How does high-pass filter requirement affect system decisions?

I've been thinking about my Ayre AX-7e that drives my Vandersteen Quattro CTs (the AX-7e had the required high-pass filter installed by Ayre). Other than the obvious, how does that filter affect system choices?

For example, I'd assume the current-delivery requirements are reduced, the need to damp back-EMF is reduced, and perhaps the speaker cable characteristics change (since they are not carrying as much low-frequency, high-current information). Are massively overbuilt amplifiers really necessarily to bring out the best from the Quatros?
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I'm not sure it affects choices so much as dynamic range.

Since bass signals soak up most of the voltage swing, eliminating that from the amp's output means all of the voltage/power swing is available for the mid and treble. Also, the amp acts more "stiffly" than otherwise. Like you mention the high current requirements are reduced, so the power supply sags less.

In general, no, you don't need massive amps for the top part of a bi-amped system. As for the rest of the quality, I don't know. :) I mean I really like the sound of Ayre, but bi-amped, Parasound A23's may work just as well.



I would contact Mr. Vandersteen and ask for his opinion. There's nothing better than from the 'horse's mouth.
Glad you asked this question, as I'd been pondering it myself.  Doesn't it make sense that going bi-amped with Vandersteen powered loudspeakers is an invitation to go with tubes for the upper range?  I say this as a curious Vandersteen 5A owner with a SS McIntosh stereo amp in the mix.  
I think it gives you a lot more flexibility for experimentation. 

I'm very happy with my AX-7e. Of course, I'm interested what an Ayre upgrade would do, but I think $12k of new music would bring more satisfaction than $12k of new hardware. 

I do feel like my break-in process took much longer than expected (assuming predominantly the components downstream of the high-pass filter). When I bought the Quatros, I also bought Pangea 9-gauge power cables for each speaker, 2 pair of Audioquest CV-8 speaker cables, Audioquest Colorado XLR cables for all my sources (along with Pangea power cables) and an Ayre L-5xe power conditioner. Oh, and the new crossover capacitors dropped into the AX-7e. These probably all play a factor. 

It's interesting how loudly you can play the system without any sense of strain. 
@nrenter You mention getting Pangea 9-gauge AC cables for your Vandersteen speakers.  Did these fit the low profile IEC plugs on the Vandy's?  A lot of AC cords don't . . .

You now have a world of amazing amplifiers open to you !
i ran my 5A with SS Ayre, a 1961MAC 240 and REF 75 tube amp.
and I use an Ayre VX-R Twenty with my 7 mk2.

There are a fair number of Vandersteen dealers who are also Audio Research dealers, the pairing of Richard's speakers and ARC tube amps being a long-time favorite. I've heard that coupling at many shows, and at length at Brooks Berdan Ltd. and Optimal Enchantment in S. California.
Agreeing with bdp24 above.  ARC, Ayre and McCormack are three brands that have often been associated with Vandersteens over time.  And yes, many Vandy dealers carry one of those brands.  I'm still struck by my interaction with Vandersteen 1ci and Quicksilver tube amps.  There was so much there there!
Interesting discussion.  I am awaiting delivery of a pair of Quatro CT and am beginning to evaluate my amplifier needs.  In fact I started a separate thread asking for advice on amp/preamp options with the Quatro CT.  I wish my Vandersteen dealer also carried Ayre as I am intrigued by this combo.  They primarily pair the Vandersteens with ARC amps.  As much as I am pre-disposed to SS amps, I am curious about the ARC REF 75SE.  I am thinking that 75 watts might be all I need...especially considering the high pass filtering will be relieving the amp of it's deeper bass duties.
Randyhat, Vandersteen recommends 40-200wpc for the Quatro's, so 75 should be in the sweet spot-especially if you are high passing to the subs.
I think one of the nice things about Vandy's is that they play well with a lot of equipment.
I am in transition to an Atma-Sphere amp and preamp with the Treo's. I never used tubes before, so this is going to be a new realm I'm entering. After 30 years, I had to give it a try.
@goheelz, the taper on the IEC end of the Pangea Audio AC 9 MKII power cable allows it to fit easily. The downside to this cable is that it's very heavy and not very flexible.
@randyhat given the rolloff required for the powered subs in the Quatros, the difference of a few 10's of Watts may not be a significant factor. I'm over in Flower Mound (and I set up my Quatro CTs on my own). Once you know the "tricks" it's pretty easy to do. 

Thanks for the information. The dealer is going to set them up but I want to learn the process myself.  Is there a problem with the power cables that come with the Quatro? I am so tired of thick and inflexible chords and cables. I know this may be audiophile heresy but when I reconfigure all my equipment in my new audio cabinet I am going to replace any cable or power chord that cannot easily be positioned.  I know that cables can make a difference but I am tired of the rats nest of garden hoses behind all my equipment.  :-)  

We are neighbors. I'm in Denton.
No problem with the stock cables, per-se. I'm sure they successfully supply power. Is there an audible difference between the stock power cabled and the Pangea? Don't know. But the Pangea AC 9 MKII sure LOOK bad-ass, and isn't that what really matters? They're like a firehose connected to the wall. I could fend off a band of ninjas with a few swings of a 1.5 meter cable. Plus, I've blown $135 on dumber things. The AC-14SE cables are MUCH more flexible, and look a lot better than the stock cables. I have AC-14SE power cables connected to the rest of my components.
I ran the 7 mk2 for a long weekend with loaner arc ref75 se while the Ayre was back at factory w Twenty series upgrade.
really sweet amp !
i think if I had a smallish room at moderate levels without a lot of rock music and air conditioning it would be on my short list.
listened to some VTL monoblocks the other day that were impressive.
thanks for the info on Pangea cords.
I think Richard thinks highly of the wire and welded/ mounded connection integrity of the factory provided cord.. but is open to possibility that aftermarket cords offer.

@nrenter Just the information I needed on the Pangea AC cables, thanks!
I also use the Pangea cables, 9 & 14 se.