Dac to remove Digital Glare/ edge

What is the best Dac to remove digital glare/ edge on highly compressed 80's Rock and roll

In looking for help in the 2-7k hz frequency range

or another way.

A Dac to make crappy albums sound acceptable in the highs

do the filters do this? Or ?


CAL Alpha with a nice set of NOS tubes. Canare digital cable is a very good cable that I feel is not too revealing but gets the job done just fine.
What is the best Dac to remove digital glare/ edge on highly compressed 80’s Rock and roll
The very early Marantz that were 14bit rez only were good for doing this, nothing seemed to phase them. But you do lose detail.
Philips TDA1540 dac chip was 14bit. The Philips CD104 and Marantz CD74 used them, and many more probably.

If you download this massive list, and then use the search you'll find over 100 units that used the TDA1540 Audio Research among them.

Cheers George
Have you searched ’digital glare’ in the Audiogon discussion archives?

A lot of CDs of pop and rock music sound terrible because the studios master them that way (deliberately or by indifference, I have no idea).  This is evident when you hear the same music released by specialty houses that sound substantially better, which proves that a poor initial recording or degradation of the master tape was not the reason for the bad reissue.  You cannot really cure this problem by manipulating the signal without introducing all sorts of other difficulties.

At best, you can do what others have suggested by looking at different cables, or try some other tweaks.  One tweak that seems to add more body to the sound and make it less harsh sounding that almost no one mentions is inserting a line level transformer in the signal path.  A one-to-one ratio transformer would do the trick.  I know that purists/ideologues will scream, but, I am not the only one who likes some a lot of "iron" in the signal path (I own a linestage with input transformers and output transformers which feed an amp with complementary input transformers).

Possilbly a tube buffer between DAC and amp?

MHDT DACs have tube buffers in output stage.
You seem to be implying that these crappy albums are redbook CD not high rez files. IMHE the Schiit multibit DACs do a better job with redbook CD than most others and especially at their price points. Search threads and online reviews for Yggy Yggdrasil, Gumby Gungnir and Bimby Bifrost. The latter two you want the Multibit versions, the Gumby only comes in multiunit. Cheers,
What you need isn't a new DAC, but tone controls.. :)

It sounds like you have a specific idea of the problem. May I suggest a miniDSP such as the nano? It can apply correction in the digital domain, but requires a PC for the user interface.


I use an Electrocompaniet ECD-1 dac. It up samples everything to 24/192. Very smooth non traditional digital sound even on the material you questioned. Makes it very listenable. Used with a Empirical Audio coax digital cable ( a very under rated piece), IMHO a killer combo. If you feel you need slightly more warmth, use digital cables from DH Labs.
Using good cables across the system did it for me.

Perhaps the power cable on the DAC made the biggest improvement as far as removing glare.

But if your DAC has a good power supply, you might want to try some different  IC's
Do you only listen to HiFi recordings ? If not you need a pro audio dac . HiFi companies love to boost high frequencies for the illusion of sounding more dynamic ,sparkle Whatever verbage you want to add  . HiFi dac makers turn 75% of your music into unlistenable shrill . Sounds great with HiFI recordings .... 
I second larry's suggestion. I have an expensive player, and it sounds just plain ugly compared to my analogue gear. But, with isolation transformers on each channel, it is quite listenable, even enjoyable.

The trick is to use isolation transformers which attenuate the high frequencies, but not too much. I use car audio transformers: 1st Source GL100 Ground Loop Isolator. They are inexpensive.
Resonessence  mirus dac. Has 8 different filters on it. Three of them remove Crappy highs 

Chord Hugo TT. A bit on the dark side but beautifully so.
Beautifully dark is the best way to put it. Great for rock/pop/shrillness in vocals or upper mids in general, but still full of life and addictive.
I'm a 80s rock junky too!  The Meridian 808 players will tame the glare and leave the detail.