Entry level Phono Stage for Dynavector 10x5

Just received some gifts for the Holidays. Among them was a Dynavector 10x5. Well its blown me away. It has really just given me what I have been looking for since I stared this hobby.

Well I am thinking about grabbing a stand alone phono stage. I am using the internal one in my preamp. I am wondering if the Dynavector or the Jolinda phono stage would be a big upgrade.

I am also wondering which to go with. Obviously it makes sense to go with the Dynavector because of how much I already like the cart they produce. That being said some say the MM is really just ok. Its the MC that shines and of course I would use the MM because the 10x5 is a HOMC.

Question is what would be a better choice? Should I just keep what I have? Any thoughts from people who have used these combinations. Or am I better off just keeping what I have and do and upgrade in the future?

I am buying used and don't see upgrading the cart anytime in the near future.
I am also wondering which to go with.
Obviously it makes sense to go with the Dynavector because
of how much I already like the cart they produce. That being
said some say the MM is really just ok. Its the MC that
shines and of course I would use the MM because the 10x5 is

Great cartridge. I have one too. Not sure what you mean by
this. Are you saying that the MM performance on the
Dynavector pre-amp is just OK but that MC really shines? If
so, who is saying this? This pre-amp has a series of of dip
switches to determine proper loading for any given
cartridge. If values are selected properly, then then pre-
amp should shine with either type of cartridge.

I run my 10X5 through a $200 Pro-ject Phono Box S that gives
me amazing results. It also allows for full cartridge
loading too and am more than pleased.
Correct. Saw some posts saying the MM stage was average. That most of the effort went into the MC and phono enhancer which are designed for LOMC. While doing research came across this view several times on pink fish media. Several of the professional reviews seem to use the LOMC to review the phono stage.

Was just hoping to get some people who have used a Jolida or dynavector with the 10x5.

The better you phono, the better your sound. I've seen such a HUGE difference going with a Heed Phono pre...I listened to many of the lesser cost ones as well as the higher ones and the Heed blew it out of the water. I may even be selling it to upgrade to the balance Ayre as I have Ayre gear and I now realize how MUCH difference a GREAT phono stage will make. I know that Audio Connection sells these Heeds. they aren't well known, but it's better than Clearaudio's lower priced units to my ears and many others I know. I will say that someone came over to listen and he said he was much better and musical than his and his was a well known unit that cost him well over 1800 used. Call John at Audio Connection in Verona NJ and ask him as he is a big vinyl guy and knows what goes well with things. I think he sells your cartridge and would be able to help you out.
Thank you. I will give him a call. The one dealer in town does not carrier Dynavector.
IMO, a Herron VTPH-1 is in a completely different category than others around its used price range. It might be worth a call to Keith Herron to see if he has any used VTPH-1 units he has taken in trade.
I use a Dynavector 10X5 and I purchased a used Musical Surroundings Phonomena (new $600.00 used $350.00), it is a great match and very versatile phono pre amp. This is a great sounding unit that really lets all the dynamics and energy and all the sweetness and delicacy the 10X5 can bring shine thru. Blows the Phono Box S away! In fact all the $200-$300 or so models really sound un enthralling IMO I have tried them all.
dynavactor do the d75 phono amp - very dynamic - see my review
Mattmiller is right about the Musical Surroundings Phonomena II . I used one for a few years, and was blown away as to how good it sounded. The ability to adjust capacitance, and impedance broght the Dyna 10X5 to the peak of its performance

They occasionally come up on Audiogon.
Dynavector P-75 or P-75 MKII. Match made in heaven and a no brainier for about $400.00 in the used market.

Have you heard the combo? I am leaning that way but all the reviews seem to use dynavector up the chain mainly 20x2.I just want to know if it would be a waste to use the MM and not be able to take advantage of the phono enhancer.

Please share your thoughts. Not looking to upgrade cart anytime soon. Just got 10x5 and can honestly say I am happy with it. Not feeling that I need better.

Looking for a bit more gain not a ton just a little noise when going louder than my general listening level. It would also be nice to get a little better soundstage. Tone, bass detail and punch, musical involvement are perfect.
One reason that there is a focus on the LOMC is that the PE mode is a unique feature. I have quite liked it with MM carts. Though at the same time, you might be better off grabbing a phono stage that is MM only if you won't be upgrading anytime soon. Tone Audio loved the Lounge Audio phono stage which is MM only.
Still a match made in heaven Darkstar even if you're not taking advantage of the phono enhancer. I owned the combo (P-75/10X5) for a few years with great results until I got a hold on a NOS 10XGold L. Extremely dynamic as Lohanimal expressed. Also very quiet with bass detail and punch in spades. You won't be disappointed with this little unassuming gem.

Keeper for life as you move up the chain. How good? Well, my trusted P-75 is currently driving a Lyra Delos in my analog set up.
First question I have is what is your top limit to go on a phono stage? We all throw out what WE have or want to have....that's how any board works. Do you have stores near you where you can build a relationship and bring one home? Most stores have a few options and they know what goes well with the rest of your gear. Honestly, I"ve heard most of the names thrown out in this thread multiple times and some of the bigger 'names' I haven't liked. I don't think they went with the electronics they were hooked up to as I never heard their 'sound staging, imaging etc..'....they were dull, dry, one dimensional and just not musical...Some had black backgrounds and enough gain, but that was it. Only gain should be added. Where do you live?

You are really selling me on the Dynavector. When I do upgrade it would be up the DV line. Don't think it will happen anytime soon but if I do I could use the phono enhancer.

500 used is all I have at this time. I could wait for a while to get something better but Dynavector seems to have quite of few people who like it and I can grab it used within my budget.

Only one dealer in town. He really does not work with me so I have gone the used route. Sad but true.
A dealer won't work with you? wow..that's sad...what state are you in?
I think a better choice would be to keep what you have, save more money, then do an upgrade. In less then a year, after you've had a taste of the D75, you are most likely going to get the upgrade bug. So, set a goal for a used phono stage in the 1000 to 1500 range or more if you like, or go for a new Primare R32. The R32 is a very versatile duel mono design from Sweden, with a list price of 1500, but today I found out you can get them for less, as with most new audio gear, if you shop. Research them on primare.net or you can find them here in the industry directory: Primare Systems. In the long run, having any nice phono stage to settle on in the future will allow you to up grade or experiment with other cartridges rather than changing out phono stages.
Louisiana. Don't want to name the Town/City or everyone will know who I am talking about.

There is no bringing in your gear to see how it works with new gear. There are no home demos.

I bought speakers from this dealer. Later wanted to hear them with an amp they sold. They just kept demoing them with different speakers. I was not going to beg them. It was a simple request. If I can not demo stuff I might as well buy used blind and save money.

Almost every audiophile I have met in the area has had a bad experience. Very few are customers.
Louisiana. Don't want to name the Town/City or everyone will know who I am talking about.
Almost every audiophile I have met in the area has had a bad experience. Very few are customers.

Then whats the harm in giving out the name of the Town/City?
Seems to me you would be doing your fellow audiophiles a favor.

You might even be do the dealer a favor too. A little bad press may help him get his customer service act together.
Darkstar1, glad I could help.

Paraneer, well said!
I agree. a dealer like that deserves to be woken up.
He has been in business for a long time. I really don't like his service but I am not out to hurt the guy. He has a well established line which has a small die hard fan base here. I have been told that's the core of business. I have seen one user praising him on audiogon and not looking to start a fight.

His style is kind of brash. I pretty sure most audiophiles can decide for themselves. Not like there are many choices in Louisiana.
Darkstar, I'm from Louisiana as well - Lafayette to be precise. The only hi end anything we have around here is the Magnolia in Best Buy, but they have a very limited line up. I've had to order all my gear through the mail as well. I had the Dynavector P75 MKIII with the DV 20x2L that I did use in PE mode and it is a great phono amp. sorry I can't speak to the MM. If your in Lafayette pm me and maybe we can arrange a meet for you to test drive the DV. I'm using it in my secondary rig since I upgraded to the Parasound JC3+.
Last Lemming thanks for your response. I live in New Orleans but use to live in Lafayette for 10 years.

It's between the Musical surroundings Nova Phonomena or the Dyanvector 75 mk. I thought I was going to hear the Nova while tagging along on my girlfriends business trip to San Francisco but the salesman literally was to lazy to hook it up. I have really had bad experiences with dealers. I going to buy used. Wish I could at least heard the Nova. If I liked it it would have been.in my system already. I will pm you.
If you rally want an entry level NAD PP-2i works fine.
I have a dynavector 10x5 and Jolida phono preamp. I read a ton of reviews and I noticed many suggested upgrading the tubes. I used it stock for a month or 2, then changed the tubes to Tung Sol tubes, (which, incidentally are what come with the "upgraded" version). The difference was huge. I thought it sounded good stock, but nothing to go crazy for. With the Tung Sol tubes it really sounds great! I'm very happy with the set up.
Guys, if you are looking in these ranges, you really NEED to listen to the HEED phono stages. They are KILLER. I have one and it's used with an Ayre and Basis/Benz system. I have put it up against some major name amps that are well above what is being talked about in this thread and it was 95% of what was there (these are all 3k plus phonos). You can't get them everywhere, but I got one from Nick at Audio Connection at Verona, NJ. There are some other stores who have them too, but the Quasar is KILLER folks. I was in shock as I auditioned last week as I thought I was going to get a new 3k plus phono. I'm still in shock. The other phono's are a bit better, but not for three times the cost if not more. JMHO, but do yourself a favor and go listen.
I just splurged on a Parasound Halo JC-3+ to replace my Dynavector P-75 MkII. The Halo won't be in until next week and I haven't heard one, yet. I'm listening to the P-75 right now being driven by an XX-2 MkII. That JC-3+ better be one hell of a rig because the P-75 always impresses me.

That being said, after I get the JC-3+ in the system and I have a chance to do some comparisons between the two, I'll probably have my P-75 for sale for $400. When matching to a Dynavactor cart in PE mode, you can't go wrong with the P-75 for less than $1500.
Look forward to what you hear. I heard the plus recently and was in shock. I heard it vs their normal JC3 and they were worlds apart. Let it burn in big time as it needs it to open up the caps.
I ended up buying a Nova Phonomena used on Audiogon. I hope it will be a big jump. I should be able to sell it off for not much loss if it does not work in my system.

I also will be able to A/B in my friends system against a Sutherland PhD. I fully expect the $3000 Sutherland to be better than the Nova but interesting to see how much better. From my reading these are going to have two total different sounds. Should be interesting.
On the second disk after setting up the JC-3+. Wow. wow. Very nice. Can't wait to see what happens after the caps break in.
Yea the Curl is a nice design. Very clean. Honestly though I have put my Heed up against most of the 3k and under and although the more expensive ones have a bigger stage and more bass (usually), it's not by much and the price difference is so great, I'd use that to upgrade the cartridge and the system would then rock. It all depends on where you want your money, thats all. Glad you like your amps guys.
Maybe try to find a used Herron VTPH-1. It is an excellent phono stage compared to other used unit in that price point, significantly better than anything new at that price point. Or just pop for a Herron VTPH-2 and not worry about upgrading the phono stage anymore.