Help Anti Static Brush creates MORE static

Help! I am using an audioquest anti static brush to dust of my records BUT when I use it, as the needle is dropping down a series of loud static pops occur, and in addition during playback loud static pops occur. Sometimes I get these static pops after brushing a record before the needles even touching the record.

btw - On the same records, when I wet clean (using vpi hw16.5) this DOES NOT OCCUR. What's going on here? I figured I would use the brush for recently cleaned records, but its completely unusable. any ideas /suggestions re static greatly appreciated
Even though it's an anti-static brush, the static generated by brushing has to go somewhere. Try two things and see if either help:

1) Ground yourself. Touch something metal with your free hand while you brush the record.

2) After brushing the record, lightly touch the brush to the tonearm at the front and back. If you get some static pops when you do this, that means that the static generated by brushing the record is being stored in the tonearm.

Hope it helps. If not, a zerostat gun is an option, too.

I am only guessing but you may be creating the static yourself..You could be pressing too hard with the brush..Its possible by pressing ( or scrubbing ) too hard to creat static..I found when dry brushing the trick is to use a very light touch..That might be why the wet cleaning isn't creating static..Try very ,very light touch and see if theres any change for the better..If that doesn't work pick up a $50 hand held Steamer ( Wallyworld ) ..Once you try that you'll never go back to scrubbing again....Good luck
I advise using an anti-static gun like the old Zerostat or the Milty. I use it every time I use a brush, even after deep cleaning. It zaps static electricity and is a worthwhile investment.
Please make sure the ground wire from your arm/table is connected to your preamp/phono amp properly. In some situations, a falsely connected ground wire will not cause hum but static pops like what you just described instead.
Many thanks - will try these suggestions tonight, also my 'table is a rega p25 with the stock cables that includes the grounding directly 'in' the rca cable. not usre why they chose to do that and I wonder if it's adding to static problems......