Diana Krall, Wallflower

Has anyone heard this new recording? I picked up the CD today and just got through listing to it. I'm normally not a fan of covers of hits but, she and her team knocked this one out of the park for me. You're not going to hear her killer piano chops, or bass, drums, guitar or whatever else instruments chops from the musician.. this album is more about the songs. The recording is really good, too.. on my system, anyway. Looking forward to hearing some thoughts and comments on this recording. Opinions from Negative Nancy's and Debbie downers are always entertaining, too. It's all subjective.
Boring. She sings with a total lack of emotion
But she conveys the lack of emotion with such intensity. I liked the album.
I quit buying Diana Krall albums because I already have a ton of her stuff on both CD and vinyl. They all kinda start to blur into each other. Not a lot of diversity.

However, I did really like this one. I listened to it on Tidal a couple of times.
I have a couple of her CD's and like them .
I have always wanted to hear her really open up and let go with that voice though .
Best thing to come from Diana Krall is her great legs. Not a fan of her music.
"I have always wanted to hear her really open up and let go with that voice though."

No offense to Krall fans, I have a few of her albums but as mofi notes, it all tends to blur together. and Saki, she really doesn't have "full throttle", just very consistent and predictable, like a Toyota Camry.
02-18-15: Arh
Boring. She sings with a total lack of emotion

Wah, wah, waaaahhh!!!
No Mike, no song .
Every artist has their nitch that they fall into. I like and respect Diana Krall for not trying to please everyone by changing her style every five minutes. She isn't a pop or R&B, or country and western singer. She is what she is and stays within her vocal range.

Kudos to her for that.

It is easy to say that her songs sound the same. but I find that that really isn't true. If you leave and come back to her, you will find her music is quite nice all over again.

You know what you are getting with her. Good vocals, good background music. Good arrangements.

Same can be said for many others. Cassandra Wilson, Jacintha, etc.

If she isn't your cup of tea, that is well and good, but don't disparage her for her style and consistency.

I like it.
I liked her in the beginning (still like the legs), but agree, all the same and all a blur. I dont see her offering anything different. Check out Gaby Moreno. Now, thats different.
She is ok. Lovely gal. Nice recordings usually. Have not heard the latest yet
I listened to the album and heard the first track and thought, 'wow, not bad at all'. Then I heard 8 or 9 more tracks where she didnt even try to sing. Ouch. Yep... Diana makes my skin Krall.
Cerrot, I hear that ,compare and contrast to Sophie Millman,
a young Diva who, like Krall, doesn't have all that great of a voice, but who stuns you on every song by giving it ALL she has.
Sophie draws you in. Diana just does her thing.
Both tend to have recordings with excellent sound quality fwiw.
You guys have any highly recommended albums for Sophie Millman and Gaby Moreno? Would like to hear them, but on a good start. Female vocals are my first choice.
BTW, I do like to listen to Diana Krall, though I do find that she can get monotonous.
Mil, they are all good. I'd read up on some reviews on amazon or wherever and just pick one that sounds best. I like her first "Sophie Milman" and "In the Moonlight" best.
Thanks Mapman. I will get these sometimes next month.
Just bought a tkt to see/hear her in Wilkes-Barre next month, certain to be a great evening of live music. There is so much good, why do we humans feel the need to be sooooo critical? If you don;t like it, fine, keep it to yourself. Does it make you feel better about your life and yourself to criticize someone for their talents and choices. Sheesh. Humaniny can be UUUUUG-LEE. And a lot on display here, every day.
Bought the vinyl and it sounded terrific but I had to return it because side 4 had an unacceptable level of surface noise. They didn't have another copy so I went home with a different album. I will buy it again.....I enjoyed the total lack of compassion she gave to each song.....it was intense at time.
Raymonda... Did you mean to say "total lack of compassion" because that's what I hear when I listen to the previews.
Gaby is a bit tougher to find. She is on Hugh Laurie's album and there is a Christmas album available on idal. CHECK her out. My speakers love her. My amps want to divorce my wife for her.
Has anyone compared the CD version vs the digital download? Is the download worth the extra $10?
Yep....total lack of compassion.....sort of over the top dismissive approach....but it works for me.
Home from the Krall concert last night in Wilkes Barre. Stunning. Great performance, great band, just an all around great concert. She can sing, despite what some here suggest. She has a style, and I like it. A lot.
The Diana Krall Wallflower is IMO a secret weapon for the male married audiophile.

If you are ever in the doghouse put this album on to smooth over your better half.

I have the vinyl and one day I left the two doors open leading to upstairs as I was alone in the house with the dog.
When she came home she came down and said - Hey thats really nice....
The only way to invoke that kind of response in my wife is to put on Motown or the disco music from dating years.

imo - whether you like Krall's style and delivery is personal. Seems a split on this thread. I admit the first listen was a bit of "what the hell is this" ... but after the third listen its kind of growing on me.

very nice sounding from an engineering point of view.

Great stuff Rpeluso.

also thx for the thread recommendation on Sophie Millman
will check her out.

03-06-15: Raymonda
I enjoyed the total lack of compassion she gave to each song.....it was intense at time.

too funny...
I try. ;?) But really this album is an oxymoron. Serious...syrupy songs delivered dead pan and without emotional content. Because it hits the two extremes of the spectrum it works. If it were delivered with over the top heart felt emotion it would be corny. Done this way it is a work of art.

Works for me, at least!
Krall's best album (CD) is her "Live in Paris" album. I have audiophile friends who absolutely hate Diana krall. They don't understand what I see (hear) in her. Her voice is sultry, sexy and her phrasing is excellent. Yes, she is no Sarah Vaughn ... but who is. Also, Krall's delicate touch on the piano kind of reminds me a little bit of Bill
Evans. My audiophile friends who hate Krall also hate Bill Evans. Go figure.
Anyone who "hates" Bill Evans is just hopeless!
Tubegroover ...

I keep telling them that, but they keep saying that Bill Evans music is lounge music. I keep telling them top expand their musical taste. Go figure.
03-15-15: Tubegroover
Anyone who "hates" Bill Evans is just hopeless!
that would be me! LOL! :-D but i do like Diana Krall.
i listened to Waltz for Debby & just couldn't understand it! :( so i used 1 album to make that decision.
any other Bill Evans I should hear that might help me become less "hopeless"? thanks.

Oregonpapa, I beg to differ - her best album is her debut album "Stepping Out" followed by "When I look in your Eyes". Of course, my opinion.... ;-)
Bombaywalla ...

Try Tony Bennett's album with Bill Evans. An important
thing to remember about good jazz ... or any music for
that matter, is how important the notes that are NOT
played are. Miles was a master at this ... and so is Bill
Evans. It sounds odd, but once you start filling in the
left out notes yourself (in your head), you'll start to
really appreciate the more subtle styles of jazz. Diana
Krall is no slouch at this either on her ballads. Count
Basie was another master of leaving you to fill in the
notes. Again, on the Live in Paris album ... buy the DVD
and check that out. Joyful stuff.
thanks for the suggestions Oregonpapa!
Bombaywalla, to help you a bit with Oregonpapa's above excellent point I'll give you some "real" lounge music for comparason. I bought a CD of this guy based on a recommendation on this site and paid 30.00 for the privilege. Well recorded is it's only virtue to these ears and to date I still can't listen through it at one sitting it is so absolutely boring. I've chosen a cut from the album I have. Who knows, maybe you'll like it. If so PM me and I'll give you a good deal on it.


As an aside, or I should say back to topic, Diana Krall is coming to town at The King Center in Melbourne Florida in mid April. I'm going to try and get tickets if they are still available. She isn't my favorite singer for sure but she does have great legs, a pleasant voice and she plays decent piano, not a bad combination of virtues. I really love some of her cover songs particularly "I've got you under my skin". Maybe she will more so after this show.
Tubegroover, thanks for the link to a track from your expensive lounge music CD. Yeah, it's pretty awful! Sorry to confirm this.
When I want lounge music I turn to sky.fm (now Radio Tunes) & get my fill from that stream.

DK is also coming to town in April & I spent a reasonable amount on tix to see her. Let's hope it's a good concert.....
Diana Krall ... Live at Newport 1999.


And then there is the genius of Michel Petrucciani:


Saw her in concert very recently in April 2015. Overall I *think* I liked the concert but there were many times that I wondered what i was doing in being present in the audience...
On all her album covers she looks cold even tho she's blonde & is being sold to the public as a "babe". In person, I confirmed (to myself) that she is cold. I couldn't spy any warmth in her. I suppose that's just her personality - take it or leave it...
I personally don't think she's a good showman (i've seen better & way better) but the wife thought that she was funny. She was trying to be funny & managed to sound somewhat funny at times. The crowd just lapped it up. One guy shouted "I love you Diana!" & another guy up in the balcony area immediately shouted back "I love you more Diana!". That got the crowd laughing alright!
The video on the screen behind was from the silent movie days & IMPO was just weird!
The songs she sung were good in general but I really liked her delivery of Calif Dreaming, Street full of Broken Hearts & there was one more I'm forgetting.
She did sing "peel me a grape" but I felt that she butchered the song totally - nothing even remotely similar to the studio version (which is from here Love Scenes album, which i have). The entire thing about that song is her intonation & emphasis on certain words that really make that song. If you skip on those emphasis, it becomes just a lack-luster song [which is what this concert version was :( ]
I probably will not go back for another DK concert - been there, done that!

Should I buy Wallflower? Should i not buy Wallflower?? Like Raymonda wrote - the utter lack of passion in all the songs in Wallflower maybe makes it a work of art?? in a decision limbo on this album.
IMPO her best 2 albums are "Stepping Out" & "When I look in your eyes".
If you listen to Krall on her early discs and watch her in concert on her early stuff, she sound fresh and alive. Personally, I think her voice has gotten tired. It happens to the best of them ... although it usually takes longer. Case in point: Does anyone own Ella's recording with Joe Pass on the Pablo label?

I saw Ella in her last performance at the Hollywood Bowl. She appeared with Mel Torme. Ella's glaucoma was so bad, she had to be guided to the microphone. The voice was strained. It was warbly, it was weak ... but it was still Ella. I actually cried a little .. somewhat out of gratitude for her past greatness and the joy I gleaned from that greatness, and somewhat out of sadness for her demise. That's a night I won't forget. The last breath of a great song stylist.
Well, I saw/heard her show last month, she was anything but cold. Spoke with the audience, had a spontaneous chat with one lady, but why is that even a topic of discussion?

Any you? You come across as the old professor who knows all, so self-assured. So full of himself/herself. Not realizing no one cares, people see through it, wonder what you have to deal with that you are so preachy. They talk about you, or at least think about you if they are too kind to say it aloud. Its just too much. Your views are no more valued than anyone else's, but you are SO preachy.
Plus I do not think she cares if you do or do not purchase the recording. Nor do I. I am tending to really dislike this site, and what it shows about human nature. We take any and all chances we can to be critical of those who do what makes them happy, their passion. Happens in many/most professions, but this one (and a few others) get public criticism. Truly the worst of human nature. And why? And what for?

Have at it, if you must.
Well, I saw/heard her show last month, she was anything but cold. Spoke with the audience, had a spontaneous chat with one lady, but why is that even a topic of discussion?

Any you? You come across as the old professor who knows all, so self-assured. So full of himself/herself. Not realizing no one cares, people see through it, wonder what you have to deal with that you are so preachy. They talk about you, or at least think about you if they are too kind to say it aloud. Its just too much. Your views are no more valued than anyone else's, but you are SO preachy.
it's just a discussion & our opinions being voiced. Don't take it too seriously. Indeed I or any one of us can read too much into how DK acted or reacted but what one person sees, another sees it differently. The whole idea of the forum is to share these thoughts.
Looks like you are the really serious kind who takes every written word literally & personally. Take a chill-pill dude...

Enjoy the recording to your hearts content. Likewise, none of us really care if you do or don't.
You really didn't have to write that & get all offensive about it. Plus, if you didn't have anything good to say, you should have kept your mouth shut rather than going on the offensive. Now see what you have done - turned a discussion into a needless argument (& maybe even a fight)....
Yeah, I think that you should just leave & crawl back into your hole.....
Bye, Bye!
Good Grief!! How is being a critic of a performer or music in general a "needless argument" or starting a "fight?"

These forums are intended for people to not only discuss audio, but also to express their opinions.

Perhaps you should change your handle to Bombay-Waa-Waa.

Chill ...
oregonpapa, I don't mind my opinions being critiqued - no problem here.
I don't like being personally attacked for what I wrote which is exactly what Rpeluso did.

Did you read his 3 posts (1 of them is a duplicate). Read them & re-asses your post. Thanks.

My moniker stands the way it is - no correction required. Maybe you need some lessons in English comprehension??