyfrom sale goes into it and you immediately transfer to your regular Acct. PP only has authority to clawback money from your ... 
Top vintage receivers vs. modern high-end equipment
I have a Sansui AU 11000 integrated for sale here for $11000. And a McIntosh MR 78 tuner. Awesome powerful setup.  Either or both yours for the askingKavakat1 
What's the greatest bargain in audio racks these days?
My house has a crawl space, so I got under, dug and filled four holes with concrete, and placed 4 vertical steel rods in to set, after drilling four holes through the floor. Holes are larger than the rods so I could wrap Sorbothane around the rods... 
Isolation stands: snakeoil?
jbrrp1Please let me know that business's name. Im searching for a good used Minus K.