critics dynaudio speakers

Hello from Canrias Islands, Yonatan call me, and I read a lot for this wonderful forum ...

My team consists of the following components;
Dynaudio Confidence C1
Threshold S / 160
Opera Consonance Cyber ​​222 MKII
EAR 834P
Pioneer DV737
Pioneer PL-550 modified
AudioQuest Slate speaker cable
Cardas RCA

well the problem is because there are people who criticize the brand saying it does not sound good, the bass is invented, the scene is not real, and its timbre is not natural ... this is what some detractors mark, I'm a little tired of saying that dynaudio sounds great, but go on and on.

Im really happy with the set, but sometimes these reviews make you doubt yourself.

the set is true with certain recordings I notice a higher than normal serious, but I do not because it does not hurt, the mids and treble are magical, great scene and that the room has only 14m ..

finally a little let me know if the brand dynaudio inflated bass and invents things, or as good as I think ...

many thanks to fellow members of this community
I too like the dynaudio speakers but this is your system and that's who you have to please. Everybody has a favorite flavor of ice cream too. So be it!
Im really happy with the set, but sometimes these reviews make you doubt yourself.

Who are these people? Folks who listen to your system? Must be, because I never read a negative review about Dynaudios. They are very good speakers.

So if your worried about comments being made from others about your choice in speaker, why should you care? From your statement above, they make you happy and that's the only thing that really matters.
Dynaudio is as good as you think. And what you think is all that matters. Just sit back and enjoy the music, you've got a terrific system.
Hello and thanks for replying, are actually people who have heard the team, but I get the impression that their computers do not sound with deep bass, and the scene is smaller... What happens is that it sometimes seems it or have heard, or want to remove my stereo as has happened on other occasions, tired of negative criticism get to sell part of my team.

Well I have heard many dynaudio teams, even with very little power amplifiers, and the truth, I've always liked a lot ... and I'm very happy with these speakers ... many thanks

Coming pictures and videos
Dynaudio is a gold standard line for good sound. Hard to go wrong when done right.
I and several friends have dynaudio, we are very pleased with this brand, with its flaws and virtues, sincerely threshold stage is the best I've played with dynaudio, and could be improved with a better preamp, but the system has a very magic particular strength, dynamics, smoothness, wide soundstage, is truly magical, and by that I mean that people should not be saying bad things about a brand as good as any other ..

I struggled a lot to get to have all this and a friend who has a Dynaudio Contour 3.3, tells me that mine is the best he has ever heard, comparable to the bower 802D, another friend ...

thanks for your words, the only one who has not finished me quite like the Dynaudio Contour 5.4 is very difficult to handle in a room of 20m, but still sounds great
Maybe your friends are so accustomed to artificial-sounding playback they can't appreciate a more realistic-sounding setup.

I had some friends over for a listen to my system, and they were so accustomed to that artificial resonance at 150-200 Hz--something common to most cheap systems--that my more linear system sounded weird to them. But their point of reference was their own cheap stereos, not reality.
Im really happy with the set, but sometimes these reviews make you doubt yourself.

If I'm happy with something I have, I don't see the reason why I should give a phuck to what someone else would say about what I'm happy with.

I use cheap amp with pricey speakers simply because I'm happy with it and depend on no user or professional reviews at all all.
really could be so ... but after making mistakes I've learned to trust my ear, and I love the threshold S / 160, is a great power amp ...

I wont and just change wiring to finish setting ...

I think many people do not listen properly, and that makes them lose their perception of what sounds really good ...

certainly had not mentioned phono cartridge, Benz Micro Ace L, gives a lot of energy and spontaneity to the set.
I like your use of the word "team" for system. I may use that myself sometimes. If your "team" makes you smile, that is all that matters. Trust your ears and not the ears of those who visit your listening room and criticize your sound.
Your opinion "rules" and the rest fall away.
WOW, I cant say enough good things about Dynaudio. I have owned a pair of Contour 3.0s and they are 12 years old and I have NEVER had a problem with them! They are also the most beautiful natural cherry veneered speakers I have ever encountered in 30 years of high-fi. Also they are rated at 200 watts and I easily play 200-400 watts into them without a whimper. Dynaudio is a world class company with excellent service. I will never sell these speakers. Sound wise they are a Tour de Force when it comes to brining you the live event. the sheer power and beautiful, articulated, soundstage and natural harmonics with Imaging to die for! need I go on? This is why you don't see a lot of these speakers for sale..people keep them. If you have the Super clean power so they can open up, you will be rewarded by those awesome voice coils Dynaudio makes. I could go on and on.
Dynaudio is superb and C1s are truly world class and I should know I'm listening to a pair right now.
Dynaudio makes excellent speakers but no speaker will satisfy everyone. Most reviewers attempt to find a flaw no matter how good an audio product sounds. That's their job. Nothing's perfect after all.
Certainly nothing to lose sleep over. The important thing is that you enjoy your system.
I don't own their speakers but their drivers are used in my speakers - love 'em!
very picky speakers to the source,can sound bland and involving if there such sounding source behind them,that's the biggest reason for sale ,not the most transperant speakers.Might sound like somebody put some clouthes on sound signature.But that is dynaudio sound signature with boxy echo .
As a former Dyn C1 owner all I can say is they are world class speakers. Honestly they are a bargain for the sound quality. I say former owner because I had the original C1 then upgraded to the C1 signature. To get a better speaker I had to spend 3.25 times as much for about 30-40% better clarity - transparency and imaging (but also lost some bass).
you can get better bass and transparency for less,but it is not speakers.It is headphones.From time to time to my mind pops idea to try active crossover in c1.But I think dynamics still be limited because of small midbass driver
I am very happy, sound great, especially with the turntable, it's really magical, very dynamic sound, very precise, High frequencies are smooth and natural , and bass is incrediblle in my room, im very very happy whit this speakers and always will be the same story, people criticize the best, in this case because I think you have failed to take advantage of these speakers!

Thanks guys!
Yonigta, i would agree with you that most of dissatisfied Dynaudio customers are those who failed to take advantage of their speakers...for me after many tryouts with different Dynaudio speakers and different amps with them there is no doubt, Dyns work best on high current and high quality class A SS amps...and that is their only big must invest crazy money on amp, source and cabling to really make them put them on 50W amp and think thats it, atleast for me its a aware that Dyns can sound decent on tubes but id avoid them...if the guyz that are making Dynaudio speakers thought different they wouldnt make Dynaudio Arbiter amps for their inhouse testing of speakers capabilitys...instead of that they would get a much cheaper tube amps or 60 W SS amps and problem is solved...most of Dyns are hungry and NEED monster power to wake up micro and macro dynamics properly or you will experience things like the sound directed from a drivers, lack of clarity,slow sounding, average immaging, 2 dimensional sound, lack of soundstage etc...problem is that most of dudes criticising or not satisfied with Dyns are puting them on amps for high sensitivity speakers or placing them in a room too small for them to breathe and develop bass and soundstage...i love Dyns and im not preaching that they are the best speakers brand in audio market...but that many people actualy did not heard Dyns sing before they critisied them...
Yes dyns need power and current then shine. Ohm too. I have both.
Yonigta - Just curious what manufacturer and model speakers do your friends have that make those comments?? I did find find a speaker I prefer over the DYn C1's but had to spend boatloads of money for them. Mine are the Raidho D1's but in all honesty I lost some bass and dynamics. To get closer to the C1's the Raidho D2's would get the bass and some of the dynamics back.

Raindog031 - How are you? Even though I mostly agree with the statement that DYn's love current I never had a problem diving them with the Octave V70SE (70W). In fact the Octave at 70W beat the snot out of the Bryston B100SST (180W @4ohm) in terms of control and dynamics which is why I upgraded to the Octave. Another good SS integrated that works very well with C1's is Naim (even the 5i but Supernait is even better).
they have:
Audio Epilog, Verus Canor (made spain), Prime loudspeakers, Cammai Spirit,

of these speakers, Verus Canor is incredible...

Dynaudio for them is not a good brand, inflates the bass, is very ambitious with amlpificacion, and it costs money or ask for any other dynaudio C1
I have the impression that anything sounds better than dynaudio for them ... and do not think it's so ...

now I have a VTL IT85, evidence, and is far from being as good as the Threshold S / 160, this amp makes love to Dynaudio C1 ....
they are good people, but I would like to show that Dynaudio is a good brand ..
Hi George, nice to hear again from you...hope you enjoying your setup...i understand that Octave is one of better brands out there and certanly has more healthyer power than Bryston no matter what specs saying as you concluded...thats a clear proof that most of the brands have their own ways to measure but most of those measures dont have much in common with reality...i have Gryphon Diablo integrated which is one of most powerful and rafined integrates out there and have no problem of driving Dyn C4 2 speakers BUT to fully appreciate virtues of this speaker and make them sing with total control ill have to go for Gryphon Antilleon Signatures stereo...not becuz i have upgrade itch but becuz these speakers deserves much stronger and rafined amps to fully shine their potencial...dont get me wrong, if i dont manage to buy that amp i will be satisfied as you were with your Octave...but knowing that it can be much better (i hate when i hear fraze "much better" in audio) becuz Dyns are extreamly hungry and there is no overkill with those speakers conserning the power leaves me no option...i hope in close future that i will get opportunity to buy second hand Mirage or Sonata Allegro pre and Antilleon amps...

Yonigta- as i know Audio Epilog are Croatian speaker and its awesome for the money(custom Scanspeak drivers if im not wrong)...if it was made in USA it would cost 3 times more... but to say they are better than Dyns...dont know...i wouldnt say so...if someone likes other flavor for me its fine but to say Dyns have artificial inflated bass its a joke...most of companys dont know how to make such real and good full body deep bass as Dynaudio so fanboys are just talking trash or did not listen Dyns on proper setup...probably both...not to mention excellent midrange and highs...after hearing many tweeters from ribbons, diamonds, beryliums, kryptoniums :) i concluded that biggest difference between most of them and soft domes is in marketing hype and real world soft domes IMO sounds more natural, less analythical and less calling attention on itself (although i heard rare exceptions)...with Dyns i can relax and just listen to music not hunting for special effects and its simple choose your poison and dont listen to others but your speakers...i hope that my long post didnt bore you...

this is my system, very nice sound for me...

Raindog031, thanks for the comment, Audio Epilog are very good speakers for money yes, but not as good as dynaudio, is my opinion¡¡
of those named, to the height of the C1, is the Verus Canor before, I really like, and is very good brand, but lacks the body of C1, although the bass is more articulate, but it also tastes cuetión. .

A while ago I had the Audio Epilog Pimineta 2 never got it to sound good, or transistors or valves, never sounded good on 14m.

however the C1 sounds magical, musical, but discovered that it takes a good amp ..
it sounds like the sound had catched flu especially on beats:) Sorry for criticizing .
jajajaj, had low volume and had not realized it ...
worst is not to see how good the system sounds,at any time not past of bass, and has a great punch the Dynaudio C1 ...

and also to present my system ...
thanks very much
You can be proud of your team...TT looks classy...
08-17-14: Yonigta

this is my system, very nice sound for me...
And I love your choice of music. Time Further out was my second jazz record ever, a gift from my sister 49 years ago. I am on my 4th LP of it. Being a drummer, I listened to your demo track, "Far More Drums" in 5/4 time hundreds of times! And here you are with a 6-eye pressing or a reissue of it. I consider this LP to be about as significant as that other Columbia giant, Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue."

I think you have a great setup, esp. with VTL amplification powering those Dynaudios.

If your friends think Dynaudio "inflates the bass", perhaps they should listen to more live music. Most home audio systems don't approach the bass energy of a live performance.

You've done well, and I think you have very astute listening abilities.
Hello again, Dave Brubeck vinyl is wonderful, the role of Joe Morello on this disc is round ...

a disc with a great soul ..

on the other hand you should listen to Duke Ellington Indigos (Impex Records), another great album with an undeniable magic ..

about criticism about Dynaudio, as each day more clear that I love this brand, and if one day I can, I sneak out to the Signature model, I love the sound of the whole, very quickly, natural, magical ... etc etc

serious for me is not inflated, it could be better, but it could be better in the audio¡¡

many thanks for your comments, all are welcome, I hope you liked the video finds, but if someone comes to Canary rental, are invited to a lunch and a session of music ..

Johnnyb53, I do not understand your comment about VTL, but Threshold it certainly is much better amplifier

Thanks Guys¡¡¡
Yonigta Since you mentioned possibly upgrading to the Signatures I tell you the difference I heard. The originals were great but did notice those sounded much better (clearer) as you turn up the volume. The louder the better. My problem is that I don't listen that loud very often. When I got the Signatures I had not heard them but only seen pictures of them and loved the Mocha finish. That and a 10 year warranty justified the extra cost for me. To my surprise I found the Signatures sounded as good as the originals did at loud listening levels but at much lower listening levels. That said I will also say the Signatures won't get quite as loud and are overdriven more easily.

Anyhow that was my experience with both the originals and Signatures.
thank you very much .. Xti16

if that is the only difference between the signature and the original, because then I'll wait a bit ..

if it is true that they need a bit of volume, but it is not something that worries me, less than 70db, sound very good.

as I said, the Threshold makes a great couple with C1 ...

many thanks for reply