How do YOU pronounce...

Super Audio Compact Disc? Do you say the whole thing or
Super Audio CD or S-A-C-D? I drop the "D" and say "SACK"(I just woke up from a nap).
Sadie...I say Sadie pour us another round. btw, great thread & cheers lads.
I say S-A-C-D, but fortunately I don't have to use the term often. I have perhaps three in my library.

I'm mostly LP, but admit that CD's have gotten much better and so have the playback machines we use to spin them.
S-A-C-D. Not very catchy, probably why it never took off.
S-A-C-D. Not very catchy, probably why it never took off.
Jmcgrogan2 (Threads | Answers)
Unlike WYSIWYG. Now THAT'S catchy!
Essay seedy
Duke, are you saying the sound is "seedy?"

My dictionary says of seedy: "Disreputable; run-down; untidy; unkempt; prostitute filled area."

(Could be).

By the way Duke, you didn't bring any storms to Vegas did you? You know, like you did to New Orleans and Denver?
Super-Audio-CD. When people give me a strange look, I say "yeap, turns out that CD suck
I pronounce V-I-N-Y-L as "records."
its pronounced o-b-s-o-l-e-t-e
I pronounce it "dead in the water."

And I have 125 of them, so I'm entitled :-)

WTF, over.