Feeling the Spirit!

For whatever reason in my crazy mind, the Norman Greenbaum song, Spirit in the Sky popped into my head and I decided to give it a listen. Oh my! I streamed this through Tidal from the original album of the same name and was very impressed by the dynamics. With the volume at a healthy but listenable level, the opening guitar about floored me. Give it a listen. It sounds incredible for a 1969 recording.
Recorded on analog tape, with all tube guitar amps and electronics, of course it floored you. Imagine if instead of the abominable streamer you heard it on vinyl.
"abominable"......ha! I suppose you're right miller. Regardless, it's a great recording.
Sorry. I know abominable is weak. It just gets to be quite the challenge to keep coming up with new and original mildly amusing slights. I will just have to bear down harder to keep the stream flowing.
Right in there with "Born to be Wild".

How about "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"

And just about any Jimi H. There was some real weird $hit! :-)

What slight is possibly mild?
More like sick to me.
At least I am glad you enjoy the music without any close minded, snide comments.

OP already said, "I suppose you’re right."

Your MDS is showing.

As usual.

Talk about sick.

And that is as mild as you'll get.
"It sounds incredible for a 1969 recording."

Good, reference quality recording started a decade or so earlier. 
For  R&R/pop, maybe a few recordings start showing up mid 60's?

It's also a pretty good album, overall. I picked up a really nice NM copy a couple of years ago for very little money.
The record danager called the best he's ever heard, Sinatra-Basie, was recorded in 1962. A truly fine record, to be sure.  

Those of us who spin vinyl know just how unbelievably good some of the early recordings can be. I think what surprises people is they know that back then hardly anyone had good home reproduction. Even the very best in the world back then, a lot of us today take much better than that for granted. So most people wind up just naturally assuming that since today's playback gear is so much better today's recordings must be as well. They are shocked to hear the reverse is true.  

The OP can chime in and set the record straight about why he said, "incredible." But I think in a lot of cases this explains why people would react this way. 
The opening distorted guitar caught me by surprise at how raw and visceral it sounded. I haven't listened to this song in years so I was rather taken aback by the quality of the recording. Of course I also am impressed by the old audiophile classic we all know, Brubeck's, Time Out. As for the difference between streaming and vinyl, eh, who knows. I think my rig sounds fantastic so I guess that's all that matters.

As for my agreeing with miller, my comment about "I suppose it does", have you not employed the strategy of agreeing with someone who likes to engage in needless argumentation as a way of getting them to back off? It was not my intention to start a conversation about streaming vs. vinyl. The intent was to discuss the quality of this particular recording which is why it is posted in the "music" category. If anyone cares to mention other quality tracks that surprised you, please do! 
Tom Petty, Southern Accents, the whole album is an audiophile masterpiece!
Ha ha. Only for those that can stand it.

"It’s only when you dig down into Petty’s albums in search of a philosophy that you come up short."

RS ’85

"We got a man on the moon.
More coming soon."

Not in his lifetime.
It ain’t nothin’ to me.

I'm going back to Alex North and Clint Mansell.
No offense to anyone but I abhor Tom Petty. His voice is way too whiny! "Don't wanna live like a refugee" Ugghh, makes me want to puke.
So much for, "If anyone cares to mention other quality tracks that surprised you, please do! " 

If anyone cares to signal their MDS, please do!
Oh, I see it's okay to express an opinion about the front end of my system but not okay for me to express my opinion of your music suggestion. I get it now!
Most of the old pop hits we listened to on a cheap radio back on those days are a revelation when remastered and played back now on a good modern hifi. Same true for most recordings from back in the first 10-15 years of hi fi 331/3 records. Quality recordings were novel then and record companies actually promoted how hifi their recordings were and high fidelity sold. It’s plastered right across the top of many records from all the major labels back then how special their sound was. And it was! It was the golden age of vinyl.  Except very few had the tools yet needed to truly unleash it during playback like we do today. Then over time it became less of a big deal and things diverged becoming more about the music and artists and less about spectacular hifi sound.
There are some great videos on YouTube about the guitar tone Norman Greenbaum came up with for Spirit in the Sky (a fairly recent re-recording was noted by the band contacting him to get the exact amp/guitar settings originally used in the studio).
When the song first appeared on AM radio it was unlike anything I'd ever heard....so catchy...never get tired of it; however, back in the day, I considered the rest of the album boring and was glad I never sprung for it.
Regarding old recordings, if you haven't heard Robert Johnson - The Centennial Collection you're missing something special.
The studio wizards have resurrected 1930's portable tape recordings and rendered them entirely listenable...by today's standards!
It goes to show how far the remastering/remixing arts have advanced.
Have his autograph!
great songwriter!

unrelated....drove to Tinley park, IL, FOR A CONCERT. 5 bands.
amazing show. Louden Wainright III , CAME ON STAGE, sang a few songs, I yelled “dead skunk”  he said” well, I’m glad I have one fan!”

  Asked me to stage front, , asked my name, dedicated dead skunk to his only fan :)

  gave me a signed photo also.
nice guy!