Coherent Speakers from Canada

Hi. I am quite interested in this line of speakers, especially the 10" and 12" models..has anyone had experience with them? or currently running them? The only place I see them for sale is from a dealer in Canada, Audiowise....any info would be appreciated.


A new boutique maker in southern Ontario 
..., doubt if you will find any used gear yet,

No info on their website. The one image on their site, the speaker looks like a Snell type E clone.  Similar to some of the Devore and Audio Note speakers.  
Ontario and Quebec has some rich speaker making heritage some of which doesnt become widely known or  even make it into global market, not because it isn't good. Coherant is just down the road from me. I liked hearing Omega's on Blue Circle gear.  
Coherent, if they're serious about actually selling these things, should hire somebody to put together a website. Or simply get a reasonably adept high school kid to do one for free as an intern.
Dealer demos for sale

Spoke with the maker Frank the past days...a really wonderful man who is very open about what he is making....really high quality workmanship , thought and parts going into these speakers. I have already ordered a pair and am looking forward to hearing them with my 300b amp. I also want to commend Dan at Audiowise...a really great person to speak with and deal with..he made this all go very smoothly... with direct answers and thoughtful suggestions. It is so nice when one runs into people like this in our "passion"....I always wish to support them! Yes they need a more in-dpeth website , but hey they are busy making the product and available to speak...that is all I can ask for!!! thank you all for your input.
Looking at the pictures, these speakers definitely looks like a Canadian version of a Devore orangutan :).  Let us know what you think once get them. 
Very nice looking speakers. To say version can sound discrediting to the builder. There are plenty of full designs that aren’t distinctly un similar. They reminded me of Tannoy firstly.
This speaker brand has received very good show reviews/reports at the Canadian TAVES particularly from 6 Moons. The designer Frank Fazzalari is quite regarded. It is apparently an easy to drive speaker,  6 Moons said it sang in a large room with a 10 watt amplifier. I'm interested in your listening impressions in due time. 
@rwanda please do let us know how they go. Don't leave us hanging, as so often happens with these threads...
i will follow up...Frank is actually making the pair for me now....and keeping me informed with images.....i expect they will arrive soon and then need some "break-in" time. i ordered the 10" version as that was what I thought fit my room previous speakers were Blumenhofer FS3..and 8" I expect this will be a nice surprise, though the FS were fantastic as well.
@rwanda what are your impressions now you've presumably had them for a while?