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Riddle me this....
It’s about phase and how the driver moves  
The new Linn LP12 50th Anniversary edition
@daveyf 250 wow that’s just crazy  
The new Linn LP12 50th Anniversary edition
60k for an airpax motor turntable… if it were milled from titanium it still won’t be worth that with a markup. The LP12 is a fine deck and deserves its place in audio history. The best LP12’s I have heard are by The Funk Firm and Vinyl Passion an... 
A Few Turntable Measurements using the RPM Android App
I have to say that the RPM app should be bought before you spend a lot on a strobe. I have the manual Clearaudio Device - its' good but the App is just so consistent and sensitive. I used a spray can lid to place my phone on when i use the app (fo... 
Maplenoll Ariadne Signature - Air Supply Question
I love that turntable    
I need Hign compliance cartridges
What arm? FYI not sure about the compliance but I assume Fidelity Research vintage MM's suit heavy arms. Ortofon SPU's are a classic choice for heavy arms. EMT cartridges. I found my Shelter 501 is quite low compliance and works veery well in th... 
Victor TT 101 vs TT 81
I used a company called Wilkinsons in Lancashire England for my tt101. They have a JVC museum as it happens   
Turntable Upgrade Advice
@mijostyn is spot on. Not only that but the Gyrodec can be upgraded with an Orbe platter. Bit of a forgotten deck - remember the Orbe cost the same as the SME 20 when first released. Not on ur list - Funk Firm Saffire is a superb deck. Don’t be sc... 
What are the audio differences you hear with turntable Mats.
@no_regrets I have read that the Vertere Mat and also the Ringmat go great with ur Linn  
Kumza Stabi S or Rega P10 ??
Can I just say that’s my experience from various auditions - I hasten to add I’m no authority and each to their own  
Kumza Stabi S or Rega P10 ??
Have you heard both decks? Very different sounding IMHO. I’m personally not a massive fan of either the Kuzma or Rega sound - Kuzma too dull and Teutonic - Rega to excitable and feisty.   
The first-best-last analog item you ever bought
My EMT 950e fully restored with TSD SFL cartridge  
analog upgrade suggestions needed
@jsbail  I appreciate you only want comments from Nottingham Analogue owners only, but i met Tom Fletcher and had a good conversation with him He much prefers MM cartridges, have you ever considered an MM? Secondly can't you upgrade to a Hypers... 
Pre-owned cartridge recommendations for $500 and $1,000
What is the arm compliance? It’s a parallel tracker isn’t it?  
@lewm I have no problem with any opinion you may foist 😁   I just think that fixing all parameters save a single component may well be quite futile - ie put an SME v on a Linn and it is not good at all whereas say a cheaper Linn Akito does work....