Could Audiogon create some FAQ pages in each Forum Category?

So many questions get posed here that have been asked before, sometimes with the same exact wording. Frequently, the advice to the OP will tell them to "go search the threads for ___."

It would be great if Audiogon could create some FAQ pages with subcategories for each category. In each subcategory, old threads addressing basic questions could be pinned.

So, for example, the main "Speaker" category could have FAQ threads on
"How to connect a subwoofer to my amp" or
"How will I know if my amp can power these speakers?" or
"Bookshelf vs. Tower"

Creating FAQ subcategories in each category would be relatively easy, could be added to easily, and would make it simple for forum users to know where to point new users asking FAQ’s in threads.

If Audiogon wanted users to help generate this, a thread calling for "FAQ suggestions" could simply be posted in each category, suggestions could be collected and then all that would be left would be the work of finding a few good threads to put into the categories.

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Why bother? The same people who are too lazy to use Google to find answers to basic questions are also likely to be too lazy to refer to a FAQ.
You make a good point, but I'm not thinking of those people. I'm thinking of people like myself, who use Google and search engines extensively and yet there are searches where there are so many results that it's really hard to find that great thread or even post where someone has put a lot of time into a fairly encyclopedic answer. 
How about a separate category for subwoofers? It seems like many have no clue on the many ways and options of how to use one the correct way!!

use the internet?
Use the ✴️ With the Q in the upper right search bar to access the archives. Everything is there! A great tool.
Ok, so I see there are some good ideas and some skeptics. And some snark.
I remain hopeful, and look forward to constructive ideas from other members.
There's a Popular Discussions section right above each and every category once you've clicked on them.
@hilde45 - i think it is a good idea


- what is spdif?
- how is wifi different from bluetooth
- what is speaker polarity?
- are balanced cables grounded?
- can you plug a 6922 into a 12au7 socket?
- should i leave my tube amp on 24-7?
- why are streamers so expensive... just a darned metal box with a few chips inside


Great topics, jjss49. I’m sure with a glass of wine I could list about 100. I think the moderators may be interested, too. @isochronism, I'm not sure what you mean by adding a *. Please explain further?
Given the state of audiophilia, you could use the same answer for all FAQs:  "Opinions vary."  ;-)
hilde, on top right of this page is the yellow box with a pic of the magnifying glass, the search function. Click that and type a search word, or words to search the forum archives. 🔍
@isochronism Oh, I thought there was some kind of special function. I have used the search at Audiogon extensively. It comes out with pages and pages of hits, and while it can sort by relevance, it comes out with too many thread hits, and then, even deep inside a thread there is often an answer that is especially compact and clear in it's explanation. Or there are some threads that have a really coherent set of explanations -- but it's really hard for the newbie to find these.

In other words, whatever the present search function tool does -- and if you're experienced, it can do a lot -- it does not prevent the same questions from being asked over and over again. And that's what a FAQ page would help with.

I don't suppose you've used a FAQ page before, but I recommend them. They save a lot of time and keep conversations directed toward new questions.
The FAQ section would be either too basic, but easy to use, or so extensive that you would still need a search function. Besides, people would still post a seemingly easy question because they would feel that their situation is unique and requires validation. . 
@testpilot Well, there are encyclopedias, with search. That's kind of the idea here. And people can still ask questions, of course, but it would be easier to refer them back to the FAQ's then to tell them -- "go search among the hundreds of posts on this topic and try to find the answer or two which clearly and concisely answers your question."
@jperry That looks very good but not quite an "instead of" IMHO.
hilde makes a good point. How about putting a "word search" feature on the forums? We all know how to do that but it would be nice to have a google just for audio terms and other freakish things.