Would like to find audio fans to discuss and compare systems. Thanks for your responses
Hi Fatman - I'm sorry to say that I hail from Evansville (kiddin' of course :-) Good to hear from you. I'll drop an email your way so as not to bore the group here. If the wires get crossed, you can reach me at tburn98@hotmail.com.
Regards ... Tom
I live in carmel and would possibly be interested in getting together and comparing systems, just email me if you are interested. gregmacknass2@netzero.com
Thanks, Greg
I live in the Browning Road area of Evansville. Please advise when/where you guys are meeting.
I am up at Vincennes is any one still there?

I am up at Vincennes is any one still there?

Stanwal...who are you ..Im in the Vincennes area and tried many times to start an audio club locally.
222b Dale Haven Drive. 494-2403. I am an advanced audiophile but most of my stuff is in storage but still have good system. Come over anytime as I have some interesting things.

Who are you? which of us really know what we are, I went to DHS before I got 4 degrees. Stanley Wallen
I have Spendors,and Gamut L5s. Gamut amp and CJ 350. They messed up my TT when I moved up here but trying to get it fixed,

Now have my good CD set up with a new amp. Still getting my LP12 fixed as the movers pulled the leads out of the arm.
Columbus, Indiana here! 
The Gamut is fine and I bought it on a free site. Will post it as soon as I can look it up. My memory has been damaged

I now have a Gamut 200 amp and a Metrum Hex. Sounds very good. I would like to have someone come over.

Never heard from you.

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I am in Vincennes. 

How ya doin' out there- stanwal ?
Just had a 6 hour brain operation. Used a laser and I was out the next day! 

Good to read that you are doing well post-op- stanwal.

Happy Listening!

Yes,doing fine. Just recently got a Metrum Hex and a Cambridge transport. Work fine. Getting ready to sell my CJ 350. Great amp but I am 77 and I can make do with my Gamut 200.Not rich but carful shopper. 
I like your pics in Virtual Systems. Nice looking room as well.
Talk Soon.
Are any of you still active? Let me know, I'm in the area.
still active where are you located