VTL 7.5 versus Joule preamplifier

My system has one audio aero prestige direct in one audio aero amplifier PP 50watts classe A( kt88, EL 34, 6SN7), some times I used some preamplfiers like : audiopax model 5, gamut d3, goldmund 27, but every time I lose some thing ( usualy velocity, and microdetails) maybe with goldmund I had some more thigh bass. Now I am deciding to buy one preamplifier, I prefer one tube preamplifier( my bad experience with SS before), I have in my country one vtl 7.5 that I can buy, but I am going to New York next year and I can bring with me one Joule mariane 300 ME, because my speaker are merlin vsm mxe they combine very well with joule, but next month I will compare one wilson puppy 8 with my merlin (that is a fantastic speaker) , depend on my listen I will choose one of these speakers, so that another variable in my question. I would like to know if someone had listen these two preamplifies, or Joule 150( because Mariane 300 is very new) and is possible to talk about the diferences?
At those prices get a Placette Active new or used.
A noteworthy reviewer who uses a VTL 7.5 as his reference had previously used a Thor TA 1000 MK II. thor is getting back up and running with more production models due out soon. Currently upgrades to the former models are avaiable. Were it me looking for a nice preamp, I'd find a later model one and have it upgraded. The overall cost would be less than half of that of a used 7.5, and likely out run it.

The aforementioned reviewer said of the 7.5 v. TA 1000 MK II, there was no apreciable betterment in the sound in the VTL... simply more flexibility... but noted they did sound different.

All of these preamps are in the same ball park sonically. Some of the best there are out there.
The Placette Active is a great preamp, but with the Merlins using the BAM, an active TUBE preamp works better; few better than the Joule preamps (I owned the 150MKII, and now own the 150MKII SE - which is said to be more like the 300ME). Like Blindjim said, you not going to go wrong with either - to the point that I would base it on ergonomics and aesthetics.
Merlin/Joule is a combination I wouldn't mess with.. it's just fantastic.