Do McIntosh dealers give discount on new models?

I am looking to buy the MC1.25KW monoblock paired with the C1100 pre-amp to drive my new B&W 800D3 speakers. I am looking to buy this in Hong Kong. The price the dealer is quoting me is coming to be more expensive give than what I can see is the US retail price for this combo of McIntoshs. Two questions:

1. Does this pairing sound ok? I cannot demo the McIntosh's with the B&Ws as they do not have a common dealer in HK
2. Should I be pushing the dealer for a bigger discount?

Thanks in advance.
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In the U.S. you can get a fairly good discount on new McIntosh gear from virtually all dealers. Of all the speakers with which I’ve heard McIntosh (I used to own a c1000 and Mc2102), the B&W brand is th
Agree you should get 10-15% at least if buying 2 or 3 items then 20% would be reasonable. 
For some reason, my full text did not get through. The end of my last sentence should be:
B&W brand is among the most synergistic.
Yes this is a great choice and the preamp in particular will sound great. I recommend you take a trip to Niagra Falls where there is a McIntosh dealer. Right now equipment is even cheaper in Canadian $ due to the exchange rate! Many Americans from as far as New York, and those in the Detroit and Buffalo area are doing exactly that!
Thanks all for your comments. I will not be able to buy from places that do not follow the UK voltage system as HK is a 200V, 50Hz AC voltage country. Please could someone also give me the retail prices in the US or Canada that the discounts of 20% are quoted off. I realised only yesterday inn my search that the retail prices differ significantly from country to country. The US retail prices I saw somewhere on the internet said US$12,500 per MC1.25KW and US$13,000 for the two-chassis C1100. I would like to close the purchase in the next 3 days.
As you seem to be in a rush and have never heard the speaker/amp combo but are willing to let others decide for you,  all I can think to say is "Good Luck"!
Hi, check audiogonn, they have 2 pair of Mc amps 1.25kw for 14,900 us in brand new condition. Save a ton of money!
When I was shopping last year, the Canadian dealers had much higher MSRP to reflect the exchange rate, thus, the discount rate was really no different than the US discounts. Maybe things have changed
Mcintosh amps have gone up 15% in Canada starting this month. The price of a mc462 is now $14k, up from 12k. 
All McIntosh products went up on 12/01/18.  5% I think was the increase thanks to new tariffs on key ingredients.  
I would walk in with cash and play let’s make a deal...    Pretty sure cash is king applies to the whole globe.      And shoot for 15 to 20 percent off.    
I’ve received 20% off on all my Mac gear without even having to try hard. With Mac gear holding its value very well and so many paying full retail, the loss is minimal if you want to sell. 
I heard your desired combo and then heard the speakers with a up the line Rotel. I liked the Rotel synergy more but it was under store acoustic conditions. I was surprised that I didn’t think the Big Mac mono blocks were worth the extra money. 

I’m not telling you that the combo won’t be perfect for you in your room. What I am saying is echoing the above advice to be careful and not buy on subjective forum recommendations alone. 

I think when when you get into the level of speakers you’re looking at, I would view the pairing decision slowly and carefully. 
Not sure if you have options but I would demand at least 15% and if not look somewhere else if you have that option.
Thanks very much all. I bought the Mcintosh mono blocks today for delivery this weekend. I got a good deal with all your advice on this forum. Have a good day all
Come on spill the beans....what discount did you get?  That was the purpose of your thread
I did get a 15% discount on the HK retail price but the problem is that the retail prices in HK are very high compared to the US retail. The aim of my three was to ascertain what the likely buying prices of similar equipment is in the US.
I just invested in a new McIntosh 8900 integrated and B&W 804 D3s as part of a wholesale system upgrade. I did receive a fair discount on both the Mac and the B&Ws.  I am in the U.S.

As as far as pairing goes, imho, I think these two product lines do it better than most, especially in their price ranges.  My system was just installed this week.  It sounds terrific now and once everything breaks in, I am sure it will only get better. 

I dont think you can go wrong with these two manufacturers.   

Good luck. 
thanks very much and I am looking forward to listening to my system this weekend.


Absolutely correct on the US buying power in Canada. I am just outside of Toronto, and had a guy drive up from D.C. a while back to buy a McIntosh component I had for sale. I gave him my original bill of sale(unit was about 1 year old) and he told me that even at the original sale price that I paid when I bought it new for from the dealer, It would have still been worth the drive for him. Go figure???

If you do not get a discount on McIntosh gear , Its Trumps fault !
It’s been nine months since purchased and my office system sounds better than I ever imagined; dead quiet, great low end, natural sounding mids, and highs from heaven. I am ecstatic with the synergies. I can’t imagine you not being extremely pleased with your choice. 
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I bought the Mc MX 160 with 10% discount and the Mc MC452 with 25% discount. 10% discount is minimum for most Mc items.