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Which component to upgrade to improve bass control?
stuartk: Before you get involved in all the expense and to-do of all the good suggestions so far, are you using AC conditioning and upgraded AC cables? Both will really affect bass definition. Especially in multi-unit buildings. Even if you do all... 
Cables that measure the same but (seem?) to sound different
Emotions being so fleeting and ethereal, their accurate measurement seems unlikely in my lifetime. We attempt the impossible all the time: Greeting cards, gifts, law suits, acting graciously toward others. Meanwhile, I try to enumerate things with... 
Cables that measure the same but (seem?) to sound different
Maybe best to look outside the usual fields of study on this question. While very valuable research is being done by some of the righteous electricians--work essential to the design and engineering process--efforts to quantify aesthetics fail repe... 
If Power Cords Don't Matter...
Give me placebos, or give me death! I have repeatedly called on our valuable electrician freaks to publish the tests proving lamp cord equal to Synergistic Galileo. Why are they hiding these definitive tests that would save all of us so much money... 
Stratospheric audio gear prices
Thanks to Hilde45 for that great quote from Chen Xi. Here's another from the same paper:A large body of empirical evidence finds that low socio-economic status and resulting feelings of relative deprivation diminish people‚Äôs well-being, indicate... 
Speaker Cables? why all the hype for expensive speaker wire?
Right on, Hilde, MC, Nonoise. We are dealing with abstractions. Abstractions are abstract because they defy concrete explanations. We should welcome and commend the contributions made by the righteous electricians to our understanding of cables, s... 
My Apologies to Miller Carbon
ITYS (I told you so.) Leave SS gear ON. Tubers . . . try it.I can hear the righteous electricians howling now. Electrons in/electrons out. I like my electrons HOT!  
Poor grammar is disappointing and decidedly distracting in formal audio reviews.
OMG! It's MC the gay Motor!  
Stratospheric audio gear prices
To me, a piece of audio gear that costs as much as even an inexpensive car is just a manufacturer cashing in because they can. Wouldn't you?Whatever you make, sell, service?I just got back from lunch at I-Hop where I had one cup of decaf (no pots... 
Klipsch Cornwall IV
Big tubs of flab! 
Took me 2 weeks to get an Apple watch! The $399 basic unit, not the Hermes. Chip shortage or is someone artificially constricting the supply chain to set new price floors? 
If you had to choose, which cable would you buy?
jasonbourne52The first person to prove scientifically that wire has a "sound" will win the Nobel Prize in Physics!NOPE! The prize will go to the first person to prove that ALL wire sounds the SAME! 
What do we hear when we change the direction of a wire?
I humbly suggest that the skeptic clan should reverse the cables between their pre and power amps and enjoy them that way for a few hours, if you can take it. Who's going to provide the data proving there is no difference? 
what is "B" stock
I agree. B stock has already failed at least once in someone's system. You'll never know why or what happened. If the price is one you can't refuse and the source is a known quantity, I'd still do a lot of research. 
For Your Edification and Enjoyment re "Burn In", etc.
Once again I ask: When are you guys going to prove empirically that all cables, caps, etc. sound the same? We're waiting for a full test on induced noise of all types plus study of impedance matching, phase coherence, etc. Do you really still use ...