How to pronounce SACD?

It stands for Super Audio Compact Disc, but is it pronounced: 1. SAK, 2. S-A-C-D, 3. SAKed, 4. or what?
lol. How would you pronounce "CD"? I agree. s-a-c-d.
Actually, it is pronounced sahz-dee, (rhymes with "oz" - "flea") with the emphasis on the second syllable. Audiophiles and engineers truly in the know will respect you for getting this right. Thank you for raising this little known issue.
I bet he made that up.
Essay Seedy
I always thought that it was "sacked" like the one in Tobacco Road if is croaks.
"if it croaks"
Allways ask for it like S-A-C-D. Do NOT say SAK-ED, they consider that a paraphanailia so they will ask you to leave.
lol hesse seedy, homes. take it eesy hombre.
Tmartinjr: After your last comment, I certainly hope you don't need anything else. I, for one, would not advise you on which end of a soldering iron to hold.
I did not write the above comment, "fu*#@#+!!!!". I did start the thread, and I think I got the answer.