How many hours weekly do you listen to your system

It seemed that back in the 60's and 70's more time was spent listening to music.Today with video games, cable TV ,computers and forums like this one less time is set aside for listening.
Our equipment costs much more then it did back then and hopefully it sounds better.Why then dont we listen more.
15-20, with varying degrees of focus on the music specifically.
I listen a lot! Probably 30 hours a week or more, about half of it is critical listening. I'm listening right now as a matter of fact. But my work allows me to stay home a lot.

I agree TVs have stolen lots of thunder from audio these days. Humans tend to favor sight over other senses. I happen to favor sound, but whatever.

I think the real problem is that quality of life at home has collapsed in recent years. One-upmanship in the workplace has people working a lot more hours than they used to. Home life isn't respected as much as it used to be. Now people seem to spend all their lives in the hamster cage, er, I mean cubicle, and can't have a big 2-channel rig stuffed in there. Oh well, such is modern life I guess! I hesitate to call it "progress" however...

I listen on average about 1 hour a week. But I enjoy that 1 hour a lot. However if I could I would listen about 4 hours a week. That would be enough for me. Work is a big reason for the lack of time the other is a motorcycle hobby. I am almost 53 years old. In about 2 years I hope to have more time and in about 5 years hope to be retired and have plenty of time to get 4 hours of listening in.
10-15 hours a week. That number will hopefully go up when I get my own dedicated listening room, which hopefully isn't too far off.......
We don't own a TV, so some sort of audio is going on in our house pretty much 100% of the time we're home. The big rig is on every evening and all day most weekends, table radio in the kitchen for morning and afternoon news, bedroom system all night, as we both prefer music to go to sleep. My wife does a lot of work at home so she often has the main rig going weekdays also.

I've been an audio primary guy since the age of 8 when my parents gave me an Arvin table radio for my bedroom. I've had some kind of system ever since, and gave up TV altogether 15 years ago.

4-6 Hours of dedicated listening.
Listen to music way more than watch TV. My wife tends to monopolize the remote (talk about role reversal) and favors "design" and "real estate" shows...interesting to me in limited doses. Listen 5-10 hrs during the week. Another 5 or so on weekends. Sucky thing about getting old...I fall asleep! So not all those listening hours end up being that "critical".
I try to listen to a cd before bed every night; part of my routine for a good nights sleep. I try to get 3 or 4 hours of critical listening in also.
around 60 or more. i work out of my home and have the music on all day. after work, i go to my dedicated audio room for another 10+ hours a week of dedicated listening.
All the time!! I despise TV, haven't owned one coming up on two decades here so music is my deal and it plays often and always.
13-15 hours. 8 hours on weekends. One hour each week days.
A few hours daily give or take but I am home all the time, I just moved into new house so system is down for a bit but when it is hooked up it will be in a dedicated room for the first time YEAH!
I was out in our now Hobby barn tonight making cable lifters so I am going for broke one baby step at a time!
I listen to music about 20 to 25 hours per week. I have given up on TV except for auto racing and football. I can only watch one NFL game per week since that is all the advertising I can stand until the next weekend. I'm not a movie buff either. The time I spend with my 2 channel system justifies the money I spend on it.
20-35 hours a week depending on whether I can stay out of the office on the weekends.
Who are all these people that are home all the time????? How does that work?
I listen about 14 to 20 hours per week. I would listen more if I had the time. I can't listen at work simply because I love music so much, it would distract me into listening. I am not a music as wall paper listener. In addition on the weekends I play guitar for at least 4 or 5 hours and compose/record/produce original music.

All the above keeps me sane and so far, healthy (knock on wood, tapping head, of course).
I think some work from home which would be great, some are retired and others (me) are disabled.

In our case my wife is a pastor and we live next door to the church. She has office hours when she needs to be there, but the rest of the time she prefers to work at home as there are less interruptions. The cordless phone signal from the church reaches our house, so she just brings the handset with her.

My office is only 2 blocks from our house, so I walk to work and sometimes, like today, I can come home for lunch and crank the big rig while she's away. :-)

An average 10-15 hours.
But there is NO routine.
Tonight for instance - 5 hours.
i listen approx 30+ hours per week.

but i also work about 55 hours per week.....6 days a week (1/2 days on Saturdays).....and i don't work from home (although i'm always on call).

i wake up early and typically listen for 1.5-2 hours before work (the wife is asleep) as my system is in a separate building from my home (a barn). at night i have dinner and spend time with the wife but then go listen for another 2-3 hours before bed. sometimes the wife joins me for awhile and sometimes not (we've been married for 33 years and have 2 grown children).

i don't watch commercial TV except sports and the occasional movie in the HT. during baseball season i listen a bit less as a watch baseball nightly (or until the Mariner's are getting stomped).

Saturdays is typically 2-3 hours in the morning and another 3-4 hours afternoon or evenings. Sunday can be 2-3 hours or maybe up to 10 depends on what the wife is up to and whether it's football season (Direct Ticket on Directv).

if guys are over for a listening session it can be an all day thing.

i do spend time on the laptop while listening about 60% of the it's not always 'just' listening.
For serious listening, I'm at 3 to 8 hours per week. Of course I've constantly got music on at the office, but it's in the background (Apple lossless mostly) I also run the system another 4 or 8 hours at home, when I'm working on something else, but that's in the background.

The 3 to 8 hours of serious listening is when I'm in the "sweet spot" really focusing on music.

5-10 hours per week, mostly on weekends only.
Back in the day I spent every extra hour listening to music.
If it wasn't my system then it would be at friends homes.I would travel on weekends and after work to every stereo shop from Westchester County in NY to Southern NJ looking for the next best thing.Sales people were knowledgeable and enthusiasts themselves.Some shops had listening nights. Customers were invited after closing just to sit and enjoy the sound.It was fun.
Today,I am able to work at home so music is always playing However I only get to really LISTEN for about 10 hours a week,it used to be 10 hours on a Saturday or Sunday.
I'm glad so many of you enjoy your time with your music and to Mikelavigne,i'll buy the barn.

Great thread. I'd almost like to see a poll breaking it down into tube vs. ss users, and analog vs digital time.

My guess is that users like me who are tube and mostly analog listen less, since tubes's aren't always as condusive to leaving on all day for background music, and obviously LP's need to be flipped. That being said I probably listen intently 10-15 hours a week.

Most of my listening is concentrated on nothing else. I at times do read Audiogon or other sites or stereophile on my laptop while listening, but I really find it detracts from the listening experience. I almost feel guilty, in the sense that "why am I reading about audio systems rather than fully enjoying the excellent one I already have."

I also find that listening at a realistic volume on an extremely resolving system is so emotionally engaging, that I can't listen for hours and hours on end. For me it's so close to attending a live performance, where you are so entranced and engaged that I need rebound time. So it definitly quality, not quantity. Also fom me late at night is time I really want to listen, after other have gone to sleep, so it's not an ideal time to make it loud. I often work from home and can take time to listen for an hour or so and really turn it up during the daytime. But I cant listen that long. I used to do alot more backround listening than I do now, but that could stay on for hours with the emotional drain I find with dedicated listening.

An example is a Billy Joel Turnstiles white label promo I recently listened to. With my current Raven One table setup, it's so much like being in the original 1976 recording studio that it is shocking.

Also since I edit TV/video the last thing I often want to do after 10 or 12 hours of staring at multiple monitors is watch more TV (or actually mostly films on a DLP projector). High end music is just the ticket to help me relax. I often close my eyes.
Emailists, I am with you.
- background music plays almost whole day but trough in ceiling speakers and Sonos system.
- critical listining....main rig. complite focus and a glass of wine or scotch.
20 hrs per week, sometimes a bit more, other times a bit less, and periodically an 8-hr session. I have 5-day weekends. I'm lucky.
burning in some tubes and gear
now i'm listening a good 25 hrs a week
Normally it's a lot less
I'd say about 25 hours a week. 4 out of 5 weekdays i fire it up upon walking through the door at 5pm and it's on until 8-9pm a couple hours of TV and its a nite. Sat/Sun as much as possible. About 80% background music while I am doing something else- 20% of the time I am focused solely on the music.
Definitely not enough...
Being retired I get to listen daily.The children are all grown and out of the house.The serious listening is on the 3 days a week my wife works.
On these days it's just me and my music.
Maybe 8-10 hours a week. I listen to classical FM in the mornings monday through friday for about an hour or so each day. And another 4 or 5 hours mostly on weekends. I'm getting back into enjoying more listening since I've recently bought some JM Lab speakers with a fabulous midrange. A newer CD/SACD player is on the horizon too!
Goldeneraguy ... I like your response ... it reminds me a bit of my own situation and how I work it
Typically 1.5 hours a weeknight. And up to three hours on Saturday and Sunday. So about 10 to 15 hours a week. This will increase a little if I ever retire...
I usually critically listen to at least 1 cd per night Mon-Thursday. On Sat-Sun I will listen for around 2 hours per day so I guess the total is 8-10 hours per week. However, my system or some other system in the house is pretty much always on streaming background music from my digital music library.