Diana Krall "The Look of Love" . SACD or DVD A?

Has anybody compared these two editions? I have SACD version and I love it. Is DVD A version worth buying?
I haven't, but someone else has.

SACD vs. DVD-A Comparison
I have the DVD-A and wish it were the SACD.
I have the SACD and wish it was Diana Krall!
I have Diana Krall and I would rather have the DVD or SACD.
Elvis, I'm telling on you :)
I have Diana Krall, but would rather have Elvis Costello (anyone but DK, please!)
Who's Who here!!!!!??????
this is an awesome string of responses!! Well done Wellfed for starting this ambiguity!

Not the responses I was hoping to get, but, hey Diana, if you are reading this(we`ve got your hubby`s attention, lol), I want you to know, that I`d rather have you , than all the SACD`s and DVD A`s in the world. Keep your responses coming , guys.
I want Diana in Vinyl, not on, in.