Digital Amplifier Company aka Cherry Amplifier ...

Can anyone offer opinions/testimonials on these amps? I'm very curious about their sound and performance. They seem like an alternate version of the Class D amps by other manufacturers. 

Thank you.
Several things that would keep me away.
1. Not mentioned physical location of the factory or 'ships from'
2. Unknown company if things go down south 
3. Prices are up North nevertheless.

It seems that amps are assembled and tested in China where you can get same stuff 20 times cheaper from DH-gate or Alibaba. 

Spoken with such great authority that you would swear it is true, other than it is completely wrong. 

The amps are built in and ship from Pennsylvania. He doesn't just slap modules into a case and call it a day. So, no, you cannot buy the same thing 20 times cheaper from DH gate or Alibaba. 

I use the two cherry king on the tweeter section of my fully active Legacy Calibre XDS speakers. It works great for that. I have not used it for anything other than that.
I would ask the owner directly to respond to any of these questions joeinid or the conjectures from czarivey.

czarivery, how many Chinese made/designed amplifiers have their own proprietary Class-D implementation and are not just an off-the-shelf chip with supporting circuitry?  To that end, Cherry is already a good step ahead of all the companies that just implement ICE or other modules and call it "proprietary".

A big cost of an amplifier is the power supply, and their more expensive products do have big linear supplies.
They have been around 20+ years so more history than most boutique brands, and over the years, can't say I have heard negatives, but their reviews seem positive.
I have only heard them one at an audiophile meeting, but can't remember exactly what they were driving. I don't remember noting anything wrong with the presentation.
I’ve been reading through the Audiocircle sub forum posts but I wanted to see if I’d get a slightly different perspective here.

A friend turned me onto Cherry Amps so it got me curious. I’ve never seen anything bad and all very positive comments across the internet. Very inspiring. 
Ignorant people, like czarivey should be banned for lieing

Fortunately, those who actually know, all to politely corrected him

Without their correction you might have believed him

When buying from a manufacturer, you may have a greater risk of not being able to repair if the shop closes. The key in that is "may." How many large manufacturers support their gear for many years? Some do, some don't, and one never knows when a firm -- small or large -- might close or change management.

Regarding DAC's products, I've not heard them. That is how I'd judge. That, and, after reading some of the designer's comments on AudioCircle, I was impressed at how based he is in the factual world, not the audiophile world of magic cables and quantum effects; and at the same time, people rave about the sound of his amps. (Well, there's someone to rave about anything, but better that than complaints!)

His amps are "alternative versions" of those made by another manufacturer in the same sense that an Audio by Van Alstine amp is an "alternative version" of a Bryston or Classe. Same basic technology, but different implementations.
We all know the risks. I’m not the least bit worried about Tommy O.. 
A friend is planning on buying an amp from Tommy, so hopefully I can help break it in for him.  :)

My first priority is probably the Music Reference RM-10mk2. Everything has been delayed because of virus, but hopefully things are getting back to normal 
Very interesting company. I love their Demo routine. More manufacturers should do this. The Old TACT amplifiers were a very high frequency PWM design running at 90 mHz. Driving dynamic speakers they were excellent. Not so hot on ESLs. So, I do believe a switching amp can be made to sound excellent. Most do not. Certainly an amp of that power if decent sounding at this price would be a great value. If it sounded as good as say a Parasound JC 1 it would be an unbelievable value.
The only thing that bothers me is that this company has been around for a while and they have not gotten much traction. Why. If they are that good they need a much better marketing plan.
The TacT amplifiers with <500KHz PWM.

I get the impression from what the owner has written that it is a lifestyle business. It is self-sustaining and it pays his bills. Not everyone dreams of being a tycoon. Home audio is a diverse enough business that "grow or die" does not apply depending on where you place yourself.