last try :) buzz in system

Buzz in system with Proceed I have a Proceed DAP CDD combo running through a Denon AVR 3300 for a pre amp. If I put the cd player on pause and turn the Volume up to high listening levels, there is a buzz. I thought it might be the cables (Apature silver) so I used az different set. Same thing. The amp I am using is a Mac MC 162. I thought it might be the Denon creating the buzz so I ran the Interconnects right out of the Proceed DAP right into the amp (you can do this because the DAP hhas a volume controll on it). THE BUZZ WAS LOUDER!! Took the DAP into the shop and they could not hear a thing. Any ideas? Gary
I had a problem with proceed AVP. Braqnd new out of the box. It had 60 cycle hum and I had the dealer com eto the house with another AVP and side by side we hooked them up and sure enough it was the first AVP. MAdrigal took it back and acknowledged htat is existed and mailed me another AVP. ANyway, if your item is new then send it in. If not, maybe still possible to warrenty it but first try using ungrounded connectors (convert three prong to two prong) on all units in rack EXCEPT one unit...anyone yoo choose. You may be getting a ground loop. Keith
When you state that you hear a buzz when you turn the volume up, how up are you talking? If you don't hear it when the CD is on (not on pause and not playing) and at a reasonable volume level, then you shouldn't be concerned. If you do, try using shielding interconnects btwn the CD player - preamp and preamp-power amp. Is this hum nonexistent with other components?
the buzz can be heard when the music gets soft at a listing level about 90- db or better. it only resonates when I am listening to a CD. If I have a movie going through the Denon, I can blow the walls off and on quiet parts, no buzz. It has to be comming from the dap. Also the interconnects ai use are apature silver. they have a mylar sheild in the jacket,and they are grounded. Is this god enough, or do I ned to go to RF blockers, or what.
If your system is on but not playing music, do you hear a buzz? If you replace the proceed with another CD player, is there no buzz? CD players give off a type of RF that may be affecting the connection with the JVC. Have you tried using a different input in the JVC? Hum, as you are now experiencing, is one of the most difficult problems to cure.
Sounds like one of two things. First, if you have cable TV hooked up to anything in your system disconnect it and see if hum goes away. It may be a cable caused ground loop easily solved by a ground breaker obtained from your local dealer. It more likely sounds like a ground loop happening in one or more components. Try the 3 to 2 prong AC adapter on one component at a time until the problem goes away, or you could use an extension cord to another outlet on one or more components to see if the problem can be minimized or go away. A separate circuit from the main system is preferable for this method. Some AC power boxes (Panamax, etc.)are sometimes good at breaking ground loops and eliminating this problem. One more thing it could be is RF (radio)beaming into the DAP or other components. Are you near a TV or radio tower? If so, you may have to change the afflicted component to solve this one, although sometimes a different position in the room or turning the unit affected sideways helps. I live in Seattle, and there's a lot of RF problems here! Let me know if any of this helps! --Tom
I have tried the turning of the unit and placement away from the television, still a problem (with different cables.) I will try the 3-2 prong method and see if that helps, also, no cable tv, just DSS. The buzz also presents itself when another transport is used. I can run direct to the amp if I want from the DAP.even If I disconnect everything from the DAP and just run it into the amp by itself the buzz is there. UGH